How do I get rid of my mama weight?

How can I get rid of this momma weight? I have always struggled with self esteem and it has got so worse after having my baby. For example, it’s so bad that I’m wearing a t shirt and leggings for swimming tomorrow.

My baby will be 3 months in 2 days I gained a lot of weight with her. I’m slowly getting back into things - I’ve been walking, eating healthy drinking a lot of water trying not to drink soda! Slowly but surely you will get there it just takes time.

I am currently pregnant. I developed gestational diabetes, and it has been an eye opener! Watch the carbs! I cut out the majority of carbs and I haven’t gained a ton of weight this pregnancy. For a healthy baby the want me to have 120 per day. It is amazing just how many carbs are in things

Knock off soda, drink more water, do small high intensity workouts when you can. Fasting can help.

Just remember it takes time to gain the weight and it takes just as much time to lose it. Some days will be great and other days will suck. Just stay with it!

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Count calories, fast and start with walking. I lost 20
lbs in 6 weeks just doing this.

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