How do I get these stains out of my carpet?

Hey mamas! Quick question, how do you get m&m stains and strawberry milk stains out of carpet?? I’ve used my carpet cleaner, but it’s just not enough; used awesome and some carpet spray… help plz lol my kids is in. A spit-everything-out phase, and just UGH!! Pic in comments


I use tide and color safe bleach in the carpet cleaner. Works wonders

Blue dawn, baking soda, vinegar.


Oxyclean, peroxide and baking soda…

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White Windex is amazing on carpet stains!

On my cats puke and diarrhea stains I use oxyclean

This may not work on set stains but for future reference…
To get spilled liquid of ANY color out of carpet: pour hot water over the stain, more water than whatever was spilled. Immediately vacuum it up using a shop-vac or any liquid-compatible vacuum attachment.

I use Unbelievable, a carpet spray I found at the vacuum store. I have cats and it works great on any spit up spots they have.

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Just plain hydrogen peroxide. Wet the area, blot up the stain, even dried blood! Then wipe with warm water on a cloth. Even works on blood that has went through the dryer. Miracle in a bottle!

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Highly recommend getting a mini shampooer

Don’t feed the kid sweets and make them sit at the table to eat.


I had a big red kool aid stain on white carpet and I mixed white vinegar warm water and dawn soap in a spray bottle and sprayed it on and scrubbed it a bit and it came right out!!

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Windex?? I wasn’t allowed to eat in my room when I was younger and would use windex to clean up my carpet messes. Or baking soda and vinegar. I spray or pour some white vinegar and then sprinkle or however much you feel is necessary. You can rub it in a little but you have to let it sit for a while before cleaning it up.

Throw the whole kid away. Just kidding. Most things with red dye will not come out. Try soda water to bubble it out and shout for laundry

Just put baking soda on them and walk away. Next day, as the soda dries, you will literally see the stains lift. Don’t vacuum it right away. Pick up the bigger pieces of dry baking soda, and then vacuum. Bc it is milk, you definitely don’t want that fermenting in your vacuum.

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Have you tried oxi clean?

Shaving cream (white kind it’s in a metal can for men) spray it on then rub it in let it sit then use warm water and scrub and repeat until stain is gone… did this with red juice stains :woman_facepalming:

I use hydrogen peroxide on all stains. Works great!


Pet stain carpet spray

You can use salt on it if its wet. It will cause stain to raise up and then vacuum. Works on wine stains. Probably have to spray water on it if dry.

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Spot shot carpet spray. Walmart carries it. Around $8.00.

Wow lot of great ideas to keep in mind :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Folex!! Lowes or home depot

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Hot water and awsome

Shaving cream rub it in slightly and let sit for 30 mins and wipe out!

Color safe bleach in powder form

FOLEX!!! Worked on oil stains from a chair on my light colored carpet!

To prevent a stain from happening make your kid eat everything at the table, if the table is over a carpet put a cheap shower curtain under where your kid sits. Stop the spitting it is a bad habit, or teach them to spit into the garbage.

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Peroxide and a butt whooping should do the trick. Why are they not at the table to eat?

Oxi clean mixed with burning hot water.

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Dawn dish soap and a bristle hair brush has gotten a lot of stains out of carpet for us.

Baking soda and vinegar