How do I go about becoming a legal guardian to my disabled son?

How do I go about becoming a legal guardian to my disabled son? My son is 40 and mentally disabled. He lives in a cila home. I have always been the person to make all his medical decisions. When he turned 18, I filed through the court to be his legal guardian. I had no knowledge that that document had an expiration date. Now I’ve just been notified by his team leader that the document has expired. Any advice where I need to start. It’s been so long, don’t remember what I had to do the first time. I live in Wisconsin him in Illinois

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You will have to file it again though the courts. I’m pretty sure it’s family court you would need to get ahold of and talk too. I would start with your state courthouse first.

Talk to a A lawyer about it it can happen but it will take time and also if he wants you to but you will have to prove he caint live on his own and the doctor can help you prove that to

Where did you start first time? Wouldn’t it be same process?

Team leader should be able to point you in the right direction.

I think you need to start with a note from the doctor declaring that he is in need of a legal guardian. Then, you need a lawyer.

It’s slightly different but I was my moms POA. It was done at the hospital. I wouldn’t know where to go to do it either.

I am in wisconsin, too. Co tact your local department of disability and aging. A social worker will walk you through the whole process and answer any questions you have. They even filed my paperwork with the court for me when I had to do it.

Talk to an attorney and go before the court. My mom has to be my “legal guardian “ after my dad died when I was 12 because I received an estate.