How Do I Go About Contacting My Son's School?

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"How to go about contacting sons school: My son is 9 and in 3rd grade. Has always been a good student. And made lots of friends and been kind to classmates. He reads at a 6th grade level and has ive always gotten compliments from his previous teachers about him being on task. We recently moved and today would be my sons 3rd day at his new school. His new teacher “Mr.Smith” has been saying some not so nice things to him. And now he no longer wants to go to school cuz of him and is in tears about it. Asking me if he can have a new teacher. Mr.Smith asked my son why he hadnt done a problem and he told him he didnt understand. He proceeded to ask my son if he was in special ed… my son said no, and then the teacher pulled him outside and asked him if he called his last school if theyd tell him he was a bad kid or a good kid. Im going to call the school tomorrow about this. But im wondering if im over reacting. I feel bad for my child. And his feeling being hurt by an adult at a brand new school. What would you do?"

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"I would be there waiting for that teacher in the morning Monday!"

"Oh hell no. I’d call the school and let them know… no adult should ever speak to a kid that way. I’d be livid"

"Definitely not over reacting. Mr. Smith sounds like a dick. He shouldn’t be speaking to students that way. I would schedule a meeting with the principal and Mr. Smith and maybe file a complaint?"

"Call and ask or the principal and speak to them about the situation if they don’t handle it find your schools superintendent and contact them …that’s not acceptable behavior from a teacher."

"No child should be talked to like this because if they had a serious issue with your child they should have called you to set up and time to either zoom you or meet with you in person. This moment in their lives could change their entire perception on school I know something like this changed my sons"

"Get him out of there, this is an issue we have with small town schools. Once it starts it doesnt stop."

"I would be at the school asking for an explanation, teachers seem to think they have a special HOLD over kids I always tell mine if they feel uncomfortable answering a question tell them to phone home and ask me"

"I wouldnt even be calling. I’d be marching on in there! Hell no!"

"EMAIL and then call! Always always have some communication in writing. Been there done that! Speak with the teacher, then the principal. If it’s still not handled, take it to the school board."

"You can also go to the school district to file a complaint"

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