How do I go about selling feet pics?

I know how odd this is going to sound but I have really nice feet and have always wanted to sell pics of them…but i have no idea where to start…do i make a facebook post? is there a website? someone help a single mama out!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I go about selling feet pics? - Mamas Uncut

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No judgement, if I didn’t have Flintstone feet I’d sell some too. Get your cash girl


I’ve heard there’s a whole site dedicated to this called feet finder.


Omg I wish. I have smeagle feet.


Make an only fans dedicated to feet content.


If I had nice feet I’d do it. No judgement here!


I thought about it lol I even looked to see where I could do it. I’ve been approached but not one but 2 men telling me they like my feet!! First time I was shocked … I was in my car pulling out of Walgreens and this dude walks up taps my window , I roll down halfway and he says I’m sorry this is going to sound crazy but … I was standing next to you in line and omg your feet are beautiful… he handed me his business card and asked me to call him sometime and walked away :rofl::joy:


This is hilarious on so many levels :see_no_evil: sorry :woman_shrugging::joy::joy::joy:


I heard dirty foot water sells too :face_vomiting::nauseated_face::hushed:


Remember it’s usually not JUST feet. They wanna know what you look like too. So it’s definitely not just snapping feet pics anonymously and sending them off. Geta just as creepy as an OF can.


Advertise on Twitter and use all the hashtags. Make an OF strictly feet content. can also search Twitter hashtags and get ideas from the others who do it. Lol.


Seen some helpful answers on here, if you’ve got nice feet you could also sell your shoes, eBay and gumtree etc are the best for these, the dirtier and smellier the better lmao :face_vomiting:


I sell stuff on marketplace my clothes kids clothes and yes some shoes, surprisingly I’ve gotten alot of messages if I’d sell foot pics, mind you I include no pics of myself on posting. Maybe try that way seems weird but I’ve gotten atleast about 10 requests over time :slight_smile: I personally decline but… maybe selling a pair of shoes worth a shot.

I mean I PERSONALLY would not be so brave as to try and sell feet pics on main lmfao but more power to ya. Idk man, only fans? Reddit? Best of luck, get that bag :clap:t3::clap:t3:


Feet finder but you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. But you end up making that back by seelin the pictures and whatnot


I think that it’s wierder to sell farts in a jar.:expressionless: just came across a post, I don’t know why. That girl makes thousands of dollars selling mini Mason jars with her farts​:smile::smile::smile: people are wierd.

I have a account with many pictures of different kinds. I have it for a few months and haven’t made a dime.
The net is getting saturated with them.


There used to be a site like Ebay, called Ebanned. A friend of mine would sell all kinds of stuff on there.

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Adult work … someone I know does this on there lol x

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Well I think it’s great as mom ur doing something good to earn money u rock girl​:heart::heart:

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Some women go live on TikTok and show only their feet and make huge bank! Only Fans maybe?


OMG I have been told about doing that by my teenager :flushed::joy::rofl:
You can sell anything these days!!
More power to ya momma :fist:t4:

Get an agent … not kidding. This is no different than a hand model ,etc in print ads etc. Go for it!

Honestly the market is so flooded with sellers vs buyers. Not worth it