How do I know if I am leaking fluid while pregnant?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and cant tell if I am peeing or leaking fluid…what are the tell tale signs?

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I had a nurse friend. Tell me that to sit down on the couch. And I’m gonna do some sways and movements with my hips. And if I do that a few times and I keep standing up and Lakewood just keeps trickling out. That’s probably a good indicator but there’s no way of truly knowing because they do see. There is a smell but II didn’t smell mine. I actually like tried to smell it once I knew for sure what it was once I got to the hospital because the hospital. They’d have a little strip. They’d put a spectacular inside of you. And then they touch that strip to the back of your cervix And if it turns blue then that’s how they know also

What does the doctor say?

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Smell it u will know the smell of urine

Uncontrolable, usually smells sweet, also wear a pad- it can then be tested… i leaked fluid with my 1st possibly my 3rd. O wasnt believed with my first until they did an ultrasound at 41w to find i had 1% fluid. 3rd i had more ultrasounds. Soon as my fluid was a certain percentage i was induced at 37w.

I leaked for an entire month before my daughter was born. I had no fluid left when she was born. I was checked, told it’s just sweat :unamused:. The dr who delivered her was pissed that I had no fluid left, obviously not at me lol