How do I know if my toddler still needs to nap?

Hey Mama’s how do I know if my 17month old still needs to nap? Naps have always been a struggle with us but they have only gotten more difficult multiple times a week I’ll spend up to 2 hours trying to put my daughter down for a nap and by the time I get her to fall asleep it’s too late for her to nap and she won’t go to bed till like 11 at night but days we skip a nap she falls asleep sooo easily at 7:30 sharp (that’s the time I try to have her asleep by) she doesn’t really get cranky on days she doesn’t nap until she’s awake past around 7:30 her bedtime is usually around 6 hours after her nap but it still takes around an hour to put her to sleep at night and it’s extremely frustrating


I had one stop at about 1.5 and I have a 6 year old who still Falls asleep for a nap throughout the day. Every kid is different but sounds like she doesn’t need one


My kids have always needed naps till at least 3 years old. They get cranky or super wild otherwise.

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My first kid stopped all naps near turning one year old.


My 4yo still naps and will continue to have QT every full day at home, even if she doesn’t go to sleep

My 6 year old son still gets naps he gets mean and cranky if he doesn’t get a nap.

My 5 year old still naps.

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Not all kids need a nap.
Do a settle down quite time, snack and movie :movie_camera:( build up time a movie start with a 15 minute show)

My 2 year old sometimes naps now, but it’s usually after 5pm when that happens. She will not go to sleep until after midnight. Most days she does not have a nap and is asleep between 9-10 pm.

I have 3, 5, and 9 year old. They still take naps. If they don’t fully go to sleep they still have to lay down. Otherwise they can’t stand themselves. We get up at 6am and they go to bed at 8pm. They typically get at least an hour nap.

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You answered your own ?? Not all kids need naps. Mostly the naps are for the mums to do things. But I prefer they go to bed at 7.30 n sleep through then worrying about making them nap :scream:

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Leave the nap out an d see how it goes don’t make it stressful if they want to nap they will

If she’s struggling to fall asleep at night when she’s had a nap, then it’s time to drop the nap

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Do what works for you maybe try a more physically exerting morning to try and get her to nap earlier or if she is fine without it just skip it every child is different

The only time my 3.5yr old naps is when we get up at 6am and take a car ride at about 10am

Every kid is different. It has to be a routine I’ve found, or they get messed up. My 6 year old loves her naps still! 1230-3! Bed at 9pm. Up at 8am

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My oldest stopped napping at 6 months old. He’d randomly go down on off days or days he was sick, but only ever for 20 mins at max. However, he’s slept 6-6 easily (and 12 hours still at 7 years old) ever since! To me, it sounds like you’re done with naps. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I go by my sons behaviour… he’s four, and if he doesn’t have at least a little nap during the day, by about 4/5pm he is extremely overestimated, disregulated and his anger outbursts are more frequent. He won’t eat tea, he won’t get a bath, he won’t settle, he will fall asleep early, but that’s not good, because once he’s asleep he’s very unsettled and wakes up a lot, confused, crying, more night terrors. Naps are good for the both of us. Kids will let you know when they no longer need them.

I had one who was done napping at 1.5 and 2 who would fall asleep after kindergarten! Every child is different. One way I choose to handle was to quit calling it nap time and we called it quiet time. They had to choose a quiet activity like books or a movie and when they laid down to do that the ones who needed the sleep fell asleep and the one who didn’t got some quiet rest time and once in a while would catch a short nap if she needed one! Good luck!

I’m 26 and still need naps :joy:


Sounds like you need to stop fighting with her to take naps. Just put her to bed at the same time each night.

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If she falls asleep at 730 with no nap and stays asleep until morning, leave her be

My kid might be weird but she’s 3 and sometimes she still needs a nap. Depending on when she gets up. but for the last 2 years she’s always fallen asleep atleast around 3 or 4. But when she was 1 and a half it was around 1. if I wake her atleast after an hour or 2, she’s good and sleeps for rest of night. Sometimes I’d lay with her but I’m lucky if she’d nap with me now unless she wants it. Mine went though a spurt we’re she didn’t nap but if I go for a long drive or let her chill and watch tv she will pass out on her own. Sometimes they don’t need them but sometimes they do. Hit and miss. i use to lay with her but now shes pretty good at just falling asleep on the couch or in my car. My key sign is if she’s emotional or Whiney. Then I know she’s tired.

Skip the nap. If they need it then they will sleep where they are

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She still needs naps in general, yes. You just need to figure out what works realistically for your child napwise.

If your baby is refusing naps, try going without one and see how she does at night. My kids always napped up to kindergarten and sometimes naps are only 30 minutes around noon-1pm then bedtime at 7-8pm. It really depends on your daily routine and how well your child adjusts to it.

You said she goes right to sleep at 7:30, so stick with that. Two hours to get her down is not good,; sounds like she’s controlling you. You may have to change it up as her sleep needs change. Some kids just don’t need to, even at 17 months.

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I don’t think there are specific ages when naps should stop. Naps and taking resting breaks are good for your body and for your mind at all ages and stages in life. Do what works for you and for her.


She can always have a time to rest - daily . If she falls asleep fine - if not let her look at books but mommy and baby need a break . She hopefully won’t be too cranky after . I’d let her rest for an hour for sure .

From what you are saying, she no longer needs a nap.

I was in the same situation with my son from the time he was probably 2-3. We both would always take naps during the middle of the day and then I would have problems getting him to sleep before 10-11pm. When I finally stopped trying to make him take naps he was great all day and ready for bed by 8-8:30. So just try no nap and see how the little does

We still had ours do a quiet time… meaning you can nap if you want or you can just lay quietly but we kept a one hour min quiet time obviously is she needed a nap and took one we just let her wake up on her own as long as it didn’t get too late

Based on what you wrote sounds like she doesn’t need to nap anymore… My lo still naps but not everyday. I don’t force it

I would stop naps if it’s that difficult amd she goes to sleep better without it

Sounds like you need to drop the putting her down for naps. I just used to give mine their dodie and blanket and let them lay on the sofa if they were tired through the day and if they slept, they slept, if not then no bother.

Sounds like she isn’t needing the nap (they will still do it occasionally) mine stopped about 2

My son is 4 and still naps 2 hours a day

A ’ nap time ’ is a good schedule to keep. Most children…up to age 5 do better with midday nap or they get cranky. Keep the schedule of putting her in, even if she doesn’t sleep persay, its quiet time for rest without stimulation or activity. Same for bedtime @7: 30 pm. In bed and quiet.The consistency of the structured schedule for rest and quiet time for little ones is what’s most important.

A child dosent NEED a nap if they don’t want one … clearly she dosent need more want.