How do I know it's false labor?

Question to mamas who went through false labor. On Monday I went through false labor and had severe contractions where I was sent to L&D where I was tested negative for preterm labor, my cervix is still closed and no dilation. Is this common and did this happen to other mamas and they end up giving birth early? I don’t want that to happen yet as I’m only 27.5 weeks so she needs to bake more, but I’m nervous cause I still get some contractions sometimes (not Braxton hicks I know the difference as this is my second and I experienced Braxton hicks a lot during my first) and I have a lot of pain and cramps too. This is all new as I never had that with my first. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great holiday season!

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I had off and on false labor for several weeks before i had my last child. Started about 32 weeks and she decided to come 5 days before I was due (a day before i was gonna get induced)

Braxton hicks get more noticeable and can be more severe with each pregnancy. I had one case of false labor with two of my 3 and made it till 3 days prior to due date with both. Even with slight dilation (1-3cm) I went weeks longer.

Ask about projesterone shots it helps with preterm labor and is given once a week

I was getting contractions on and off for weeks before baby came started at about 30 weeks… To the point I didn’t notice when labour started… And he went 2 weeks over morning I was due to be induced midwife couldn’t believe I was contracting and not feeling them they went on for so long… He is now almost 2 and perfectly healthy

I did with both pregnancies.

The false labor with my daughter was superbly painful, but short lived. I was throwing up from pain but was back to normal within a few hours, no bed rest or anything. I was 25-ish weeks at that time. I was induced at 36 weeks but that was due to pre-eclampsia.

I am 36 weeks and 5 days with my son currently. I had false labor for over 24 hours, but it was only mildly uncomfortable and was put on bed rest and pelvic rest by the L&D doctor. That was a few weeks back now. I’ve had pretty much consistent BH since.

Keep hydrated, listen to whatever the doctor recommended, and keep yourself as stress free as possible.