How do I leave?

I’ve been with my kids father going on 10 years had a break for 2 for the exact reason of what I’m going through now. He’s constantly accused me of cheating and it could litterly be anyone. Well he just admitted to writing females and even trying to meet up with one. He has physically and mentally abused me. I don’t know how to leave or where to start because he refuses to leave

Do you have a relative or friend you could stay with? Or depending on how you feel about it you could also look up domestic violence shelters near you to stay at until you get things situated. Once you figure out where to go pack some things & just leave. Remember why you’re leaving, because woman going back to abusers is at a high rate. Remember to love yourself… even the days life is hard keep pushing. You need your kids as well as yourself to be in a healthy relationship and overall healthy life.

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If you can’t do the above as suggested. Please make a plan. I was in the same boat for about 8 years. It took me a year of working 3rd shift, not sleeping(to take care of my son), and ultimate hell, for me to leave.

Definitely a scary and shitty part of my life. If I didn’t leave I ultimately believe I’d be dead. Please don’t let him keep doing this to you!

Don’t give up either!! My life has become a slow rainbow. I am with the love of my life and hun, it can get a hell of a lot better!! I never thought or wanted to get married. I was 37 last year when I did. I hope like hell you can figure it out! Please!! For your kid’s sake you need to!!