How do I push this further?

New attorney and please believe her. Keep the accused away from her at all costs. CPS will probably fail you, the courts may fail you but your belief in her will determine her life course.


counseling. if its true they have a legal obligation to report it

They usually hold something over them ,like I’ll hurt a member of family or someone you care about Plus put your credibility to believe you at risk, don’t believe them go to police any way.

This is too common. I’m so sorry your going through this. Get a lawyer a good support group and keep her in therapy.

Maybe some sort of hidden camera? Like one of those inconspicuous-looking ones that creeps from air b&b’s get busted trying to use.

The ones that look like everyday items…cell phone chargers, alarm clocks, etc. :man_shrugging:

I’m sorry there’s even a possibility that it happened to her…and that it happens at all. Smdh. Wish y’all all the best and better help than you’re currently getting.

All I’m saying is it took 14 years for my “father” to be arrested. Believe your daughter no matter what a cop or cps says. Stick to your momma gut.

Update: my daughter is 3 yrs old. Not old enough to testify. She tells me where he touches her, how he touches her and it happens when he wakes her up.
Her dad and I have been divorced a year and initially I thought it was his gf.
I’m getting her into therapy but most won’t take a child under 4.
I lost in court. He has visitation. Cps interviewed both families. I could never get ahold of them and they honestly did nothing to help. Her exam came back negative and she didn’t want to talk to the lady at the child advocacy center
They told me from the beginning they weren’t expecting anything to come back. They said predators don’t physically harm children so young. They’re afraid to scare them. At this point it’s grooming and molestation

The advice given to me was to write everything down and to wait until he ducks up or my daughter is old enough to testify.