How do I stop breastfeeding?!

my son turned 2 in april and im struggling with weaning him. He wakes up so much at night to get the boob and im drain exhausted please any tips would help!!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I stop breastfeeding?!

I went 19 months w my daughter I was gone before she was I had to wear shirts that covered me up to my neck and we snggled w a bottle I tried everything else and a bottle was all she’d take it took like 3 months. For her to fully get over it and if she saw my breast shed freak out n want them good luck momma

I put bandaids on my nipples and told my son the milk was all gone. Took about 3/4 days to get him to stop asking


Give him lavender baths or something calming before bed to get him to sleep through out the entire night. Once he is able to sleep through out the night he won’t want to be comforted by the boob. He’s using the boob as a comfort more so than being hungry. Work on getting him to sleep the night through.

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My daughter breast fed until she was three and my son was one (he just didn’t want it anymore after 1) she is 5 now and asks to breastfeed!! She comes up and smells me and lays on my chest… if I made milk I think she would still drink or at least try for comfort… I did the bandaid thing when she was 3… it worked but it was horrible… she cried :sob:

It will take a week. Put some bandaid on it. He will cry and throw tantrums but he will settle down. Keep yourself strengthen i was in the same phase i know how mother heart is.

I picked either day time or night time feeds and stopped those cold turkey. One at a time though. It’s rough and you suffer a bit extra for a few days but just console your little and rub their back as they go through it. Then it becomes easier

As long as the bar is open 24hrs he’s gonna drink. Close it. He’s gonna cry first couple nights but just comfort him… there’s a difference in crying it out alone vs crying it out with you. I had to do this with my 2 yr old to prepare for when i was having twins. It worked!!! Good luck mama


Most of these responses make me sad my baby is 1.5 and she’s my last baby and I’m still loving breastfeeding I don’t want to stop but I know the day is coming. Question: how do you stop without feeling guilty? Mind you not all my babies were breastfed for an extended period of time but this time is just so different :sob:


My baby was 2 and some change :woman_facepalming:t4: she only wanted it for comfort at that point not nutrition as she was eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between. When I saw her rubbing them little eyes ready for her next nap I had me a Poly-V-Sol bottle I had cleaned out and filled full of apple cider vinegar. I put a few drops on each breast. When she finally crawled up in my lap and latched on she quickly pulled off and said “Mommy’s muck is nasty” I said " yes baby it has gone bad but I can still rock you" she went right to sleep. She did still have her hand in my shirt holding one as she dozed off but she never asked for it again. Felt cruel at the time but it worked for us. I had to return to school in person…not just online


My daughter’s son was 2 1/2. She cut him down to first thing in the morning and at bedtime. During the day she would just say, no boob, when he would try. He resisted this at first lol. Then one night, he nursed for a very short time on one side, sat back, pulled down her bra and shirt and never asked for it again. You can do it, don’t stress. :blush:

I stop breastfeeding my son when he was 2 years and 1 month old. He is very clingy and demand more breastmilk even if he eat and drink a lot. I tried this techniques my mom told me and I hope it can help you too. Cut a lemon,squeeze and put it on your nipples each time he wants your milk. Tell him it tastes sour because your milk has already expired!:rofl: You can also put red lipstick on your nipples.

The day after my Daughter turned 3, I tried everything from band aids, to saying ‘no thank you’, nothing worked. Until… I tried lime juice! I squeezed some on both nipples on May 12th, and that was the end of her breastfeeding journey. I had to squeeze lime juice on my nipples for the first 3 nights, and then she just stopped trying. Every now and then she asks, so I go to the kitchen to squeeze juice on them, attempt to give it to her but she smells first then refuses.

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My daughter refused to stop but i was sooo done i told her my boob broke put a bandaid over my nipple told it broke it worked had her weaned off in less then 2 days

You’ll just have to let him cry it out… my son was super clingy to me and after 3 days of not goving him my boobs, he stopped crying. I stopped breastfeeding him when he was 1.5yrs old…

Apply some salt over the breast and nipple…
I’ve tried this and was successful without much pain.

I moved to once in the morning and once at bedtime and told her the milk had to sleep and so did she. Then when she stopped waking up for it we only did in the morning and did a count down of when the milk would go to help other babies

can you pump and use a bottle that resembles the boob?

Hands down cabbage leaves ace bandages and sport bra with benadryl to dry you up.

Bandaids! Put them over your nipples and keep showing him throughout the day. Ask him if he can drink from a sippy cup because you have an ouchie, keep it going for about 3 days. At 2 it’s mostly for comfort so continue to cuddle him or rock him, soon he’ll be sleeping throughout the night.

Girl I’m in the same boat. My son will be 2 In less than a week and I’ve been trying to get him off my boob but he just won’t. If you figure out how lmk​:sweat::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Give him a cup an deal with him crying till he finally gets it.

Can he stay the weekend with grandparents?

Stop breast feeding?

Say no offer milk in a beaker or cup as long as you let him feed he’s gunna you just need to say no n be firm xx

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Tabasco sauce should work

My daughter was super clingy, she absolutely refused to stop, [email protected] 2 1/2, I bought same fake fur at the fabric store and double sided sticky taped them to my breasts. She was mortified! It only took a couple of days before she altogether stopped even checking on them.