How do I tell my boyfriend to correct his daughter being mean to mine?

So back story My daughter is a year and a month old and is healthy as ever, she is mine and my ex’s but he is not in her life at all, my boyfriend took over the role of being her dad and loves her like his own. My boyfriends daughter is 3 years old. When I first had my daughter, his daughter was 2 and used to be nice to her as she was a baby but as time went on she started being more mean and now anytime my daughter gets toys, his daughter expects her to share but if my daughter even looks towards his daughters toys she’s gets defensive and takes them away and is mean. I don’t like watching my daughter be left out so I play with her and his daughter comes over and tries to take all my attention too. I don’t know how to tell him how uncomfortable I am with seeing that go on. My daughter started biting when she feels his daughter is too close now. I’m uncomfortable with watching her be so mean to my daughter and thinking it’s okay

Just tell him what you’ve seen. Maybe say “I’ve seen this and this and I just wanted to talk to you about it. I want to work together on this to help her learn to share her toys” She’ll need to learn to share at school too, so it would be good to show her now.

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