How do I use the diva cup?

This is a Diva Cup question.
I’ve been trying to use the Diva Cup (type 2 for women who have had children) for about 4 months now. My first problem was getting the cup to let go of suction once inserted but I fixed that I think.

My problem now is that it’s leaking about an hour or so after insertion. when I take it out, it’s about half full (Yay heavy periods lol)
I’m wondering if it’s because my cervix is really low, and maybe sitting at an angle. I’m thinking maybe because of this, the cup fills up as much as it can while tilted and then over flows. in that case, I’m not doing anything wrong, it’s just the way my body is built.
Or maybe I’m doing something wrong when putting it in like maybe not opening he cup as much as I think, or maybe i should have gotten the type 1 cup? Any one else have a problem like this?

I really love the idea of using cups because I hate tampons, and while pads are okay, my periods are so heavy that it’s just uncomfortable to feel lol.


I always had to run my finger around the outside of the cup once it was inside to make sure nothing was blocking the sides from suctioning also to make sure that it was fully open. I used the 1 size though as it was pre pregnancy


I have a tilted uterus and cervix and have the same issue

I would try flex’s soft disks. I prefer these over anything

I loveeee the diva cup. I had the same issue at the beginning. What I actually did was practice putting it in a day or 2 before my period was expected. That helped a lot!

What is a diva cup? How easy is it to use?

I guess your cup runneth over


I have the diva cup 2, it took me quite afew times to finally get the hang of it. I use my finger and go in a circle motion around the cup, if You feel any dents then it’s not in right.

After incerted I grab the end of the cup the long string thing and twist so the cup twists and creates that suction.

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I’ve been running my finger around the rim once inserted and once I hear the sound of the suction release, I stop. But maybe I should keep going, maybe it’s still a tiny bit bent.

The last time I emptied it, about an hour ago, it was full and leaking so I may have done it right, but just over flowed.

Are you supposed to wear liners with them? Or are they supposed to be drip free?


I love using the cups. The only thing I hate is when my toddlers run into the bathroom and I’m like “Hey can you please get OUT!!” :grin::grin::joy::joy: