How do I wean my child from breastfeeding?

I have a question for the mothers,
how did you get your infant/toddler weaned from breastfeeding?
my daughter is 13 months and I’d like to quit breastfeeding by at least 18 months.
she currently is also drinking almond milk. I honestly think she does it for comfort because she only wants my breast in the morning, nap time, and bedtime.

Cut out one of those nursings at a time. Give her a few days to get used to it and then cut out another one. Gradual weaning for her and for your milk supply.


Good luck. My son turned 2 in September and im still trying to quit

I straight up told them I was out of milk. Lol. Comforted them, oh I’m so sorry you drank it all, all gone now. They were bummed for a couple of days but then fine. The 2 I ebf were almost 3 tho, so they comprehended what I was saying better than an 18 m child might.

I limited time for her to nurse and would always offer a different drink before giving in and would offer it again or an activity that would defer her attention

She is now 24 mn and still trys once in a while but I’m dry so no luck

I tried everything in the book to get my daughter to wean and finally just gave in to self weening, she’s almost 3 and I’m so glad I didn’t quit when she was 1.5 like I originally planned

Same with son he nurse at nap and bed time at 2 yrs old and only at bed til he was 3 and finally quit bc he fell asleep before I wld nurse him for bed. Missed nursing him when he quit and refused to nurse after that

I’m exclusively breastfeeding my 14 month old. I’ve looked into it a little, but decided to wait. I liked Jay Gordon’s approach to night time weaning, also “The Milk Meg” here on Facebook has great advice that’s based on Jay Gordon’s but slower and more gentle. She’s a lactation consultant and from her page I’ve decided to try to make it to at least age 2 because of the health benefits (toddlers get double the immunity that infants do). You should check out her page and blogs. Good luck!