How do percentiles work?

Does anyone know how percentiles work? Are they supposed to be rather close together? My daughter is finally 65% for weight(she was >1% when she was a little babe) and her height is in the 30’s. I wasn’t sure and wanted to ask because all my kids were always over 80/90


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do percentiles work?

As long as the height to weight percentile is over 10% they don’t say much. And if kiddo sticks to a curve.

My doctor explained it as:
Out of 100 kids the same age as your child
you have 99bigger in weight
And 70 taller than your child


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Height and weight should match. So your daughter is overweight for her size. It does settle down but if she’s only 30 percentile for height, don’t aim for 80 percentile for weight! You want her around 20-40 percentile for weight. Mine settled ludicrously into 50 percentile for both!

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