How do the courts decide on child support?

Can you post it? Me and my ex (father of our child) had broken up when our daughter was two weeks old now she is six months old and due to money tightness on his end he is going to apply for child support which I’m perfectly fine with I’m an involve mom meaning that I stuck around which is more than what I could say about my own mother so I am more than willing to pay child support but my question is how do they do this do they go by my income or do the courts decide the amount on their own he has full custody by the way due to her being so young when we broke up we 100% agreed that she needs to be with the father that young but I do see her weekends and pay for everything that she needs while she is with me so will they take child support even though I pay for her when she is with me or do they add money to that amount for me to give directly to him thanks for your answers we just want to know how it is done


Every state is different

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There is usually a formula the court uses to calculate how much child support will be based on what they deem it takes to support the child and the income amounts of both parents. It may vary state to state. There are usually calculators online if you do a Google search for your state.


Its all income based here in cali … i have full custody of my youngest his dad had never paid for anything (he is getting better) but because he was unemployed so he was ordered to pay the min … less then $20 a month

Each state is different but the basic of it is they will take your income and look at it versus his income and they will award the receiving parent with an appropriate amount. The basic guidelines is to alot/ give about 35% of your monthly income to the parent whom needs the support


I can tell you that weekend stuff is nothing


Try a child support calculator … it all depends on what state you reside in. Each state has their own rules & guidelines. National Child Support Calculator - Calculate Child Support Free

In Indiana they can take up to 55% of your living wage for child support. Each state is different, though.

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There is a formula that is used… you can usually go to the state child support website and most of them have a calculator where you can get a general idea, the more accurate the info you have the more accurate the estimate is.

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There is a calculator they use to come up with the amount it’s different by each state. Google child support calculator “name of your state”

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Each state is different, but you CAN also keep it out of the courts entirely and set up a payment plan that works for both of you and have a lawyer draw up paperwork and get it notarized. That’s what my ex and I do. He needs things for our daughter he tells me and I get it or whatever he needs for her. We’ve kept it 8 years out of the court system.

Each state is different but normally for one child it 15 to 25 percent of your income but again the percentage will depend on your state…

Its a formula . Google child support calculator it will give a ROUGH idea

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Depends on state. NY is 17% for one child and they look at both incomes

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Every state is different it’s best to look up the laws in your area

NY state is 17 percent per child before taxes.

She thinks having a baby on the weekend is sticking around?!?? Wth is wrong with this womans maternal instincts???


I actually work at a courthouse but, I don’t feel comfortable responding. I feel like this is a bullshit question.


It sends how much to are making.
And they take 25percent of your pay.

You can google child support calculator in your state. Put in all info for pay and put in percentage child is with each parent


Why does the father have the baby


Is this a joke?. It’s a joke right?


I think this story was just written to show how it would be if the situation was the other way around and the dad had full custody and the one receiving the child support,because no way would mother give up her 2 week old baby to the dad it’s not a typical situation


Depends on the court. They don’t all go by the same standard.

Here in Charleston if you go through dss it’s 226.00 a month no matter what if you go to court they look at the minimum wage and child support is set to 20% of pay before taxes are taken out , more if you make more plus if medical insurance is available through your job they can order you to pay for insurance also they can order you to pay 1/2 of child care or schooling. But this was over 25 years ago that I dealt with this , I was told if you both agree on a amount then court will set that amount .

Why dont you have your baby full time???And why wouldn’t you stick around??? Something is very wrong here!!


Theres probably a reason the child is with the dad. Quit being bitches


Not trying to stand up for this mama, however ladies … what if she has addictions and it’s better off for this baby girl to be with her daddy? As a mom I would die without my kids, but maybe in this case … she did the best thing for this child. I am a support worker and I’ve seen this a few times before .

  1. Don’t give money directly to him that does not count towards child support.

  2. the money you spend on your child while the child is with you does not count as child support.

  3. they generally based child support on how much you make, and you can set it up with your job to have it automatically withdrawal out of your paycheck.

Free the moms!! Pay the money, love your kid, no regrets! The courts have an app for child support.

Just get ur baby & don’t share custody

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Research your state laws. FB people aren’t lawyers and aren’t a reliable source for legal info


Depends on the state how much will be given. It’s typically based off of your income.

In utah they go off of income of both parents

I don’t understand how you could just not want your child more than that my husband and i separated for almost 10 months and we both had her 3.5 days each and helped eachother out when one was broke the other bought diapers we never went to court no child support nothing

Depends on your state. Some states take both parents income into account. Some only take the father’s income into account. Best you work with an attorney.

It’s not being a bitch because anyone can think something is wrong here since she did say that the father was having money problems so why would she leave her baby with him if he can’t take care of the baby ? Just wondering…

Depends on your state.

In Kansas they also take into consideration who has the most overnights with the child.

Child support is state based. California does it way different than Nevada and they both do it way different than Texas…

Atleast when I did child support against my sons father they based it on his income and time spent at his place. (Which was none) they will also determine how much you have already given to the father for the child.
You all will probably go through mediation to set up custody, to make it legal.

Ok I went thru this for 10 years n it did affect my son as he was growing up , but I didn’t realize the bigger affect it was going to have on him in his 20’s. Morals that parents should exercise when splitting up n a child s involved

  1. Never keep the child away from the other parent it should be 50/50’ if both parents are reliable… n want to be there
    2)Never put down the other parent in front of the child or compare the child to either parent when the child does wrong
  2. Be civil with each other
    4)Don’t use the child as a tool to hurt the other parent
  3. Always tell the child how much you both love him
  4. Be reasonable when it comes to child support , don’t break each others pocket
  5. telling the other parent how much you want them involved n present on your child’s life is important

He will go to the count court family court . He will need to establish visitation rights /who the Primary parent will be or joint custody 50/50
He can also request a blood test to make sure the child is his
Then support is established based on both incomes , and visitation…
The norm is every Tuesday/Thursday n every other weekend
That like 22%. The support is based on time with the child

If he files you will be the defendant n the one who filed is the petitioner…

A infant shouldn’t be without mom the first year meaning dad will not have overnight stays until the child is 1-2 years old

You will go to mediation first if you two can’t agree then it goes to court it sheaths remember your leaving the courts in charge of your child they always d what’s best for the child so you two o in there n compromise so
that way both of you are still in charge f your own child’s life not some judge …

Child support is based on the income of both parents. Other things that will be considered are court established visitation and how medical expenses will be divided as well. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on her while she’s in your care. Those are expenses that you should be paying for and are required to do so when she’s in your care for weekend visitation. Child support will cover all expenses, living and other needs, that your daughter has on an ongoing basis.

They go off both incomes n because I make more then punkass bd he pays less smh

It’s typically based off of your income. Anything else you give is considered a gift if its doesn’t get paid through the state to the father for the child. I was raised by a single father (who got no support for us) and sincerely commend you making the best choice for your daughter. Moms are NOT always the best choice. Moms are NOT the only ones capable of taking care of very small children. Moms are NOT the only ones responsible and loving. Moms do NOT have more rights than dads do and are NOT automatically entitled to the baby! Some dumb bitches need an education! But yes, they’ll usually go off your income but they’ll ask what you’ve done so far as well. Also consideration as to who she lives with more.

You need a lawyer. It’s based on a percentage your income. No, anything you provide while she is with you is not counted as “child support”; anything you buy for her and give to her to keep at dad’s is a gift. Only the hard cash you give directly to him is counted. Stay out of child support court. Find out how much he needs a pay him that amount monthly. No more than 15% of your take home pay is fair. Child support court will keep you tied up in litigation with daddy if you dare to miss payments. Best to work it out with him directly. Best to you.

Be with the father? 100% custody??? Sounds like a mom who wants no responsibilities with that child but would just rather be on child support. Smh

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Your income only!
And yes mam, keep reciepts of EVERYTHING you buy or contribute to the children. That does matter, went thru it myself.


My suggestion…if you both are able to work it out between the both of you I’d keep it out of the courts. No sense in paying court costs if not necessary. There’s an online child support calculator for your state. It combines both your incomes and comes up with a percentage. This is quite possible if you’re both willing to work it out between yourselves. My children are grown now but my ex and I never went through the courts. We came together as co-parents and both of us provided for our children.

How does a mother not have full custody of their child number one. If you don’t yes you pay child support based off your income


She’s not asking for judgement if what she doing is right or wrong and if he has full custody then somewhere courts must have had a say.
They go off your income not what you buy her. And can make you pay back child support. My daughter agreed with her child’s father not for him to have to pay because he had bought his share so court didn’t add any back to it.

No, the two days you have her will not factor into how much you pay for her, because the courts only care about who the child is with the majority of the time. Even if one parent has them 3 days and the other 4 days, the 3 day parent will STILL be paying the court ordered child support.

Some fathers are more stable then mother’s. We don’t know her situation. It will go off of your income before taxes. Each state is a little different on how much tho.


Why would a child that young need her dad more then the mom. They need the dad when they get older . Actually they need both parents evenly .


The courts base child support on income. They will either ask you to produce pay stubs and in a lot of cases, tax return documents from the past 3 years. If dad isn’t fighting and demanding things, then they usually go off your current income.

Every state has different rules concerning the amount of child support. If you and your ex can agree on an amount before you go to court they will usually go with that.

You can look it up for your state online… every state is different

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They go by both income and decides what you would pay. It doesn’t matter if you buy things when she is with you

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I’m sure it depends on your state. But, if he has custody and you only see her sometimes then yes you should be paying child support. Come on. The kid needs support 24/7 not just when she’s with you.


Another post that My Kids Are So Loved that tries to get peoples emotions going, I hate this sight, leaving it, good luck to all, don’t fall for it!!

Y’all need to stop judging her if she didn’t want to have the baby full time that’s her decision at least she didn’t murder the child or sell it or something. Seriously. Yes the courts go off income even if you provide for the child while she’s at your house.


Depends on the state I think. It’s based on several things though. Based on income and time each parent spend with the child. If you have the child equal amounts of time there usually isn’t child support. If one parent spends less time they usually pay

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Crazy. Just crazy. She stuck around and is involved but doesn’t have custody. Which means she is around and involved when its convienent to her. Sad. Don’t understand it.


Definitely keep receipts of anything you contributed already because they normally take that into consideration when deciding back child support (if that’s involved), but outside of that, it’s solely based off income.

Why are people so stupid? Sometimes the father is a better parent than the mother. Some women arent meant to be mothers. I know several.


At 6 months I would love to know that baby is not with Mommy


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Usually they go by income, check into the laws in your area.

Way to shame her for asking a legit question. Some people are able to admit that they are not able to care for their child full time. That takes real honesty. They take both parents income into consideration and have a formula that they use to calculate how much each parent is responsible for.


Whet state are you in?

Depends on the state. Texas CAN take up to 20% of your income. Is there arrangements yall can make outside of court because you will get totally screwed by them at some point and it’s very hard to ever get out of their system. He also won’t receive the full amount they make you pay because the government wants a cut of eveything.

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They based my ex’s on what he made and how many kids…

17.5% of your gross income


Maybe she is being responsible and knows the father is in a better position to raise the child. We don’t know the whole story. Men are just as able to raise children. Some mom’s aren’t in a position to. But to answer the question they go off your income.

Not giving my child to no man…they should take all ur salary for child support🤔