How do they test for dyslexia?

Before I begin, I have already taken my daughter to the doctor for a referral, and we are currently waiting for a call from the neurologist for the appointment (it’s only been two days). My daughter is eight years old, and we suspect dyslexia (her doctor agrees). How do they test for it? How long did it take for your child to be tested? My daughter is homeschooled with her older sister and older brother. What are some things that we can do to help her in the meantime?

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I believe they have her read. Also respite different letters…

My son got diagnosed in 2019 with it. They took him aside and brought in a person who specializes in that specific disability and she had him write words and numbers out and he would write them backwards or out of order. He’s almost 7 and they caught it early. I’m not exactly sure of what the other test were. Right now they are testing to see if he also has sensory issues. We were told dyslexia can cause issues like foods being weird or tasting gross to him or him having a breakdown at trying new foods. We’re trying to get him in a dyslexia program that will protect him throughout school until he graduates. If he gets bad grades it won’t count against him. Research a program called the dyslexia 504 program. Mention that program at any meeting you have with teachers. It will help him through school. Good luck to you and I hope this helped a little.

My kids school does a school wide dyslexia testing.

These helped my daughter alot not the clear one though just the colored ones


I my self struggle with dyslexia on a daily basis I use auto correct most of the time

But since she is young
I would work on words spelling and pronouncements will help alot
I wish you luck

Also numbers
In order and try front and back may help

hi, this might not answer your question exactly but i am dyslexic and i struggled through school for YEARS. i never got put in any special help classes i just had to sit through a class that might’ve made sense to others but made zero sense to me. be patient. for me i usually had to be taught a little different. numbers and english class made absolute no sense to me. don’t treat her like she’s stupid, it may just need to be taught different ways with different explanations. try a lot of hands on stuff!

I had dyslexia when I was younger. They diagnosed it very early (1st grade) so I am sorry I don’t remember the tests. (let’s be honest that was a LONG time ago they are probably different now anyways)

I just remember special classes and struggles. I tried SO HARD and it took ALOT of work. I remember the patient consistency of the teachers and tutors who never gave up on me.

Whatever you do, the multiple things you’ll try, just keep trying and never give up. The never giving up part is the important part.

Hang in there Momma. It will all be OK.

I ended up graduating Summa Cum Laude so there is a light at the end!

It just means she needs to learn to read and write phonetically, through decoding techniques. My kid can’t learn phonetically, and while she has miraculously picked up on some of the reading, she can’t spell more than 2 words, and that includes her first name… not her last. She’s 11. They don’t seem to think she’s dyslexic. Idk what it is. I also don’t know how they test for it. I just know they teach my daughter and dyslexic students the same, using decoding and phonics. It just doesn’t work for my kid. :woman_shrugging:t3:
Hopefully it works for yours! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: