How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements?

I was just wondering how others get past parenting disagreements? Like, if you don’t agree on punishments or rewards or screen time, etc.? How do you settle those arguments?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

We talk it out and come to a compromise.

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My husband dont co parent with me he Makes the decisions he says and if I don’t agree I’m a cunt or bitch or whore.

Find a way to compromise on most things and if not we have times where we use each other’s ideas and see which has the best outcome and go from there

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

Discuss them like normal parents.

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You need to sit down and discuss them.Remember we are all brought up differently so how you were raised could be different from your husbands. Have an open mind and listen to why each of you feels the way you do. PLUS each child is different so what works for one may not work for the other


Talk it out until you can agree or maybe sometimes you have to compromise a little.

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We talk thru it until compromises are made and perspectives are understood.

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Go talk about it away from the kids. And come to a agreement.

We discussed it ahead if time we get three help looks a week and 2 babe I need you. We agreed on punishment and reward if uts something we didn’t talk about we call the other and say hey this happened how do we handle it.

Try to find a middle ground .

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I normally just stare at him like this :neutral_face: til he realizes I’m right and he’s wrong.

Lol I’m jk. We just drop it and then talk it out later when the kiddos are not around.


We don’t discuss it in front of the kids, EVER if my husband agrees with the kid and I don’t the kiddo will get to do it because dad had said yes (vice versa) and we talk about it later and settle it then

Talk about it when the kids aren’t around and explain your reasoning for things. It’s tough sometimes because of being raised so differently, but usually we will figure it out. Either that or I’ll call my Ma and his mom and we will all discuss it and see what we all think is best lol sounds silly I know, but it works!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

Communication and come to an agreement prior to the situation occurring. Or after it’s come to a difference of opinion I would bring it up and talk through it until you’ve heard each other out & come to an agreement.

You don’t have to agree on everything but maybe he chooses screen time, you choose punishment, ect. You don’t necessarily have to agree ON a compromise, but TO compromise


Talk it out n choose the option best for the kids

No clue, single mom here all the decisions were mine…


My boyfriend (father of our 8 yr old) have never really disagreed on anything… we just weigh out the pros & cons and usually make choices together, never any 1 sided choices are made.

Haha I will hide the TV or else partner will let toddler watch TV all day, but we do get into a lot of disagreements and arguements I mean who the hell give raro and an Oreo to a toddler at 7am :astonished:

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its called discipline.
You can from time outs that are worthless to taking electronics, grounding which means doing absolutely nothing, up to including paddling, belt, washing out the mouth with soap, hard labor, holding books, buckets of water.
But the best is not asking strangers how to settle your disciplinary differences.
You and your partner can only chose how you want to go about it.
If you see/ hear you discipline if the partner sees/hears then they discipline.
Neither of you may not agree with each others style but that is okay.


Compromise and never in front of the kids.

In private and not In front of the kids


Privately… not in front of the kids


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

Never argue in front of our kids for one.two we always try and talk things threw and find were we both feel on the situation and compromise somehow

we dont argue about it and we try to talk about why we feel a certain way and come to a compromise…never argue about it in front of the kids


Just talk it thru. And you both need to be willing to see pros and cons of the other ones opinions and thoughts

Compromise, meet in the middle and act as a team, whatever you do don’t let the child sniff out the more lenient one.

Definitely talk through it. This was a huge problem with my husband and I. I promise you talking through it to understand where the other is coming from is so important. Now we never have any disagreements about it.

Its all about compromise… Give a little, take a little… It Goes a long way. Good luck!!

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We talk it through, pros and cons and all that

Talk it through we look for something we both agree on. We don’t do something the other is not ok with. Or we meet eachother halfway

Talk it through but dont disagree in front of your child(ren) ever. Theyll then see there isnt a united front and do the “well mom said” or " well dad said" or if they know one is softer than the other theyll look to the more lax parent and be like “isnt this unfair”
Kids are smart and know how to get their way man :joy:


In my case, you don’t. You make a very sensible and valid point about your parenting and a sensible valid point against their parenting, then they do it anyway and you gotta be there to reverse the psychological damage later

Be careful! These things can get messy real quick!
If you both respect each other’s POV, compromising will come a bit easier… good luck! :crossed_fingers:t3:

My husband and I talks it through and we also come to a compromise and agree on what I want and agree what he wants if mine doesn’t work out and that’s how we deal with everything.

I win… JK. Discuss it & find what you both can agree on.

Give him a chance to voice why he wants to do ABC and then you voice why you wanna DEF and then talk about the pros and cons
Supper frustrating some times and your gonna have give here and there so he gives on things to
What works in my house and I’m not even gonna say this the right thing to do :joy: and probably only works in this specific situation
But my boyfriend has kids from his first marriage the youngest was 3 when we got together and had a baby , all happened super fast that’s a different story
But anyway I’ll tell my boyfriend a lot of times like “look you have had 5 other chances to raise babies this is my first and only baby I’d really like do it this way”
And it probably makes me an *ss to pull that card as much as I do but it’s worked so far so there’s always that option

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We both do research to support our view point and we talk through it with facts. I absolutely hate “because my parents did it.”

I google it, I find research articles as to what’s more productive and effective and recommended by the experts that’ll back my way of seeing things, and then I find examples. I don’t mess around… :joy::joy::joy::joy:
good luck to ya!


Rock, paper, scissors…best two out of three.


Research helps with us.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

My husband and I agreed before baby was born that whatever one of us had said stuck, even if the other would have done it differently. This way we couldn’t get played off against each other down the line. Works like a charm now and baba nearly 4.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you and your partner get past parenting disagreements? - Mamas Uncut

We talk about it and decide to go with my way.


Well it depends on with which child’s father. I have a son and I have primary custody so while his dad can give me his opinion I take care of him on a daily basis and my boyfriend does as well. So in most cases I end up making the end decision after taking both of their opinion in consideration. My daughter that is about to be born however I will be living with her dad so I feel he will have more of a say over what we do on a day to day basis. But in the end we all as adults agree not to undermine punishments given by other adults and the expectations stay the same no matter who he’s with or where he’s at. Be respectful pick up after himself and do what he’s asked of adults. Not too hard for a ten year old lol

Whichever parent sees the crime decides the punishment :woman_shrugging:t4::joy:

He parents his way and i parent mine. No two people parent the same.

We came to a compromise by trying both ways and seeing what worked. With the screen time, I’d say do some research on what’s best for the child based on research.

It’s compromise. Give a little almost like negotiating :rofl: (ie. He says child can play for an hour but you say 30 min: go with 45 min)

It’s going to happen and it’s normal. We talk about it later so we can be on the same page. Y’all come from 2 different families that patented different. Try not to argue in front of your kid too

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Both have to compromise. Everyone is raised differently.
Mine and my husband’s is different we do get a little agervated but we compromise the best we can weather we like it or not. It has to be what’s best and what works for the kids

Communication. You’re never going to completely agree on everything, especially because your parents raised each of you differently. It’s all about how you work through it together. Talk through it until you come up with a solution even if you have to meet in the middle, sometimes we have to compromise. You have to be a united front and work together or the kids are going to know they can get away with certain things with one of you

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I’m not with my children’s Dad. But we communicate on just about everything when it comes to the children. I’m very hard on them and he is very lenient with them. So when we discuss things we come to a compromise.
If there is something that we are just against then we discuss why and go from there. (Took 6 years to finally be able to co-parent, our kids are 7 and 2) (2 year old not biologically his but he has stepped up into the daddy role)

We always talk it out. It’s ok to disagree, no one agrees all the time. We never fight or talk in front of our kids. Sometimes we have to compromise, but without communication the relationship isn’t going to work. We work as a team and respect each other’s decisions.

I nod and say “yes, ok, ur right” then i just continue my way​:woman_shrugging:t3: he spends minimum time at home doesnt really seem i terested to be involved, just sometimes likes to through stupid parenting comments he knows nothing about :woman_shrugging:t3:


Weigh pros and cons and have a good reason behind our own decisions and why you think your choice is the better one. Present it and ask them theirs. Discuss it together. If we cant agree you compromise somewhere in the middle. Most of the time i set the rules for the kids and my husband agrees with me. He doesnt disagree with me much on that end. But we also have been together 14 years and know each other well enough to meet in the middle on most disagreements but occasionally do not but its not usually kid related.

Me and bd are 13 yrs apart so theres a lot we don’t agree on…chose ur battles cuz it usually causes an argument and maybe compromise but most the things I just continue my way :woman_shrugging:


We just support each other’s decisions, and I mostly pick my battles… But I am the one home all day, so if I absolutely cannot get behind it, that’s the end of it.

Sit down, talk and come to a compromise. Yiu don’t have to agree on everything when it comes to parenting. Just meet in the middle

We talk about it. Not in front of the kids. And we negotiate our different ideas and come up with a compromise.

Honestly we discussed everything before having a child to make.sure we saw eye to eye on things. We tend to agree on everything parenting wise. the one or two times we didn’t we just explained.bitb our reasoning and made a.compromise we both were happy with. You’ve got to communicate, never take it out on the kid, don’t fight in front of the kid, and stay on the same page

We have issues with this too. He just let’s his daughter lie to him and just laughs it off while I don’t put up with that.

We don’t agree on anything parenting or discipline. We usually argue and then don’t talk for a few days. Never come to a compromise. I need help with figuring this out also :weary:

Thankfully hubby and I discussed this all before getting married. Some small stuff does come up here and there and good communication helps. Sometimes you have to let the other person win.

My husband Tanner and I tend to see eye to eye on most things but if not he tends to give in cause I am reaaaaaally stubborn

Rock paper scissors lizard spock :vulcan_salute:

It’s all about compromise. Talk until you find a middle ground.

You meet in the middle and compromise.
If you can’t agree on something find a different solution.

We don’t undermine each other first of all. Especially not in front of the kids

Never argue about punishment in front of the children!

What mom says goes…he doesn’t fight me on anything

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" i created that baby, carried it for 41+1 weeks , went thru 45 hours of labor and pushed the kid out of my vagina with NO pain meds and a shit load of pitocin. Wtf I want goes" :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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We test out both methods over a period of time. Which ever one works best wins

Whatever I say goes because he has no say when all he does it sit and watch shit on his phone :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

If its him thats caught/found our daughter being naughty, then he disciplines her. And the same vice versus, if he tells her off in a way I dont like, I dont verbally disagree with him in front of her. But I’ll try defuse the situation quietly while still getting LO to listen to her Dad (both hot heads!:sweat_smile:)

A lot of compromise and we don’t fight in front of the kid

Well, I am the sole provider for my daughter. She has a dead beat as a father. He knows he is a dead beat so when I say she only gets a certain amount of time on her tablet, he wont argue with me. He has learned to just agree and shut up. 🤷

We talk it threw but i slightly disagree about the in front of the kids thing. We dont “fight” in front of our kids but we call each other out on BS and talk about things in front of them. And depending on the topic we include them in the conversation. We do this in hopes they see how important communication, compromise, unity is in relationships.

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It’s OK to stop, step away, and have an adult conversation before issuing any punishment or reward. In fact - I recommend it as sort of a “cool down” moment prior to punishments so you don’t react too harshly with anger and are better able to explain to your child why they’re in trouble, what your expectations are, and what their punishment is.
Compromise is key, and there’s more than 1 way to make a decent human being while keeping boundaries.
If it’s a big issue for you, make sure your partner knows why and hopefully they’ll have your back. However, be willing to listen to their side and change your views if necessary.

We get the parenting method books and studies out to look at who’s take is statistically more likely to produce better kids and the effects of different things on kidos. :sweat_smile:
But were both in school for teaching- so grabbing a textbook on child communication or early child development is easier than for most🤷🏻‍♀️
MOST of the time- it’s easy to figure out if one of us did something the wrong way.
The majority of serious parenting mistakes stem from frustration or laziness. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Pick a time to talk, away from your kids. Preferably when you’re both in a good head place to have a polite conversation. Calmly tell him your expectations, and allow him to tell him yours. Try to find a middle ground you can both feel good about. When the talk is done, leave it at that . Good luck!