How do you and your spouse share housework?

Momma’s!! How do you and your husband share house work? We both work full time and i feel like i still do most of the house work,Hubby wants to give more of a helping hand but it usually lasts a week and then back to me doing it all,He suggested a chart but now i feel like we’re kids again but has anyone done this? Is there a schedule of who does what to keep yall on track? Please share if so!!


My husband is pretty good at just knowing what needs to be done. He will do dishes if needed, vacuum, take garbage out etc., I would say I do the majority of the work however he definitely helps

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Break it up maybe like who ever cooks the other does dishes and maybe one evening a week you both spend a couple hours cleaning the whole place

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I’m picky about everything. So when my husband was living he did everything outside and I did everything inside. I wanted it that way.


I have a task planner and list everything that needs to be done and we’ll check it and put our names on the ones we’ll do and do it. Works for us!

I still have a chart for myself and I’m 31. I can never finish one thing at a time I always jump. Check lists and timers help tremendously and there is nothing wrong with it. My kids do their own laundry, my husband does our laundry. Dishes are split between everyone in the house hold. I do most deep clean and organizing, mop, rooms, bathrooms and so on. Kids and husband do garbage, kids and I do recycling. We all have designated days to vacuum. It just falls into a natural rhythm. We had a house keeper but she just retired. Charts are the way to go, at least until it becomes routine for those who can fall into habit. For others like me I’m not ashamed to use a chart for the rest of my life lol.

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I’ve made a chart for my entire family and have a “chart” aka list I follow every day. It helps me a lot! I deep clean 1 room a day/week and do a “dirty 30” every day.

Example :

Monday : living room, dirty 30
Tuesday : kitchen, dirty 30
Wednesday : bathroom, dirty 30

Dirty 30 is the small, repetitive stuff like vacuum and dishes. Takes approximately 30 minutes to accomplish it all. Each deep clean takes maybe an hour. Wipe walls, wipe down appliances, furniture, mop floors, dust, things like that but for that room of the day.

We share I do dishes or he does dishes both do laundry, he cleanes the bathroom. Kids help too he did some laundry this morning.

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Love task charts! You can set reminders on your phones too. I have ADHD and am terrible at housekeeping but good at other stuff. We got a cleaning person to come every 2 weeks and it made life so much easier. Kept us from arguing, gave us more free time to spend with each other. We cut back expenses in other areas.

We both see what needs to be done and just do it . We both know the bathroom , laundry , dishes, vacuuming all need to be done . Make a list and if it still doesn’t get done on a regular basis he just doesn’t want to help. If he doesn’t help tell him to pay for a housekeeper .

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Even if it makes you feel like kids, if having a chart gets the chores done & split there’s no reason not todo that! Organization is needed! Everyone knows what’s expected of them

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We don’t have a schedule, we just do it. I might do dishes 3 times in a row and then he’ll jumped in and do them the next 3 or 4 times and back n forth. Or we might both just wait until they pile up and who’s going to do them first like playing chicken, first to blink :laughing: or we might play rock paper scissors :laughing: Either way, we take turns on household chores and cooking. I’ll cook if you do dishes…I’ll grab trash if you’ll do a quick sweep or vacuum. Idk. Honestly, I feel like we’re grown, we know what needs to be done and we just do it. We both work full time too

We farm so he does the outside stuff & I do the inside stuff. Our kids help with both, but enjoy helping him more. :pig2::cow2::tractor: :wink:

We have an unwritten rule that whoever gets home first cooks dinner. Then we do the dishes together straight after dinner. After showers we put the washing on and once it’s washed we both hang it out and then I vacuum every night (because I love it :rofl:) on the weekends we do the groceries together and my partner will mow the lawns and do any outdoor stuff e.g. wash the cars and I will wash the bedding and fluff around with indoor cleaning.

Is hiring someone to clean an option? We just kind of do what needs to get done. I do more, my daughter helps too…