How do you clean out a carseat?

Guys, what do y’all do to clean food out of your toddlers car seats? I’m dying and clearly I missed the training guide.

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The cleaning instructions are in the carseat manual :heart: also Car Seats for the Littles is a GREAT group and can give advice on questions like these :slight_smile:

Follow the care instructions for the brand.

Take it apart and wash it, the instructions should tell you how to take it apart and all that jazz.

Mine is able to be taken apart and machine washable. Or a Clorox wipe if I don’t want to do all that lol

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Follow your car seat manual. You can find it online. Or contact your manufacturer

Vaccum :woman_shrugging: then wipe as best as you can. Other comments suggesting to take it apart are great but if you are like me, that’s too much effort and honestly carseats are a hassle anyways. It’s not fun to put it back together