How do you clean your baby toys?

What does everyone use to clean/disinfect toys? (Baby still puts everything in mouth so must be baby safe)


Seventh Generation products

Wash with soap, then water + bleach rinse for plastic stuff, rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball for anything electronic, washer and air dry in sunlight if possible for cloth and stuffies.

Vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle then clean and wipe


Honestly rubbing alcohol is great if you can’t or don’t have vinager

I wipe with disinfectant cloths then warm water wash cloth … wipe them for a rinse

I put most things in the dishwasher :woman_shrugging::joy:


A little dish soap like dishes, rinse well. If sanitation is needed, especially if used by multiple children, find a sanitizer that dissipates within 1 min That’s is safe for children.

These ones cleans everything

Teething toys and things in the dishwasher. I’ve washed piles of legos in the bathtub before with soap and bleach, drying them out in the sun. Seventh generation has a plant based disinfect that’s pretty good too for other surfaces.

Am I the only one who never cleaned my babies toys??? Unless they got super dirty lol


H20x5 steam cleaning system. It rocks.

I used to use miltonto wipe them over

Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. Doesn’t leave a residue and evaporates.


Seventh Generation brand disinfectant spray! So awesome you don’t have to rinse or wipe off, just let it dry. You can get it at Walmart now! :white_heart:

Plastic or silicone toys in the dishwasher

When I worked in daycare we were trained to use soap and water, rinse, then a dip in some bleach water then air dry


Dishwasher or warm water and soap

I rarely cleaned my kids toys unless they had food/gunk on them. Kids need germs to build good immune systems.

1st baby… Disinfectant spray, wipes, 4 hrs of sunshine, prayers and sanitizer
2nd baby… A quick brush of the hand