How do you clean your husbands work shirts?

How do you clean yoru husbands work shirts? He gets sooooo greasy at work and I cannot for the life of me wash them right


I use arm and hammer detergent, love that stuff. My husband is a landscaper and I couldn’t find anything that worked good but arm and hammer did the trick.


I’m not sure but gain flings get things cleaner than liquid detergent in my experience. But I’d still agree with adding something else in to help.

So I personally would take them to the laundry mat and use the greaser machines… also I would use a tooth brush and dawn dish soap and scrub a bit before washing…

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Awesome cleaner works wonders on grease. Spray it on and let it sit for a bit and wash the clothes.

A regular 9 to 5, just normally. Wash, dry, iron, if needed. Growing up in a family of technicians there’s so many different tricks, but end up, tearing up your machine and taking up too much time. The employer, if they have a uniform will have a cleaners that they use, use it. If they don’t call around and find one. You wash all of his other clothes just fine. If you have children at home full-time, that’s where you need to focus your attention.

First use dawn dish soap to get the grease stains out then rinse and repeat spots as needed. Then launder

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Dawn dish soap in with um

What ever soap u like mix with either oxi clean and baking soda a cup each or soap u lime with a cup or 1/2 cup of dawn and a cup of baking soap. My husband and I are both manufacturing maintenance mechanics so we get dirty

I use dawn dish soap 1st(scrub them a little) and whatever soap you use( regular amount )then add vinegar & wash in cold water.Works for me, good luck

Thats a easy question to answer
Make him wash them Lol

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A splash of this gets rid of grease, sweat smell and more add this with regular detergent

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The normal use of Arm & Hammer, then a touch of bleach to get the human bugs dead by putting all of these in Hot water before the cloth enters the water or pre soak. Then as follows;…….

I spray with degreaser then cold wash, same way he cleans the vehicle engines


Soak in hot tub of water with dawn dish soap and baking soda/ peroxide then run threw washer


Let him do his own laundry :woman_shrugging:


Yes Cascade too. But watch out on colors?!?! Like I said you have to put the cascade in water first and mix it around. ONLY one little action pacs. And for whites I use about 3 or 4. My socks are as white as when I first bought them. The colors will come out bright. But WATCH OUT, THE CASCADE WILL BLEACH YOUR COLORS IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING?!?! DO NOT PUT CLOTHES IN THE LANDRY TUB UNLESS THE TUB IS FULL FIRST!!!?! YOU WILL BLEACH YOUR COLORS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING?!?!!!

I would not wash them in my washer! Soak them in dawn dish soap.

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Arm & hammer plus a little baking soda, borax & vinegar.

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I use tide laundry soap and dawn dish soap witha couple scoops of oxygen boost and hand treat the grease with just dawn and baking soda mixed together before washing.

My husband is a heavy equipment mechanic
Use dawn dish soap straight on the grease, rub and let set 15 mins or more, add a little more if extra greasy and wash deep water no other detergent needed lol
If it doesn’t come repeat I’ve not had it fail yet

Honestly for me I hand wash I use as hot of water as I can and scrub it down with laundry soap and I will rinse it a few times with hot hot water until the water runs clear it takes some elbow grease but that seems to work better than a washer :person_shrugging:

Spray grease spots with Murphys oil soap or lestoil. Let it sit overnight, then launder as normal

I either use dawn power spray or mean green on them.

I add dawn dish soap in the liquid detergent compartment. I throw in one tide pod and a dishwasher pod. I do this with husband’s( road construction) and kids work and sports uniforms.

Oxy clean, don’t overpack the washer, a good laundry detergent. Every 2 or 3 weeks they should be washed twice with detergent and oxy clean and then an addition cycle with no detergent to get a good rinse out of any buildup of dirt and detergent. My husband is a sweaty man covered in dirt and hydronic fluid and his clothes STINK

Spray degreaser on work stuff then wash as normal with extra rinse.

Pretreatment with dawn power wash, good quality detergent and a squirter of blue dawn in the wash.

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I run them a few times if needed. I run my machine empty with bleach every so often to help with any grease building up.

Spray with dawn power wash brush it in. They wash with tide and oxi clean

Add baking soda to your wash

Gain or tide powder, not the pods. Add a little oxy powder. Run the washer on pre-soak setting. May need to pre-treat super greasy stains with oxy-water paste but our clothes come really clean with this method.

Every once in awhile RLR laundry cleaner is good to use. Toss all the super dirties in a hot bathtub with some RLR and let it soak for few hours. Strips even old detergent and grease and sweat stains off fabric easy. I have a hard time finding RLR anywhere but Amazon these days though.

Get you some cherry bomb hand cleaner. Rub that stuff in his stains with a little dawn. Let it sit overnight or as long as you can. Launder with another squeeze of dish soap, detergent and a little oxyclean and it will help them get clean as new.

I work in a kitchen and we all swear by it.

Add Dawn original blue dish soap it’ll help break up the grease