How do you control your ADD?

Hey mammas how do you control your ADD?Mine is getting bad and then I last out and just melt down. I already workout daily , eat good , and what not. Try to keep a clean house and I’m struggling.I do have to work on better time management as I feel that will help but I also feel that it’s hindered me at work as well so I’m struggling with a balance. I am also quitting pot to see if it helps very soon as I am sick of fighting with my husband and just not being present in the moment because my mind is wherever.I also don’t want to go on drugs again they took so much away from me.


As a parent it can be overwhelming we just keep going on going! I salute you and give you so much respect for wanting to be sober and stay sober that’s very hard our babies need us! Sorry you deal with a hubby who isn’t making you happy right now! Maybe do fun stuff planning for yourself or the kids and get involved in with a good church met very great ppl from there do lunches, and dinner. Change your diet! Find what helps you spiritually and mentally.

As a mom of 3, full time working momma, side hustle business and just life I currently take Vyvanse! It
Was the best choice I have ever made. Everything is just a little easier.

Caffeine and support groups

I’m sorry, I don’t have personal experience to offer advice from but I did notice the one thing you didn’t mention was therapy/counseling? Maybe a professional can give you some tools to help manage your ADD and the thoughts that come with?

Honestly I just learned how to work around things. Don’t be so hard on yourself…I suggest doing some mental health/shadow work. You wouldn’t believe how many times we get triggered by past experiences we have as children. 20 min clean up 2x a day min is where I started at. Tbh if the trash is picked up/taken out and the kitchen isn’t a complete disaster on my rough days that is a win. BUT FOR SURE I WOULD CONSIDER THERAPY… coming from somebody who zoned out for the last 10 years. (It was because I was running from what I didn’t want to OR thought I didn’t need to deal with things). Don’t be like me…I almost lost everything. My marriage and kids.

Girl you got this! I totally know what you mean with the medications being too much. I would not quit cannabis personally, just find not as heavy of a strain if you’re struggling with productivity at work or get some extra caffeine, but cannabis would help with the overwhelmed feelings and meltdowns. Start one thing at a time and block out 30 mins - an hour for cleaning/organizing daily to start chunking it around your work schedule! Alarms on your phone help as reminders, and also the bin method with cleaning really helps for mamas with ADD. Fun outtings for you or family can help everyone feel better and focus on the present moment so maybe just a picnic in nature or playing in a creek/lake for the day could really help refocus you and your husband on some quality time and memories. :heartpulse: God got you too mama! Keep your head up!

I use double alarms on my phone and computer about 15 minutes apart to help keep me on time (it works occasionally), set my clocks ahead by 10 minutes. I’m really visually oriented, so even though I know it’s not the right time, seeing it helps jolt me into action.

Doing things repetitively, by rote or muscle memory helps a lot. If I do the same sequence of actions once I get out of bed and I don’t have to think, it helps (also am not a morning person). Doing the same thing at the same time every day/week/month helps keep me on track. Overscheduling helps me get stuff done as I don’t have time to get distracted before I have to rush to another place/activity/task.

I do better with people around to help keep me focused and my friends know to give me a couple of reminders if they need me to be somewhere or do something.

Also find doing Tai Chi helps. Fave is Tai Chi Ch’ih: Joy Through Movement. It’s on You Tube. Simple, brief, effective. Calms my brain.

I have lists for everything. Lots of planning helps, and having several days to plan stuff so when I forget half the stuff there’s still time for a do-over or run to the store. It’s satisfying to cross something off a list, and gives me motivation to keep going.

Commit to something for only 5-30 minutes and set a timer. It makes it seem more possible, manageable, and often when time’s up I usually find I can do more. Like at the gym, I do circuit training because I can stand to do just a dozen reps of each machine without getting bored.

Could pop/fidget toys or fidget rings help with all the thoughts & distractions?

But I’m retired and without a lot of structure to my days sometimes I get very little accomplished. We all get overwhelmed, lose it & have setbacks. If you have a family there are more people to think about than yourself and it’s really hard! Cut yourself some slack.

I’ve also paid people to come help me plough through clutter & get stuff done vs. dithering.

I don’t. I can’t. I am ADD my son is ADHD. It’s like the blind leading the blind over here. It’s pure chaos but we sure do laugh a lot. #wingingit


Have you tried any of the non stimulant medications? I stuck to my meds but I have a different experience, and know that some of the non stimulants have helped friends that I have who don’t want to go on the heavy ones!!

You need to go the the doctor or psychiatrist. If you currently have one and they diagnosed you with ADD then you might want to find a new one. ADD is an outdated diagnosis/term, which means if when you are diagnosed they call it ADD then they are not up to date one the newest treatments and therapy. I’m not saying medication is your only route if you don’t want medication but ADHD is very difficult to deal with on your own. If you dont want medication then you should really see a therapist regularly so they can help you with coping techniques. They can also bring in your husband in to a session to help him help you. I dont know if that helps, but I hope it does or you find something that does and things get easier for you