How do you cope with being a working parent with a sick child?

I don’t know what to do and I am at a loss. I have had a new job that I started in december. Sickness has hit our house so many times that I literally haven’t worked a full 2 weeks for a full pay check since my first paycheck in january. My daughter has mainly gotten the brunt of it all, the stomach bug multiple times, random fevers, random sickness, all viral that last days I can barely keep up. She had surgery last week to get her lip tie removed and she didn’t sleep at all last night and woke up super swollen again this morning so I stayed home and her ENT office can’t see her until tomorrow morning and then I have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon that’s been scheduled for over a month. Please tell me if anyone else is struggling so bad. My SO works full time but I make more hourly than he does all while also in school, but at this point i’m practically part time and he’s full time. I just wanna throw my hands up and just find something part time or stay at home. We can’t afford it but I don’t know what else to do.


I feel this so much!! :weary: I started a new job 7 years ago and within my second week of work I had to take off because my daughter got sick wasn’t able to go to daycare! 7 years later I have 2 kids who are always sick and I haven’t worked a full month yet :joy: I am very fortunate that my job is understanding and no one has ever gave me a hard time. If your company doesn’t understand, find a new job.

Try to stay home if possible - it’s just too hard to try and work with little ones ! I stayed home with mine and worked when they got older

I make twice as much as my fiancée. We decided when I took this job that when someone needed to stay with the kids, it made more sense financially for him to be the 1 to take the time off. And that’s the way it’s been💖
If you’re making more and it would help your household he should be the 1 taking time off while you work. The FMLA protects your job for up to 12 weeks

I understand this so much… My attendance always takes a hit when it comes to my little man (he’s 5) gets sick. I have to call off alot and leave early when the school calls me. Yes I have a husband but our son always wants just me due to his separation anxiety. It’s very hard and sometimes I also want to throw my hands up and be done with working during the day. I have considered a night job for some time now just so I can quit calling off. It’s frustrating and mentally exhausting. I have gone through it since our son was born and honestly thought I would kind of be out of this sick all the time stage. I have no advice but you’re not alone. Hopefully there is some light at the end of your tunnel. Best of luck to you

We either divide and conquer or ask family for help. That makes no sense for you to do it all on your own.

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Hang in there , it’ll all even out soon. Tell SO to step up and help.

Why isn’t SO helping with any of these appointments… especially if you make more hourly… you should get back to your job and the SO needs to take off work


Get someone to help out during dr appointment. Someone who doesn’t charge much or set few appointments to your and SO days off

It’s really hard I’m sorry! Backup care services like Bright Horizons may be able to help sometimes.