How do you cure a yeast infection?

I’ve already spoken to my doctor but she’s not much help. What do you find most effective in treating a yeast infection? And any remedies to relieve the itch? Thanks!


Aloe Vera. The coolness will sooth it and stop itching for a few!! I even used it after I gave birth. !!!

You need to get prescribed medication.

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A spoonful of yogurt, but not in your mouth :joy: It’s odd, I know, but it really helps to balance out the good and bad bacteria.


Sounds weird and nasty but plain yogurt. When I was pregnant I didn’t want to use any medication. Monistat works wonders btw. But plain yogurt works great as well if you’re trying to stay away from medication. Only down part is that it’s messy


Ice pack. Drinking cranberry juice or getting the cranberry tablets and taking with water.

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medication. There’s even a pill they can give you, I think it’s called DIFLUCAN idk how to spell it lol

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Great product for down south!


Salt baths. Put about 1-2 cups of salt in a COOL bath. Instantly stops itch and soothes. Sounds odd but it truly works!

Queen V Borax Tablets. Not for oral use.


Massive quantities of garlic, to the point where even though it’s odorless pills you still smell like garlic.

Queen V dd probiotics. And queen V soap (blue bar)

Might sound crazy but this squirted in you with a douche bottle is amazing, and a good quality plain yogurt on a pad for the outside.

The 3 day treatment. Put plain yogurt on your van and take daily vitamins. Keep yourself very clean with water all through the day while your dealing with it. And dry as much as you can.

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Its gonna sound crazy to you I’m sure, but plain yogurt. Just rub it where it itches. Hope this helps sweetie

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Monistat is safe during pregnancy

Go to the grocery store and buy monistat. I treatment…1 time…done.

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Vaseline helped me when I was a little girl I got them a lot and that’s all I used and it helped clear it up within 2 days

Clotrimazole. Can’t use Monistat I have a bad reaction to it. Also Apple cider vinegar soaked tampons or tea tree oil dripped on tampons. The tampons burn like hell for a second but it’s absolutely worth the pain and suffering I have otherwise.

Apple cider vinegar bath. Works everytime. I add a cup to my bath and it’s so much better. Before I would just buy the generic stuff at the drug store for yeast infection. But I prefer the bath it’s less mess.

Walmart. Tioconazole.

Please do not put anything in yourself, even “plain natural yogurt” smh that CAN cause BV. Vitamins and probiotics will not cure it, you need diflucan! Idk why your dr didn’t prescribe it, it’s taken during pregnancy ALL THE TIME.


I always get creams and a pill from my doctor

Take a bath in hydroperoxide or mix a solution of hydroperoxide with water and use it twice a day

I find the vagasil wipes help with the itching. I have used the over the counter monistat before, and found the name brand works much better than the store brand. I used the 3 day treatment.

My doctor told me plain yogurt is perfectly safe and it does in fact help relieve itching and discomfort and burning especially if it’s really cold you could stick it in a syringe insert like a tampon squish it in and it will relieve instantly he will not harm your baby or your body is completely safe it has lots of antibodies and life cultures that will get rid of any bad bacteria in your vagina there’s nothing in it that is harmful and it will help get rid of any yeast that does not mean you should not also follow up with your yeast medication that your doctor prescribes you this is mainly for Comfort reasons if you cannot get to a doctor over the weekend this is very beneficial

Yogurt, cranberry juice, Neosporin and baby powder

Monistat, cranberry juice, cotton panties

Go buy monistat or the generic version. also go find yourself a new doctor because they could have just prescribed you something like that while you were there

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Apple cider vinegar bath

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Miconazole. You can get it at walmart it gives you the itch cream and the suppositories to actually treat the infection. It should only be like $5!

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I’ve done tea tree oil diluted on a tampon. Was gone in like a day. Yogurt also but the plain yogurt was just more of a itch relief then it curing it.

I got a 3 pills that I had to take on day 1 3 and 7 dont remember what it was called but it made me feel soooo much better I had had a yeast infection for almost a month and my doc couldn’t figure it out

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Change your laundry soap to tide little soap in wash maybe to much soap in wash change your body soap to white dove no purfune in it ask doctor for crean not a pill use till finshed purfuned soap can make you smell down there in wash and body soaps some women can use a s.o.s pad down there some are sensitive down there

The only thing that helps mine is a dose of Diflucan. Always clears it up within a day.

Other than that… probiotics and boric acid suppositories are helpful.

Yogurt and monistat cream

Baking soda! Just a dab on your finger and a swipe on the area! If not in the mouth maybe add a bit of high quality h2o

Monistat or Miconizole for the yeast and seriously, vapor rub for the itch. It really works. Good luck!!

I changed my soap to a ph balanced one and it helped. I also used vagicaine.

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Try to stay as dry as possible keep your lady parts clean drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. Use loose underwear that are breathable good luck hope you feel better

Monistat it comes in a 1 3 and 7 day treatment it also comes with a cream that stops the itch

Eat yogurt with live active cultures (Yoplait), take a vinegar bath, use otc meds

Plain yogurt. Rub it on there