How do you deal with family who doesn't take COVID seriously?

How do you deal with the family members who don’t take COVID seriously? The ones whose mindset is basically “if it hasn’t affected me directly, then it can’t be that bad.” It makes me so sad, and it’s frustrating because I have family members on my boyfriend’s side who had it, and it is awful and like they get mad when I try and protect my family- such as if they travel out of state, I tell them they can’t see my daughter for 14 days to make sure they’re in the clear, always wash hands, if you aren’t feeling good then don’t see us at all, etc. it’s just hard. Especially with RSV and Flu season coming up too. Any kind words? Advice? no judgment, please. I am considered high risk as well so anyone I can protect, the better.


Well I completely agree with what you are currently doing ! Your baby doesn’t need to catch it & neither do you ! And your family will get over it , do what is best for your own little family :slightly_smiling_face:


Completely agree, I recently traveled for work & quarantined myself & tested for the sake of my elderly parents & my boys… Do what’s best for you & don’t worry about the rest. If they can’t respect your decisions then so be it!


If they aren’t going to take it seriously they can communicate electronically, maybe seeing how it is effecting them seeing their family they’ll understand it or at least try to


You do you!! People who are traveling and deciding to have parties during this time are inconsiderate to those around them. Blows my mind.


Stand your ground! I am also high risk and I am extremely careful about who I come in contact with

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You set the rules for your family and they set the rules for themselves and their families. You say 14 days then it’s 14 days. That’s your choice just as much as it’s their choice to travel. People are not going to stop living because of your rules for your family. Sorry but that’s life.


I too am extremely high risk and I miss my friends and family. They all know and understand. Our family is grown and we have grandchildren in other states than where we live. We stay in touch with video calls often. We feel it is better to be safe now so we will be with them longer…God willing! I developed a thyroid tumor and the medication has me with next to no immunity…so it is what it is. You are absolutely doing the right thing…stay strong and stay safe!

You know you are doing the right thing.

It is ok to procect your babies !! So if they get mad oh well

You are doing the right thing.

I’m not overly concerned about Covid, but I understand the fear and respect others. If someone doesn’t want me over because of it, I’ll be sad but understand.
They should respect your decision. Try letting them know that they don’t have to agree with you, but they need to respect your opinion and concerns. Best of luck

I had covid and had problems breathing. We have a 7 week old. We are staying home for the holidays. I’ve told everyone they don’t have to like my decision but will respect it. I’m following orders of my drs. I’ve had 3 drs, 1 pediatrician, and a pharmacist tell me young babies are to be treated like a patient with a compromised immune system. They also know if they stop by they must wear a mask. I’m just sticking to what I feel is right. I dont much care how everyone else takes it.

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Maybe instead of “you can’t see us/my daughter…”, you could flip it positively- “We’d love to see you! We are available to see you the week of ___. What day and time that week works best for you?”

My son in laws family thinks its certainly fine to invite themselves over for thanksgiving. I am severely immuno-compromised. I will stay in my room and will not participate.

I do exactly the same…I don’t care ( in general) what anyone thinks…but I do take Covid seriously. I do things but am super careful…I also don’t let anyone in my home. I do it for my parents and my little family. If it bothers anyone oh well. I do what I know is best for my situation. My husband went to NC during the summer …and he was kept in the basement for 2 weeks lol…so you do you! Seems that those who just got by with a cold shrug it off…I know too many terrible stories…so…I feel good doing what I do although its not comfortable at times.

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Just don’t deal with them. Nothing wrong with saying they can’t see your daughter or come around. You’re an adult, make your own choices.


be gentle but firm–they follow your rules for your family. This can apply to almost any family problems. You get to decide what is best for you and your family and you need to not argue with them about it. If they persist, let them know you will not talk to them as long as they argue.

I don’t deal with family that doesn’t take Covid seriously. I simply don’t see them. My 70 year old parents live with us, as well as my infant grandson…why would I risk their lives just to visit with a few relatives? I can do that on Zoom or chat. Draw a hard line in the sand and stay on your side of it. Don’t listen to the people who tell you it’s not that bad or that you should just go and live your life. Those types of people are the reason Covid is still running rampant.

You decide what’s best for your family. They can get over it. If they don’t believe covid is as bad as it seems, that’s their opinion and their right to feel that way. But when it comes to your kids, you are their protector, so you decide what is allowed around your kids.

I legit just told people … no one can come to my house and we aren’t going anywhere… some people were like I’ll just show up then and you’ll have to let me in… I was like no b**** just cus you knock doesn’t mean I have to open the door… it took a while and people were mad but I honestly don’t care I’m protecting my kids .

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If youre worried, make the call and stay home. Youre the Mom. Likewise though, dont judge others that have made a different decision.

I cut mine off :woman_shrugging:t2: my kids are more important than anyone’s feelings. People can be mad but idgaf.

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I understand completely how you feel about this people need to take this seriously it’s a real threat I have friends that have had it all we can do is protect our loved ones as best we can God Bless you and your family Stay Safe and Sound and hopefully we will get a cure for this virus soon we all must weather this storm together

You are responsible for your family. I have encountered similar people in my community and have chosen to distance myself in order to protect my family, who are supportive. Hurt feelings are better than a funeral.

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It’s hard going thru it as well. I understand for those who don’t care but they should know that there’s some of us that do care. Fake or not It’s still affecting world wide in one way or another.

I got these same family members. I avoid them…

You dont deal with them. Simple as that.

I had Covid and had a horror story with it. I was almost but on the ventilator after my csection. But my daughter is a preemie and we aren’t participating in any thanksgivings but one. And no one is allowed to visit our house without a mask and washing their hands and no kissing my daughter or contact with her if they refuse. I take my daughters health seriously and if they can’t abide by my few rules then they can’t see her.