How do you deal with in laws that dislike you?

Don’t worry about them but stand up for yourself. I was married before with 2 girls when I got with my now husband and they don’t like me. But they worship the ground his ex girlfriend Don’t let it get you down thats what they trying to do. No matter what you do it won’t be good enough. As long as he loves you and stands up for you don’t let them bother you


I’ve been with my husband for 7 years, married for 3. My MIL has never liked me. She has told my husband that I was supposed to be a one night stand and a bunch of other stuff. She is still friends with his ex from high school and at one point he was talking to her too. I didn’t have an issue with it because she had never caused issues and her and I had actually talked about getting our families together and doing bbqs. But him talking to her ended up being a huge issue due to the fact that he was hiding messages. So I told him me or her. Him and I have a daughter together and for a while his mom would talk to my husband but wouldn’t talk to me or see my daughter. And then her and I got into a fight 2 years ago and we have pretty much stopped talking to her, even my husband doesn’t talk to her unless he needs something. If her liking you is a deal beaker I’d leave and move on, but if its not then stand up for yourself. Have a legit conversation with your SO and tell him how you feel. For a while mine didn’t believe me but after our relationship almost ending because of his mother he started seeing what I was talking about and we stopped going around her. When she gets older and you have kids (if thats your plan) and you don’t go spend time with her so she can see her grandkids, she will regret the choices she made. My daughter doesn’t even know who my husbands mother is because I refuse to make my MIL have a relationship with my daughter and since my daughter is 3 and can’t put in the effort its up to my MIL to make that effort.

Me I am heartless in a situation like that.Treat the bitch the same she treats you simple has that