How do you deal with in laws that dislike you?

Has anyone had to deal with a mother in law or boyfriends mother who did not like you? I’ve been in my relationship for about four years now, and I’ve not been liked from the beginning for no specific reason. I never knew my boyfriend’s family, and I was expecting at least a pleasant welcome. Things are cordial now, but she still favors my boyfriend’s ex GF over me. (mind you that they were the only h.s. sweethearts). My boyfriend’s mom treats her more like a daughter and friend, which is more interaction I’ve ever received. I don’t want to go into a depression because of rejection by the family of someone I love. I just have no idea why I’ve been disliked (maybe it’s because I’m a mom?). I don’t understand, and I just need words of comfort or someone who understands.


Dont put yourself sick over someone like that. You dont need to be liked by your mans family, you’re not dating them you’re dating him. His opinion of you should be the only one that matters.


Girl im sorry their opinion dont matter… yo man matters.

My mother in law hates me. The reason why? Because she wanted to talk shit to me and I gave it right back to her. She’s not used to people standing up to her. Everyone else has always done what she wants. She says I’m disrespectful because I wouldn’t just sit there and let her say whatever she wanted to me. She prefers the ex over me as well. My husband and I have been together twice as long as he and the ex were but mil hasn’t figured out that I’m not going anywhere.

I have dealt with the same thing my fiancé cut his mom out of our lives we have four kids because she couldn’t respect me and has hated me from the start! I always just took it with a grain of salt but I never let her disrespect me! And that’s one thing she couldn’t understand


It happens. Honestly she may have heard not so nice things from his ex and you just don’t know. Their are many different things. Just be cordial and respectful

I get it. I’ve been married for 14 years and my mil and fil don’t like me either. It hurts but ultimately you have to rely on your hubby for what you need. Don’t let them dictate your feelings. :slight_smile:

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My in-laws the 1st marriage were nightmares. I wasted so much energy trying to make them like me and be their perfect DIL and so many tears crying when nothing works. My advice? Do nothing. Fuck them. Your husband chose
To put u 1st when he married you. They can fall in line or stay the fuck away. One of my few regrets in life is letting them get to me the way they did. Don’t give them the satisfaction of filling your shine!

Four years? It’s because she lacks respect for you. Sees you as weak. I’m not sure how to ever go back from that. Sorry


I’ve never been liked and honestly, I’m 100% fine. She’s one of the worst people I’ve ever met and I’d question myself if she did like me. As long as he loves you and has your back, fuck her :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just don’t go around them.

I was married for over 10 years and went through that Christmas i would sit and watch them open presents for hours and not one thing for me. She hated me and was a big part of why we split up she still hates me and we don’t even talk but says bad things about me in front of my kids

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Girl i had to fight my ex chick sister because how bad they disliked me and i just had to realise that ain’t everybody gong to be for you Sometimes you just gotta dust the dirt from your shoulders and go about your life if they ain’t the one you with and ain’t paying no bills FUCK them

Kill her with kindness :woman_shrugging:t2: it’s cliche advice and definitely means you have to be humble and swallow your pride and ego but if it makes things better in the end then it can’t hurt. That being said, she must still have respect for you. Best of luck

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Dont put up with being disrespected… if so, try to confront it to find solution and if that doesnt work, have no contact with her BUT dont let her ruin ur relationship. That’s ultimately what she wants.

Same exact boat as u honey, no advice as I’m still trying to figure it out also.


I’m so sorry you have to deal with this! I understand completely. I get that from my mil. . Not sure why shes never liked me . When I met my husbands extended family, his aunt was delighted and said, “you are so pretty” and she meant it, she was legit nice. Well, my mil looked at her and said , well she has great character… literally smirked at me . It honestly hurt me to the core. The thought that she dosen’t like me primarily for my looks. I do everything for her son, literally. I give him everything… not sure what my looks have to do with her dislike for me … however, you are not alone, and if she has no reason to not like you, ignore that bs! It no longer fazes me when she makes remarks or jokes. I’m passed it. Dont let it get to you.

Same exact boat never did shit to her son but she hates me and honestly she has to deal with me as I’m my daughters mom and we found out he’s her dad so I’m kinda stuck with her for 18 yrs

I say fuck them as long as you man loves you and he has your back then screw them

15 years baby, and I’m not not liked… one day it will click and you won’t care anyone…

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Everyone we are involved with is not always going to like you. That’s her problem, I’m respectful till I’m Disrespected.
Then I call your ass out no matter how we are or not related. If it was bad enough I would not go around her.
He can see her by himself. But if she’s around me or my children she will show respect or won’t be a part of our lives.

My husband had to put my mil in her place. She and his father are divorced but she drove me to tears when I was pregnant with my first and he finally stepped in and basically said if he had to choose he’d choose our family over her. I’ve worked to make a relationship with her for the sake of my kids but when she seems to be on a tear I just stay away :woman_shrugging:t3:

I have dealt with it… when he passed his family took everything because we were not married… were together for 18 years :disappointed_relieved:


I understand completely. How you handle this is up to you. For 15 yrs. of marriage I tolerated beratement from my mother in law, out of respect for my husband, and out of respect for her, as his mother. It was a hot topic between my husband and I over the years. He was a mid-life only child, and spoiled, and I was divorcee when we married. His folks lived in Chicago, where he was born and raised, and I had always been a southern girl. They were old enough to be retired, and lived far enough away that when they came for a visit, it was for WEEKS.

One day I had enough, and sat him down. I told him, if your mom goes after me this time, and you don’t stand up for me, I’m leaving … of course, she did come at me about how I never do anything right blah blah blah … and for once, he finally stood up to her. When he did, my father in law also stood up for me. After that, she was cordial, but still stand offish with me, but she never attacked me again.

Then we went to visit them one summer. She was demandingly insistent that we take vacation and come to visit. When we went to leave to come home, she hugged me tight, kissed my cheek, told me how good a wife and mother I was, and it felt like she didn’t want to let me go. I was in shock! I was also concerned. I told my husband I had an eerie feeling that she was telling me “goodbye”, and that I was never going to see her again. And I was right. 4 days later she went into the hospital with congestive heart failure. She never recovered and died 2 months later. This happened while 9-11 was going on, and I never got to see her again. When she died, I immediately felt all my life be and respect for her rush to my heart. She was a tough old bird, but she loved me. She was hard on me because she loved me. It took 15 years for her to ease up, but my point to you is that your relationship with your husband is the priority. Don’t let “mama” come between you, but always remember that she IS his mother and deserves respect, even when she doesn’t seem to be giving it to you. She might just be pushing you to see what you’re made of.


Hun I have been with my hubby for 16 years. Layed eyes on my mil twice. Married for 10 of those years last time I saw her. She has not acknowledged her granddaughter who is now 1 year old.

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Are they rude to you or they mean to you? What exactly does she do that makes you think she doesn’t like you? Or is it just because she’s closer with the ex that you assume she doesn’t like you?

Kill’em with kindness

Why is his ex even still in the picture??? Nope.

When people don’t like you-thats on them, not YOU. Be true to yourself and know you have her sons love. He should talk to his mom.

I’ve been with my partner for 5 years. Have decided that he can go see his family whenever he wants… me, I cant handle the toxic that gets thrown at me. Sometimes you just need to look after yourself and your mental health! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I didn’t read your post but I have dealt with in laws that didn’t like me. At first, I did things to be accepted but when I disagreed, kicked against what I was “supposed” or “expected” to do there was backlash. It didn’t help that my husband wasn’t protective of me. We live in a different state so I decided to limit my exposure to them. I stopped answering phone calls, texts etc. When we visited the city I went to my in-laws that 1st day/night in the city then I didn’t go back anymore that visit. I took back my peace and sanity. My husband became embarrassed, I think, because he had to explain my absence. I didn’t care AT ALL. When they saw how I was handling them they chilled out for the most part. They still try to stir up stuff but I swat that crap outta here so fast.


Gurl fuck them n dont even go over or kiss no ass let him visit alone.

3 out of 4 women have issues with their MIL! You are not alone in this issue. Hang in there and get your partner to speak up about how they treat you!


My mother is the shitty in law. I cut her out of our lives. It was like 2 years before I would even message with her…we’re still not facebook friends yet. (She unfriended and blocked me, and then when we started messaging I never accepted her request.) It’s been six years, and she still refuses to respect my boundries, and I refuse to budge. My little family is better for it.

Now, my MIL is amazing. She’s the mom I always wanted. There are no words for how lucky I am to have her. Like, she’s not only that maternal figure that I always longed for, but she’s my friend.
Not going to lie, if my husband and I were to divorce, which is unfathomable, she and I would remain friends…and I guarantee you, no one would live up to me in her eyes. I :blush:

Iv cut out in laws and my husband and i are both doing great we have 2 kids. They hated me from day 1 because of my religion


I was with my late husband for 9 years. I was never accepted. Honestly try not to let it bother you. Some people are just that way.

Kill em with kindness

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I have been with my bf for 5 years now, and his mother hates me :woman_shrugging: but I could care less about it tho. She doesn’t support me or my kids, so her opinion about me goes straight out the door.


Well honestly we got into a fist fight when she threatened my child and it was in the bathroom while throwing hands she fell in the tub and I wrapped the shower curtain around her and restrained her, ex husband came home and pulled me off then I filed for divorce no charges were brought against me :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: don’t do that though…now I wish I just got a tiger :joy:


I’ve been with my husband for 6 years & his mom & his whole family doesn’t like me but I decided not to go around them. The energy has always been negative & isn’t my problem to deal with. My husband still visits his family & we keep our business to ourselves. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Maybe you should try explaining how you feel to your boyfriend. Most mother in laws are just bat shit crazy anyway.

I’m going on 25 years. I chose to stay away I knew they didn’t like me all that matters is my hubby, kids and grandkids​:pray::two_hearts::heart::rose:

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Personally, I would be cordial an respectful still but think of it as. Whose relationship are you concerned most about. Your boyfriend/fiancé is the one you go home to everyday. He is the one who you’re in a relationship with an building a family together. The two of you. That’s all that truly matters. Is if the two of you are happy. I get where it hurts an is uncomfortable at times, but as long as your 100% happy in your relationship, what others think of you an how they treat you don’t matter. Head up lady, it’ll get easier! :heart:


My husband was with his ex gf for a few years, high school sweethearts. We have been married going on 3 years now and together for 4 years. All his family still had his ex on their facebooks even though she done him dirty and as he put it and “cheated with half the town”, and then married his best friend. We have a 2 year old daughter together and im currently pregnant with our 2nd. His dad favors the crap out of her. She will stop at the shop every now and then with her husband and my father in law will ignore me when she is around, like he acts like the sunshines out her arse. Im not perfect by any means and ive said hurtful things in the past about her (im getting better). Even my mother in law is nosey in her life…she knew when she got engaged and got pregnant and so on and so forth and makes a point to tell me. I mean im happy for the woman but seriously i wish his family would understand where i stand that they should leave her in the past…my husband tried commiting suicide because he found out christmas eve that she had been cheating on him. Im glad that i dont have a monster in law but i feel like his dad will never truly accept me because im not her. He told my husband one time right before we got married “are you sure you wanna marry her, you really did do a downgrade”, its like so fricken what im not a size 5.

My in laws hated me because of my MIL/SIL/FIL and they HATED ME TO THE CORE because from the first moment of disrespect (which was on the first meet) I shut it down and it was because I was high risk pregnant so he wasnt spending as much time with them as before because we needed him more. They out hatred in all of his families heart about me and he always stood up for me and they hated me more for it. 4 years later they gave up knowing I wasnt leaving and id always defend my respect and that if they couldnt respect me in front of my kids they couldnt see them. Now they love me and ask for me anytime I dont show for a gathering. Stand up for yourself no matter what and no matter how long it takes even if you need to cut them off for your peace they dont matter because your not in a relationship with them


My husband’s mom has his ex wife on fb, but blocked me. It doesn’t bother me at all. He and I dont talk to his family, and all they do is cause drama with people who do talk to them anyways, so I say let her have them🤷‍♀️


My mil was always making side comments about me. I was a single mom with 2 young kids when I met my husband. My fil adored the kids never treated us any differently since he also stepped in and raised my husband and his sisters. It wasn’t until he passed a few years ago she turned nasty. My husband finally laid into her when she made a comment about how my oldest daughter wouldn’t amount to nothing bc she was raised by a single mom…he said he was the last one to take care of her and he was done with her. We haven’t spoken to her now in 6 years. Life is so much better without all her drama…


So this is almost exactly my story. I was disliked from our first meeting for no reason. They then decided I wasn’t good enough because I was already a mother and divorced. When I got pregnant with our son it was a fight about paternity because I was a “Mexican whore” proved them wrong again with a DNA test. It’s been ongoing for 4 years. She constantly undermines me and tried to make decisions for my family while disrespecting me: I put my foot down after I was accused again of being unfaithful because our daughter was “too white” to be my BF. I’ve banned her from calling/ sending gifts/ visiting my home. I needed the separation for my sanity my BF still speaks to his parents but my kids aren’t interested even if I allowed it. When I say it’s ok my son says no because she always makes a big deal about nothing. She’ll ask him 100times if he’s ok or needs anything because “we are incapable of providing everything he needs” totally untrue but whatever. He now makes the choice not to speak to her because she’s mean ( his words at 3yo) the last time we went to visit them she intentionally put up a photo of my BF with his EX because that is her DIL. It’s kinda funny because his ex gave him an STD after cheating on him. :woman_shrugging:t4:

My mil hates me too! She is always posting on facebook about his previous girlfriend who he has two kids with, calling her daughter, still inviting her to holidays and family functions. And doesn’t invite me or care that it hurts my feelings. She watches her kids every week, and never tries to see or help me with our 1 year old baby. I send her pictures of our baby and she never even responds to me. So I just had to accept it as her loss and focus on our baby and our relationship. As much as I wanted to be a part of his family, I’m not gonna fight for acceptance from anyone. Good luck girl. You’re not the only one :two_hearts:

I know someone whose mother-in-law never accepted her. The son was married and had a young family when he and this woman started an affair which culminated in him leaving his wife and children. His mother was horrified and supported her daughter-in-law telling her son to never come back. Eventually the couple married after he divorced his first wife but his mother (who was a recent widow) still would not forgive them. She eventually let her son come and visit but told him not to bring his new wife. Even after they had their own children his mother refused to recognise them as her grandchildren. Fast forward about 15 years and the new wife found Christ and started to really worry about what had been done to her husband’s family. She went to visit her m-i-l and tried to talk with her. They came to a kind of truce which lasted till the mother’s death but when her will was read she had left her entire estate to her three grandchildren from her son’s first marriage. Nothing for her son or the other grandchildren.

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Told mine she didn’t have to like me but, when in my home she WOULD respect me! And we didn’t go to the in laws house until respect was always given. I always treated her with respect and was pleasant and things went well after I put my foot down.

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As long as he is happy with you that’s all that matters.

I have no idea. My in laws hate me for absolutely no reason but love his ex who cheated on him multiple times and took all his money, trying to take his kids and is still trying to get money. She makes his life a living hell yet they love her and do anything she asks and I havent done a damn thing wrong and I’m an outcast to them.

it happens my mother in law did me the same way and she did her son wrong to .they cut my husband out of everything and it was not because of me they did not love him they Loved only his hurt my husband and his own brother has disowned him.

My ex husbands family was similar. But there was no ex for me to compare her relationship with another person that was in his life. I would keep my distance and not make small talk unless prompted. And only went over there for holiday parties/family gatherings. Which wasn’t too often. So I got lucky. I’m the type of person that doesn’t care if his family don’t like me, as long as he and I were good to one another that’s all I cared about.

Ive never met my husbands mother and never will. Shes a horrible person. Hopefully soon ill be meeting his dad. But his grandparents are wonderful. They accepted me and my son immediately. When i put on Facebook that we were married his grandma friend requested me and messaged me “welcome to the family”. I love his grandparents who basically raised my husband. My parents like my husband. He calls my parents mama and dad.
Now my parents hated my ex and were happy when we broke up.

Well I do have a mother in law that loves me…but if I was not love n accepted I would have keep my distance…u married her son not her or the entire family…i have some in laws that don’t care for me BUT. I don’t give a shit about dem…my mother law lives in her own house so when we go visit I don’t even have to look at the rest if them around…we go visit my mother n father in law…n fats All dat matters…
To hell with the rest…

Phew you didn’t ask for how to’s :rofl::joy: in 20 years of marriage, I don’t know how to make them love me and they were still dining with the ex-in-laws for the early years of our marriage. Truly, as long as they do not drive a wedge between you two, don’t worry about it. It’s them that loses out! I, too, was a single mom walking in… it’s all okay. My family steps up. My husband sees the difference and loves me. You have the best of those two with you!!!

I get it my husband and I have been together for 15 years and it has only been the last three that we (myself and the in laws) could even stand being in the same room. It has taken alot of soul searching on my part to forgive and even more on their part to accept. You see my husband found out his ex was pregnant three days after we got together and his parents were convinced that he should marry her. So because he didn’t it was my fault. It put a wedge between us for a long time but I came to understand that he loves me and he loves his parents (as he should) but that does not mean that I have to love his parents or vice versa. As long as we can talk without remarks under our breath and he doesn’t feel like he has to choose the rest will work itself out over time. Either they will learn to like you or well the enevitable will happen. Sorry I know it’s not what you wanted to hear but believe me don’t beat yourself up over it. Some people just don’t click and that’s not your fault.

It doesn’t matter who likes you and who doesn’t. It’s you and your husband. If they dont like you will probably spent less time with them. It might hurt not to be accepted but he is the only one you need to worry about. My husband and I have been down this road. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary last week.

I understand my in-laws didn’t like me either for taking their son. Even to the day they died they didn’t like me. Never did anything to them. Tried to help when I could. Didn’t matter they didn’t like me I was married to my husband not them and I loved him until he passed in January after 40 years of marriage.

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Ignore her…as long as your husband loves you…that is all that matters…you did not marry his mother…live your best life…

100%. I tried everything to have peace with my in laws… MIL hates me for no reason, I tired as hard as I could, to no avail. Trust me… live your life and dont worry about it. My hubby and I have 2 beautiful kids now, have been married for 14 years, and they choose to miss out on all of it. I have given invitations to come by anytime… (they literally live 5 mins from us) they make the choice so it’s on them. We are so much happier now that we dont see them… and it was their choice, not me or my hubby, and it’s so much more peaceful. Live life girlie and dont let it drive you apart. That’s what they want. If you love each other that’s all you need.

I wouldn’t worry if she liked me or not, your not with her your with her son and I would only go around them when I really had to shit stick your nose up at her to. Don’t let it bother you

Why do you even care what that woman thinks of you. Screw her. You dont need shit from her. What your Your bf/husband thinks of you should be the only thing that matters. Who cares about his momma. All inlaws don’t like their son/daughter inlaws. They only tolerate them for the sake of their child.

My x mother in law treated me like a daughter the mother is not sure where u fit in give her time

U all need to stop trying just be ur self

I married my husband. Not his family. They don’t have to like me because it doesn’t matter how they feel about me. It only matters how he feels. I’m a good woman, mom, and wife. I know my worth. If they can’t see that and be happy for him/us that’s on them :woman_shrugging:t2:

I was worried about it too in the beginning but when I didn’t do anything wrong and realized their feelings weren’t gonna change I stopped trying. I’m nice when we see them but I don’t reach out any more, they’re not on my Facebook, etc.


Been there. Learned to not let it bother me. Truthfully I finally got to the point that I realized there is something wrong with her, she’s a drama hound and loves to talk bad about everyone. I could care less what she thinks. Took me 3 years to get to this point tho

I understand how families have a hard time adjusting to a new member in the family. Don’t change and try to be someone you aren’t. Be genuine yourself and hope they eventually start to accept you.

Well, I hate my mother-in-law. We lived with her for two years so my husband could finish his college degree. Then we moved back to the other side of the country to get away from her.

I’ve been through the SAME EXACT situation as you. I’ve been with my fiancé a little over 4yrs now. Things started ok, then SUPER bad, and now we are cordial. My in-law literally hates me for NO reason. I’ve even asked her to her face in front of my fiancé and her husband… No answer… Long story short, now we have 2 babies under 2 and we literally live around the corner and she has not once asked to come over or even call to ask about my babies. So I go on with life and my kids as if his parents don’t exist. Life is good without her to be honest. Don’t worry about her, don’t stress, let her be. She’s not an essential person in your life, not when she’s toxic like my in-law…
Good luck and listen to yourself (not ur heart) and gut instinct. Deep down You know if you want to continue or end the relationship…


I’ve experienced this, I found it best after 4 years, to cut them out of my life, I simply stopped trying. My children still went (still do) with their dad to visit them, but I didnt bother! Why go where you arent appreciated/wanted. I was tired of putting myself through that shit when I’d done nothing to deserve the uncomfort! 4 years I put up with it, it felt like bullying to be honest, 2 and half years free & it is literally the most peace I’ve ever felt!. Good luck in this situation because it is draining isn’t it. Soooooo, Cut them off/out of your life would be my advice. The relationship between you n his mam is not essential


I think sometimes its hard for the parents to cut ties with a SO once they have a relationship for years. Its okay to be jealous. Build your own kind of relationship, don’t feel like your in a competition. Don’t put a bunch of effort into it if you feel like its not being reciprocated. You’ll be fine, its not about them anyways. Be patient, it will come with time.

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I have been in a similar situation. Sometimes it is not your fault when someone doesn’t show you affection and favors someone else. I would discuss it with your boyfriend and ask him to help bridge the gap. It may take a while or not ever be what you long for. In the end, does he treat you right?

Exact same issue with my kids father. She preferred my ex’s ex girlfriend and even told me that she wishes I was gone and they were back together. I bent over backwards for him and all she did was cheat and throw fits. Now they’re back together and I bet she’s jumping for joy. Hell regret losing me when he figures out he wants a good woman. I left after feeling inadequate for a while. She treated me like shit the whole 5 years and so did he, I finally got tired and left. Sometimes you gotta let them go back to what they’re comfortable with!

I’ve been in my relationship for almost 3 years and his mother has never liked me for no apparent reason, as soon as she knew we were together she told him I was going to ruin his life and that was before I have even met her.

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Girl I’ve been in his family for 37 years and my mother-in-law hasn’t like me at all but i ignore her because it’s his mother and i was taught to respect my elders but sometimes that’s hard to do but i fell ya. Just don’t know what to tell you. Iam still going threw it but i don’t visit her as much and that way i don’t have to listen to her comments i will oray for you but you pray for me

18 years here, MiL still can’t stand me. She made sure my FiL and all of my husbands siblings didn’t like me too. The reason is because I was the only one not scared to treat her the same way she treated me. She kept trying to talk my husband into kicking me out, even went so far as to tell me to get out of my house. Talked bad to my children about me… all that. I stay away. Now since my FiL passed, she wants my husband at her house with her every waking moment. I don’t pay her any mind and when she pops off at me, I shut it down. You have to stand up for yourself and set boundaries, if people don’t respect that, or stand up for you… move on to someone that will.

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Honestly, my ex’s mom never liked me and still doesn’t, don’t know why, I was always nice and respectful to her, her son, and her family; some people just have a stick up their ass. My ex told me she never liked any of the women he’s been with, so obviously she’s just threatened.

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If your partner loves you, he will stand by your side and speak to her about her behaviour and how inappropriate it is. As for her opinion, sod it. If she doesn’t like you, take a massive step back and let them crack on, their loss at the end of the day xx


Def cut them off, ive been w my man for 13 yrs, his parents n i dont get along great. Call me all sorts of names and so on, ive cut my mom, dad n sis off too. Just too toxic for us and all my fam ever does is lie to my girls so i stopped that too. They get mad at me for not speaking to them cuz its family, pfff not in My world, fuck no.

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Sorry but if she doesn’t like you then most chances are she never will. It seems like she doesn’t have any specific reason not to but it’s just what it is. It’s unfortunate and I’m sorry but you gotta just not let it faze you. I know that’s hard to do when all you want is her approval and her to like you since you love her son but it’s most likely not going to happen if she’s already like this towards you. But please don’t let her or her feelings get in between you and your guy.
You’ll just have to deal with her and be respectful when she’s around. It sucks I get it. But not everyone’s going to like you in life.

I had a mother in law in my first marriage who I adored and the same she adored me. But the grandmother was a different story. She disliked me . She at first was welcoming then I seen things going a different way. But then after we divorced of the mother In law she never spoke to me and the grandmother in law well of course she couldn’t wait ti see me to give me a death stare. Lol the grandfather seen me like 8 years or so ago at my dad’s garage sale I had my little girl with me and he came over and gave me a big hug and my little girl a big hug and talked to me for a few. He said don’t mind her she is still bitchy. Lol don’t sweat it honey you know your a good person and so does he.

For me idc if they like me or not. Its how he feels about me. But i straight asked them why they have a problem and don’t like me. They told me and i told them that’s their opinion but if they were gonna treat me badly they wouldn’t have a relationship with my kids. That was 7 years ago things are still rocky at times but they act civil and no longer disrespect me. Im not one to just let something go and be okay with it. I wanna know the reason.

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I so wish I could help but I’m in the same boat been together almost 5 yrs and we are having our 3rd kid together they all prefer his ex over me even invite her to things and not me


Ask yourself if it’s really worth it? For instance, if you got married tomorrow, would you continue to be able to tolerate that behavior for the rest of your life? I thankfully have wonderful in laws, but if they treated me differently, I’d be asking the same question. Has something happened in the past that she can’t stand? Like a harsh comment or something that she may be holding a grudge about? I tend to say things that sound differently in my head than when they come out, so that’s why I ask lol

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I feel so bad for people that go through this. I could not have been luckier to have the in laws that I had. Their son( my husband) died many years ago and I have since remarried and I still talk to the family almost daily. Good luck.

You’re dealing with a mamma’s boy. Run . It will only get worse after you say I do


If u learn to accept tht they will never like u i promise u happiness will come your way cz your way

Just dont give a dam, the lesser you try to fit in the better it will be for you, you need not stress over this issue, in the end they will realise how badly they treating you, once you ignore someone they eventually want to turn a new leaf.

Talk to him about how you feel. Ask him to talk to his mom about it, and make it clear that the ex is an ex and it’s gonna stay that way.


My in laws don’t like me because I actually look after my baby and I don’t drink or smoke like there other kids and it pisses them off since non of there other kids will be having anymore kids and they get mad because I won’t leave my baby with them

I don’t talk to in laws unless have to because of this issue

Does she have a better job than you & is more successful in life than you? Cause that could be it.

34 yrs married kids raised they still don’t like me an I don’t care !!!


I’m in the same boat. If they don’t like you then so be it :woman_shrugging:t2: I for sure ain’t bothered by it

You leave his ass if they don’t respect you and he don’t stick up for u and don’t care leave him ull find better

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Leave him! It’s not worth the headache

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I’m going through this right now, been with my man for 4 years. Never made an effort to be a part of his parents lives prior, we were always civil though, said hi. After me and my bf’s first big arguement, his Mom began telling him to end the relationship, only hearing his side of the story. Even when we were waiting for the arrival of our Daughter, 2 weeks before our baby joined us, his Mom messaged him “it’s time to move onto better things, get a life”. So, I told him I didn’t want anything to do with her. She went on to bad mouth me to him via FB messages, he showed me, so I told him if he doesn’t stand up to her now and stand by my side, we will never last. He told her to leave him alone and let him be happy. We never saw them or spoke to them for almost a year, it was honestly so peaceful. She’s back to acting like a total jerk towards me again, so I told my bf that she’s not welcomed into our home, if they want to see their Granddaughter, he will bring her and pick her up. It’s honestly so hurtful when she constantly tells him “it’s time to move onto better things”, like me and my Daughter aren’t good enough. If I had it my way, I would cut them out completely. Sending you hugs, and praying for better days for you :heart:


Pull an N’Sync, baby.

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