How do you deal with low confidence while pregnant?

Ladies, how do you deal with the lack of self-confidence of being pregnant? I’m currently 29weeks and have just been diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia; within that same week, it’s like someone switched on the helium button because every inch of me is swollen … which I do know is very common but didn’t think it would happen so quickly- in my face and hands …it comes and goes- mainly when I’ve woken up, my feet are pretty much always “I have spoken to the dr, and they have said it’s okay and monitoring everything,” but it’s taking its toll on me mentally as well because so far in the pregnancy I loved my body and even though I wasn’t strutting around in heels, I was proud of what I’d been through so far. Now any time I look in the mirror and see one of my eyes taking forever to open, or how swollen my cheeks are to the point where I can’t smile properly, or the fact I can only fit ugg boots, or that I can’t wrap my fingers around my partner’s hands cause they won’t stay clenched, i can just feel myself wanting to curl up into a ball - no pun intended, in a dark room and stay there till the end of the pregnancy. Our baby shower is at the end of the month “pending COVID restrictions,” which I’ve been so excited for and even bought a Dress for last week “I don’t wear dresses normally,” and now I just don’t want to go because there will be photos and everyone staring at me which will cause me anxiety which will probably spike my BP with the Pre-C, and my feet don’t fit into any of my shoes and if they did my ankles would be overflowing. My partner has been nothing but supportive and understanding and trying to be reassuring and that he can’t keep his hands off me and says he still finds me as attractive as I was before I got pregnant, but I don’t know how he does this, and I question it all the time cause I don’t find anything nice about me atm except my belly which I love and it’s getting to the point where I don’t want him to touch me cause I feel like he’s just doing it to make me feel better. How did you guys get through it and come out the other side?


Step back and see yourself through his eyes.
I know it’s hard but it’s temporary. You’re creating a life. There’s a little version of you in there and they’ll be here before you know it.
So, follow the Dr’s orders. Stay hydrated. Try a cool washcloth on your face in the morning. I used cold clothes on my ankles too. It helped some.
One day at a time momma.
You’re pregnant and you’re beautiful so don’t let that negative tape playing in your head control your thoughts. Change the tape. :purple_heart:

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Count your blessings. Many women do not have a supportive partner…

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