How do you deal with morning sickness?

Any tips on how to cope when you feel absolutely so sick in your first trimester but you have 3 children so you have to put your best foot forward of course…I feel so nauseaus, absolutely exhausted like I could sleep ALL day, but obviously can’t… :disappointed:


Following… im in the same boat but I have one toddler

Ginger gravol was my best friend with sickness! I would be sick all day everyday on and off through my whole pregnancy

I’m no help but I know the feeling! Im pregnant with #4 and when I was nauseous I just wanted to quit life lol
I haf no choice but to power through.
I drank nothing but coke for 2 weeks because it was all I could keep down.
Preggie pop drops helped some days too.

I was the same way when pregnant with my 4th kiddo plus I was in college full time. Seabands and little cat naps saved my sanity

I have 5 kids and pregnant with #6 after having tubes tide ! I do understand that ! Ginger gravol was my go to! I also took tums for indigestion and heartburn and still continue to take them. I went to bed when my kids did, I didn’t stay up for me time or any extra cleaning like I used to.

Pepcid chewables are life!!

Ask your doctor about zofran it has saved me through my pregnancy.


I used mint. Any kind of mint.
I also drank cola that helps they say.
They say ginger drinks and such help to
A little water when before you get up helps.
I threw up the whole entire pregnancy until I had him😭 I was miserable

I got some anti nausea meds and it helped me semi function the first trimester this go around

U can get antinausea meds from dr.

I tried the sea band wrist things helped a little
The only other thing was meds from doctor and making my self eat right when I got up

Oatmeal and apple sauce helped for me

Diclecton. Probably spelled wrong (die-cleck-ton) prescribed from your doc. It’s for morning sickness. Expensive though. So if you can’t afford take 1/2 a gravel and make sure to eat right. Lots of little snacks. Don’t get right full. (This helped me a tone. I puked right up until labour with my three boys. My girl was easier) plain food, rice, crackers. My doc advised eatting a couple (like three or four) plain potato chips right away in the morning to help. I was like what your crazy. Tried it. It worked. Don’t eat more than a couple though. That will make you sick to. Good luck

Zofran prescribed by your doctor!

I took vitamin B6 to help working while nauseous and pregnant, wish I found it when I first fell pregnant as I worked in a butchers and my god it turned my stomach early on :mask: and apparently vitamin B12 can help with morning sickness but have no personal experience on that

They prescribed me medicine because of how sick i was through all 3 trimesters. Helped alot. Talk to your doctor about options

Ginger… You can buy dried ginger and nibble as much as you can stand… helped me more than zofran did…

Preggie pops helped me but it was my first pregnancy

Nope. Not even the medication helped me I just hit 20 weeks with my third child and Ive been alone for this pregnancy, just me n my kids n nothing has helped. For me it’s a your just gonna have to go through it n do the best u can whenever u can type of situation.

So sorry, ginger : mommie pops, ginger losengers at walmart.
Before open eyes in a. Put saltine in your mouth to eat. Dry carb absorbes stomach acid and salt levels electrolytes from hyperemisis, vomiting.

Try Cinnamon toast and gingerale. Anything with cinnamon or ginger is good for nausea. Ive just found this easy to make when sick.

it is a awful feeling i know . For sure I found no joy in it. I never wanted to be pregnant again because of it i did not gain any weight the first 6 mos. if this is normal for you when your pregnant why do it again with 3 children. They deserve your attention. But you are where you are grin and bear it.

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Chewable ginger, diffuse lemon/lemongrass , and I changed some cleaning products to lemon scent. Try it out!

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Your doctor can give u something to manage this. Talk to them. Don’t let this keep u in bed all day… That’s how depression swallows u

Carry around alcohol swabs. If you feel nauseated, sit down for a second and open one up to smell it. I know it sounds weird and it’ll look like you’re huffing or something lol but its actually what they do in the hospitals for severe nausea and the relief is pretty instant.

Sugar free peppermint breath mints to suck on or peppermint oil works too. I used to dilute a little peppermint oil in coconut oil and dab it under my nostrils too.

Don’t know how you’re doing it with 2 kids, I struggled to do it with 2 dogs… nothing helped me… zofran to stop vomiting but I still felt I was on my death bed

Lemon drops seemed to ease my nausea a lot