How do you deal with pregnancy and stress?

I have a question I’m hoping you guys can shed some light on. So I just found out I’m pregnant, with my #3, and while I would usually be so excited. I’m distraught. See I’m also dealing with the fact that my dad is in the hospital on full respiratory failure due to combined pneumonia and adenocarcinoma lung cancer. I don’t wanna lose the baby because of stress, but I can’t help it, especially if he doesn’t make it much longer. What do I do?


My dad died of cancer the day I turned 8weeks pregnant. He was put in palative car 5weeks prior. I didn’t want to loose my baby so I had to go away for a few days to set my mind free and get calm to face the fact he was dying. Seeing him the day he died there is nothing to stop your emotion or your thoughts it just comes out. I tried for my babys sake and health to keep it together and I tried to block as much out as I could. The funeral was tough but you have to keep strong. It’s been 3 months and I still cry every couple of days as I think the grieving is coming back as I tried to shut it out but it’s the fact that there not here and you will never see them again. Praying for you guys xx stay strong


Losing the baby is not going to help your Dad.

Nothing you can do . This is one of those things that are out of your hands … But just remember if something does happen to your father, you have been blessed with a new baby to put all that love into. Only things you can control are routines. Wake up early have your morning drink whether coffee or tea. Have a bath and eat well . I know this feeling but you need to relax for the baby . Just breath and assume everything will be fine until it is not :two_hearts::two_hearts:. Good luck


My fiance’s father passed away, and we soon became pregnant. His dad’s name was Angel Joseph, so in honor of his dad, we named our baby girl after him Angel…Josephina (I put dots because she’s mexican/native american, so in his family it’s custom for long names)

Maybe you could honor your father the same way!!! I’m sorry for your loss if he does end up passing, but I’m praying he gets well!!

You need to take some deep breathes. Your dad would not want you to be this upset and would never want you to risk your baby because he is unwell. Look at the beautiful things you shared with your dad hold them close to your heart. You have some many stories to share with your baby about your dad. We as women find strength when we need it most. It’s hard when are parents have to go but they really don’t want us to be sad.

First of all, I’m so sorry you’re going through that with your dad! The best thing I ever did for myself (and my unborn son) was to start forming a relationship with a counselor during my 2nd trimester. I probably should have started seeing her even earlier! It really helped me with some things that were going on within my personal life. Just having an outlet with someone safe to talk things out with was beneficial. She also gave me some great ways to deal with my overwhelming stress and had ideas I wouldn’t have thought of. Sometimes it’s good to talk with someone outside of your personal circle (family, friends, coworkers), so you can get unbiased opinions and get “straight advice.” I highly suggest looking into it! I found one by asking my OB if she had any recommendations (specifically someone familiar with family issues, pregnancy, becoming a mother, etc). Best thing I ever did! It even helped me with postpartum issues when my hormones made me even more “crazy feeling.” I still see her 2 years later. Good luck :gift_heart: