How do you deal with toddler temper tantrums?

Hey moms

So my 18 month old has been difficult this last week… Some point everyday or just in the middle of the night she will just start throwing a tantrum. And just start screaming and i mean really screaming. And I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried being calm like mommy’s here don’t cry you’re oky but she just gets more angry and i can’t pick her up she hits me and doesn’t want me to hold her. I’ve tried offering food or her bottle but she throws it at me. I’ve even tried the silent treatment but that also didn’t work. I’ve tried telling her no and to stop but then she screams even more. I really don’t know what to do cause she’s never done this before. The one night she went on like this for an hour and nothing will calm her down

Look up night terrors

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Night terrors. A warm bath will work

Put her on the toilet to pee. Having to go to the bathroom always triggered my daughter’s night terrors. She’d calm down after she peed. Don’t try to calm her down or talk her out of it, she’s in a sleep state, like a nightmare and you will add to the frightening experience. She won’t remember a thing when she wakes in the morning. She will outgrow them.

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My son did this. Took forever to calm him. Night terrors due to obstructive sleep apnea

Don’t pick her up during a night terror or when she’s just coming out of it. She doesn’t realize she’s hitting you or anything like that because she’s still in defense mode. Stick her in a bath, or try playing a song she likes to help her come down.

Sounds like night terrors. Not to scare you but something to keep watch for is signs of seizure activity. My daughter had them as well and she would scream out and shake. we found out few years later that she actually had rolandic seizures (night time exhaustion based). Try lower leg and foot massage/pressure point. That is what always calmed my daughter faster than anything.

I don’t know anything about night terrors so I can’t offer any advice, but hang in there mama. My 16 month old does that from time to time. The best thing I can do is hold him and rock him

My 17 month old started doing the exact same thing a few weeks ago. Its slowed down a bit over the past week, but she will wake up screaming for an hour or two so I get her up and hold her for awhile. Sometimes it takes a few hours of me holding her before she will go back to bed. It randomly started on new years. I have no idea why or how to fix it, but just holding her seams to help.