How do you do Christmas with your kids?

How many Christmas gifts do you get your kids? Do you make sure they all have the same amount or do you just set a price limit per kid?

For our smaller kids (4&5) we are just making sure they have the same amount so they both have one to open at the same time. For our teens we are setting a price limit per kid.

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Same amount of gifts not money. I try to aim roughly for same amount of money but doesn’t always happen

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I always have them give me a list:
Watch (for those who do dvd or blu ray still)
Stockings always have underwear, socks, and a toothbrush in them.

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Something to read something that they want something that they need
something to watch’s (includes games to play)

My son already got need for speed game
And Harry Potter Legos sets
My daughter got a gymnastics Mat
Socks and underwear
And a cuddle swing

Depends on age…when mine were young it was easy to go to dollar tree and buy 20 games or toys…the more the merrier…as they got older I asked quantity or quality…they always picked quality which made it harder but each got the same price… sometimes just 1…others times several…