How do you do gifts from Santa?

If it’s something that’s not easily wrapped, the. It was unwrapped. The wrapped gifts from Santa had special Santa paper. I taught my kids when they were very young that Santa sent me a bill for the cost of the gifts so they weren’t free.

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Please think of the disadvantage kids. When they go back to school if the teacher asks them what Santa brought them. It is my opinion but I was one of those kids & it hurt when I got socks & the other kids got the much better gifts.

Am I the only one that doesn’t do from mommy and daddy versus Santa I tell my kids mommy and daddy have to pay Santa and the they get whatever from the rest of our family but my mom she also helps pay Santa since she always gives me and my husband mommy to help with Christmas

I wrap everything but lable nothing so my kids don’t know what is from us and what if from Santa each of the kids has their own gift wrap that they don’t know which is theirs until that morning when I hand them a piece of the paper and tell them to find their presents. It seems to stop the snooping and the jealousy at school with their friends who’s parents may not be able to afford the bigger items

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I’m just wrapping all presents and telling my boys santa does their stockings xx

I dont wrap any of it. Never have. And build what’s needed built and put batteries in if needed.
Kids have their own chairs for their own stuff.

No boxes and wrapping paper so no mess as we dont really have the room plus my kids r a older.

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We wrap them all Santa only brings what they ask him for. The rest they know is from us. My boys are 2 and 4

No wrapping on Santa presents.

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Wrapped, but electronics come from us. Santa won’t get credit for expensive electronics.


Santa has one kind of paper and gifts from me is another type of paper.

We all ways wrapped all of them. Even family and had from Santa on all of them.

Santa’s gifts were wrapped in a different wrapping paper than the rest of the gifts.

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We use different wrapping paper off Santa that we use for his stocking and presents down stairs. We use different wrapping paper for anything expensive we buy or isn’t a toy that is off us xx

Seperate wrapping paper from santa!

We always have left over paper from the year before, so on Christmas Eve night when we set out the cookies, we have our daughter pick out the wrapping paper to leave out for Santa to use :grin:

I never believed in Santa and I’m not lying to kids, Santa is just a holiday character like the grinch

Santa gets one design of wrapping paper with tags from Santa Gifts from momy/daddy are a different wrapping paper with tags from M/D.

I’ve never wrapped Santa’s gifts. They come from the workshop already made and put together. Mine are older now and I still do it that way. Just tradition in our family.

I have never wrapped a Santa gift. I have however assembled and put on decals at 2am​:rofl::rofl: In our home Santa gifts are ready to be played with!

Always wrapped Gifts from Santa in Santa wrapping paper.

We do clothes and shoes from santa and wrap it the toys we put from us nd wrap it

My kids are teenagers now but they never had and to this date never read who gives them what presents lol

Santa was left on couch, unwrapped.

Santa fills stockings in our house and he doesn’t have time to wrap his gifts :wink:. Our girls only get 1 Santa gift a piece so it works out for us.

All Santa gifts are wrapped in their own specific wrapping paper while the rest are different.