How do you do gifts from Santa?

How do you do Christmas gifts for your kids from Santa? Wrapped? Unwrapped? We’ve done both, but our kids are young. This year we’re going to wrap gifts from us and not wrap the gifts from Santa.


I use wrapping paper that has Santa on it from Santa


We use plain brown paper for Santa gifts. We are a great coparenting family, and we make sure to have Santa gifts match each household so there is no confusion. Gifts from parents/family and friends is in whatever other wrapping paper

I wrap everything except what Santa brings

I wrap gifts from Santa in different wrapping paper than I use for everyone else’s gifts to keep the magic of santa alive. My daughter is 3 so she’s is really excited for Santa this year but as far as I can tell being able to visit Santa this year isn’t going to happen due to covid

Santa gives the cheapest gifts we get and they’re not wrapped. My kiddo helps me wrap gifts and knows what wrapping paper we get each year. She’s smart enough to figure out if I wrapped it, so Santa doesn’t wrap them. Less mess too

Like you we’ve done both. This year we will just wrap the gifts from us, and the rest from Santa will just put out before we go to bed.

I just use a different wrapping for ones that are from Santa.

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They get a stocking from santa that’s it. And I do a movie shes been wanting in it from Santa and a gift card of 25$ to her favorite store.

I wrap both. I told my daughter there’s a lot more kids than there used to be so Santa drops the gifts off here for us to wrap and that’s why its the same wrapping paper. I used to try to do a separate wrapping paper from Santa gifts but as my daughter got older, it was harder and harder to be able to sneak wrapping paper through the house.

The harder one to explain is why Santa’s gifts have Marshall’s price tags stuck to them. Lol.

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Santa wraps our gifts but it’s in special wrapping paper that is different than all the rest of the gifts!

The gifts from Santa have Santa wrapping paper, the gifts from us have other things.

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Our Santa does the stockings, and we do the presents lol

In our house Santa brings the kids’ stockings, so all small stocking stuffer stuff is from Santa. I don’t wrap it. Just stuff the stockings as is.

We wrap in a different solid color for each kid from Santa and a different print from each other.

I wrap with a different wrapping paper my daughter hasn’t seen.

I use big Santa stickers( sorta like it’s his stamp of from him) I also wrap the cheap stuff from him and the expensive stuff from me

Santa brings our “family” a gift. Whether it’s a board game or a family outing (tickets to the theatre, or zoo, or whatever)it’s usually in a bag or something, and stockings too.

Different wrapping paper and I always use a different color ink pen and write with my left hand so it’s a little sloppy lol

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I wrap them with different wrapping paper

Stocking from Santa. Wrapped gifts from whoever is on the label so kids don’t get confused with thanking family for gift. X

We wrap all gifts but the ones from Santa get different wrapping paper

Santa brought one big gift ,unwraped or wrapped in santa paper. And filled the stocking, everything else is from us. We also do a different kind of paper Per kid.

Us wrapped. Santa not

I wrap them all, I got 2 boys so I use 2 different wrapping papers so I dont have to keep writing there names on them and put one kid on one side the other side the other kid. And I’ll leave a note on Evan’s side with his name from santa and the same with elynn so they know what side is there’s

Santas gifts are wrapped in different wrapping paper than mine also different tags that say “from santa” :slight_smile:

Simple toys and unwrapped

Santa brings a read, need, want, and wear. Those items go in special paper with different tags than the other gifts


We wrap santa presents in a special paper

We always had special Santa paper.

I suggest a santa bag and then put stickys on it naming who its for

Santas gifts are always unwrapped here. He gets the bigger stuff that you really cant wrap.

Never done presents from santa, my kids know we buy the presents send them to santa and he brings them back chrisrmas eve

Unwrapped and unpackaged.

My mom would wrap presents from her in different wrapping papers and put the gift tags on and Santa presents were all in the same wrapping paper and she would write to whoever and from Santa in cursive black sharpie on the paper

My mom wrapped mine in different wrapping paper and wrote Santa then used different wrapping paper on what she got me till I was about 10 now I’m 21 and gonna do the same with my son once he’s here

I do both but most of the time santa is not wrapped. But this year he will be wrapped.

My son is getting his major gifts from Santa. They are mostly wrapped except for the biggest gift which will be unwrapped, assembled, and ready to be played with. He is also getting a stocking with some wrapped and some unwrapped gifts in it.

When I was a kid my presents were wrapped and my daughters are unwrapped

We have 3 children gifts from us all the same wrapping… Each child has special wrapping from Santa.

I wrap everything. Santa’s gifts are wrapped in Paper that has Santa on it and other gifts are wrapped in some other wrapping paper.

Santa gifts always wrapped in santa wrap, with special santa tags. Everything else is wrapped in other wrap. Lol. Still trying to figure out how to wrap a bunk bed and 2 mattresses. Lol.

We wrap and santa doesn’t. Also santa only brings 1 or 2 gifts.

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Everything is wrapped. Santa gifts have a different paper and are signed with red pen, as apposed to mommy and daddy gifts that have black pen

Different paper for santa. And also santas give is the least expensive. Im fortunate enough to give my daughter the world but when shes in school and everyone talks about their gifts from santa their will be children not so fortunate or that got nothing from him

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Stocking stuffers in my household comes from Santa. Anything else is the credit from family and parents and are wrapped.

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When my kids were younger, the stuff in the stocking & a family oriented gift like board games were from Santa. Everything else was from us. All the gifts were wrapped.

Wrap in tissue paper

Santa gifts are in one paper and gifts from us are in another paper. We also use different tags on them and I change my writing so they don’t see mom wrote the tags lol

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All from Santa and all wrapped

Santa wraps his gifts in wrapping paper with special Santa tags with Santa on them. An he leaves them in big Santa bags with their names on them.

I wrap family’s gifts with a completely different wrapping paper or if they have seen a gift I put it from us instead an I use plain Christmas tags with bells etc on them to make them different to Santa’s.

My daughter is 5 so I be very careful in what she may notice making sure it’s all different.

When my oldest daughter was younger she questioned me by Santa leaving his wrapping paper here (found it during the year) luckily she forgot about it tho.


We give one big gift and one small gift from Santa with a giant red bow on them. Then wrap all other gifts xx

We wrap all gifts, other than the ones that are too large. We put those by the tree with big bows on them.

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We always wrap our Santa gifts. I had wrapped Santa gifts when I was a little girl. I’ll never forget when my mother in law asked me why Santa wraps gifts at my house or doesn’t leave oranges in my kids stockings. I had never heard of that, but that’s how my husband had been raised apparently. There are some odd traditions out there for sure. Lol

Wrap everything and don’t specify what’s from who. They don’t care, they just want toys.

Our kids have always got one Santa gift, never the most expensive. Its always been known its the Santa gift because there is always an ornament with the gift. Now my kids have something to put on their own trees when they move out.
Each kid has a container that is decorated with their names, so all the ornaments are stored safely.

Wrapped in different paper hidden away.

  1. everything is wrapped. 'Santa print" wrapping paper that isn’t used on any gifts from us and hand writing on tags are done in “Santa’s” hand writting(i reserved this handwriting for santa only)
  2. everything in their stocking is wrapped and not so important to see them open, a snack, a can of play dough, crayons, small activity book, little toys or knick knacks.The reasoning behind this is, christmas eve they leave their stocking for Santa, Santa fills them and leaves them by their bedroom doors. In our house they were nor allowed up before the sun( incase santa forgot something) When they wake up christmas morning, they are allowed to take their stockings in their room or to their siblings room and open them in there. They can eat and play with what they get, then they can come wake us. It was golden because I would get an extra half hour or so to slowly wake(while hearing them gasp and get excited with their little things)
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I buy separate wrapping paper for the gifts from santa!

That’s what we did. Santa gifts were next to each stockings unwrapped. The kids would see their Santa gifts and that would give us time to grab coffee and throw in our xmas breakfast casserole. Miss those days!

All gifts are wrapped Santa has its own “special” paper

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All gifts wrapped except for stocking stuffers… expensive gifts are from us… we use different wrapping for stuff from us then Santa

I have 4 kids in lazy I just told them santa drops the gifts off for parents to wrap that way they dont question y all gifts have the same paper. My 18 year old is currently the only one that knows about santa my 13 and 11 year old believe still and my 2 year old is learning

I wrap Santa’s in paper that has Santa on it. Those are from him. The rest are from me wrapped in anything without Santa on it. Then my gifts I Designate a paper for each person. It’s easy to see who gets what gifts that way.

Everything is wrapped but I love wrapping.

Santa isn’t wrapped. All the other is. Santa and I do the stocking together.

Some were wrapped, some not. Always with santa paper. Gifts were placed next to their stockings. Cookies and milk for santa, wadded up and fireplace soot on the napkin. Cut out of cardboard boot prints used as a stencil…powdered sugar used as snow boot prints. Pie plate with carrots and oats outside for the reindeer. Noah santa tracker to get them in bed.

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Santa doesn’t wrap his gifts.

Santa gifts at our home have never been wrapped. They are alway sat in front of the tree so they are the first thing seen as they run into the living room on Christmas morning…even now at ages 16, 18 and 21!!
Santa will always come by to see them until they move out on their own for good.

Santa has had the same paper in my house for the last 7 yrs. No tag just a specific Santa paper I actually think this will be the last year because it wasn’t available this year good thing they both broke my heart this year and told me they knew the truth

For me I wrap it when they are young but as they get older I’m gunna leave it unwrapped because my son notices everything and if he accidentally finds “Santa’s wrapping paper” it will ruin everything. So I’m just gunna start leaving them unwrapped now that my son is 3 and a half and notices everything about Christmas now

Thats exactly how we do it

We wrap in special paper with Santa then each stock Santa fills and we plop a few things on top. We have designated paper for each child.

My babe is only a year old but I’m doing one small gift from Santa that is unwrapped, the ones that are wrapped are from mommy and daddy and I plan to keep that tradition! I always did different wrapping paper for my older two just so I knew who’s was who’s but they already knew Santa wasn’t really Santa by the time that I came along!

Santa’s gift is usually something bizarrely shaped anyway, so we don’t wrap but do put a bow on it.

My rule for wrapped Santa gifts is that the wrapping paper has to be unique to Santa and not used for any other gift because that was how my brother figured out Santa wasn’t real - my parents used the same paper Santa did.


We did a mix. Like a big doll or stuffed toy would be unwrapped in front of the tree and then. Other santa presents would have a different wrapping then the rest and stockings always came from santa to.

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Man, I’m glad I don’t do Santa! This seems like too much work.

Until the know the truth, about Santa, it really doesn’t make any difference. We always considered what ever was in their stockings as gifts from Santa…

Change now! Don’t wrap the gifts from Santa. We used to wrap the Santa gifts in a certain paper but save yourself the time and expense. A friend of ours pointed out that in the images of Santa, the gifts in his pack aren’t wrapped. You can still of course label them and beribbon them if you want. Merry Christmas! :blush:

We have always wrapped Santa gifts for our boys and Santa brings on Christmas eve and we put the smaller ones under the tree leading up to Christmas day.

Everything gets wrapped and gifts from Santa gets wrapped in different paper that has been hidden.


When my kids were small, we didn’t wrap the Santa gifts

Wrapped them all just in different paper. Were also signed from the north pole santa

In our house, Santa brought one special present and they were wrapped in totally different wrapping paper.

My daughter is 13 now. All the presents are under the tree now. No more Santa.

We wrap both. In different paper. A few people I work with do, Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.
I wish I had started this from the beginning


I wrapped everything!! Unless it was a really big item then it just had a tag and bow. Santa had his own unique paper and tags.

Wrap gifts from us and unwrapped from Santa

I use to have Santa’s unwrapped and gifts from us wrapped

Big things we left unwrapped but the others we wrapped. It such an amazing feeling steering them unwrap their presents and see their expressions.

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I wrap all the gifts in big boxs one from me one from dad n one from santa

When ours were little they were all from Santa


all mine were wrapped

I never wrapped the gift for my daughter from Santa.

I wrap everything. Just use a different paper

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We always wrapped all the gifts

my parents always had gifts from Santa wrapped. I did the same with my son

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Each kid picks a piece of furniture where their stocking goes, everything is placed out unwrapped

I have special wrapping paper for the Santa gifts. I found it at Walmart, it’s craft paper that says something like special delivery from the North Pole. I will be using it to wrap their 1 gift from Santa and the items in their stocking.

We wrap the Santa gifts in paper with santa on it and our gifts in non santa paper.