How do you entertain an infant?

What are some toys/things I can get to entertain my 2 month old? I’m not really sure what they’re into lol. Help plz.


2 month olds are just starting to see colors properly so anything bright and colorful, alot of interaction from yourself, story books, puppets? Singing nursery rymes ect have him/her lay on a mat on the floor lookin towards a mirror for tummy time or wrist/ankle rattles :slight_smile:

A two month old? A nipple? (Real one or bottle) a rattle or other safe infant toys. Tummy time on a blanket with some soft toys within reach. Swing or bouncy type chair

At 2 months the main entertainment is people, eating and sleeping, maybe music and bright colors may catch their eyes. They are still new and don’t play yet.

Talk and sing to them.
Take them on walks outside.
Read books.


A mirror. A playmat with hanging toys or anything with lights. My little one also loved the little plastic books you can buy that are “crinkly” if that makes sense :laughing: you could give them really anything as long as they won’t choke on it

Sing to them , read books , they listen. Do daily stretches lay baby on blanket raise the arms up and side to side. Move legs like a bicycle. Babies love this stuff. :heart:

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2 months gosh mine is 9 weeks she’s my 7th baby and bright colored toys but honestly personal interactions are what they really need. Baby wear to get things done around the house. Oh there’s this cool crab I seen on tik tok that is good for tummy time. Mine haven’t been coordinated enough to hold anything. Just stare and work on hand, eye coordination. There’s a pad that if they kick makes music could he good for floor time.

Utilize their 5 senses. Doesn’t need to be toys.


Toys that make sounds and move

Dirt, mud is better. A big cardboard box, 40 short pieces of scrap lumber.