How do you fail a urine test?

Can something explain to me how it’s possible for someone to fail urine test , and 10 weeks later pass hair folllicle? When they are suppose to go back a minimum of 90 days?


Ten weeks is 70 days. So ten weeks later they could very well pass if they stopped doing the what they failed for the first time.

Not everything is about darn drugs!!! People take certain meds for other reasons!! Like me. I have meds for Rheumatoid Arthritis. 35 years old now. I have to take certain meds for it. I have failed in the past for supposedly not having meds in me when I did. Still to this day I can’t figure out how I failed a drug test for not having meds in me. When I needed them for my physical health!! I take them all the time.

Some drugs stay in your urine longer than others. For instance, THC. I once failed a UA mid Sept, but at the end of Nov. my hair was clean. My last use was mid Aug.

Hair follicle tests don’t show occasional use, only steady use. Urine will show most things. But there are some meds that will show a false positive.

Certain over the counter drugs and prescription drugs can cause false positives. Thc takes at least 60-90 days to get out your system and thru hair follicles is up to 90 days.

Maybe they ate a poopy seed muffin before the urine test so it was a false positive? Hard to know without knowing what came up in the failed test tbh

Maybe just don’t do drugs