How Do You Feel About Your Partner Liking Photos of Their Ex Lovers Online?

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"Even after you've expressed that you're uncomfortable with that behavior."

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"Depends. I heart react my exs selfies he’s also the father of my child and we are friends. Would I heart react a random ex boyfriends photos no I don’t think that’s okay. But if you talked to him the only thing you can do is keep talking to him or decided when enough is enough"

"For me it would be what kind of photos. If it was a post of her (or him) getting their life together or just something incredibly genuine happening in their life, then I wouldn’t have an issue. Kindness goes a long way in this world. But on the other hand, if my man were liking half naked pictures of his ex lovers, he’d be a dead man."

"I think it depends on the situation and the maturity within the relationship. My ex and I have a beautiful daughter together. If they’re in a picture together, I will of course react to it. Even if it’s just him, I may react or “like” it. It doesn’t mean I want to be back together with him. It means “hey, cool picture”."

"I mean personally I don’t care. However, if I have made him aware something bothers me and he continued to do it, that is not ok. That is disrespectful. He should be sure to consider your feelings before doing anything like that."

"No I would be mad too especially after you have expressed your feelings about it already. He is being extremely disrespectful."

"Who cares? It seems silly to get worked up about something like that. It sounds like your own insecurity/jealousy"

"I think it depends on the relationship and how they carry themselves how they act around eachother if they are genuinely just friends and you trust that then who cares."

"If you’ve said it’s not okay and it’s still happening there is no respect. You have to decide what you are willing to tolerate"

"I don’t really care. If it was a good photo I’ma hit that like button too!"

"Not acceptable knowing how u feel. He has no respect for you"

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