How do you find the motivation to clean your house?

I understand I am much older now when my kids were younger little I don’t know how but the house stayed a whole lot cleaner even though I went out and worked everyday sick sometimes seven times days a week now that I’m older and I got all the time in the world I just can’t seem to get myself up to do it a lot of these people are right more than likely depression I got to pull myself out of it too so if you figure it out find a way let me know I’m with you all the way

Get the kids involved!! Focus on keeping dishes done and have them wipe tables and counters. Have a dirty laundry hamper and clean laundry hamper. When they’re full fold the laundry, have kids put it away

So…I once heard that motivation comes from actually doing the thing. So now I literally just make myself for 20 or so mins and if I’m still not feeling it I try again later or even tomorrow. It usually works tho. Literally just stand up and pick up some toys and see how ya feel

I can’t really get myself to clean either. My fiancé has to actually send me a message of stuff to do for the day and then a few hours later he messages me a reminder to do the stuff incase I haven’t done any of it yet. Been like this my whole life. I thought being a mom would fix my problem but it didn’t. Having him message me with things to do is the only way I get stuff done… maybe if you had someone willing to message you things to do and remind you about them at least once throughout the day. Or set reminders on your phone that go off often enough throughout the day.

Getting rid of stuff so there is less to clean has helped me.