How do you freeze breastmilk?

hi mamas, so i’m planning to freeze breast milk. i’ve already bought those storage breast milk bags on amazon. My question is how do u freeze it? or label it. I was thinking to put it in a ziplock bags too after i put it in freezer bags. it’s my first time freezing milk :grimacing:


I label mine with the date and how many ounces are in there

I’d def put into another freezer bag… or cut an old cereal box diagonally and make a holder for the pouches… I’d always write the date pumped and a “use by” date so that my husband would know it was good until that date. And note the ounces pumped.

It saved space to lay them flat to freeze them. I wrote the date, time, and ounces


Squeeze the air out label date on them and ounces. Keep 1 or two in fridge in case you need it as an emergency to use

This is what I do, I’ve got a small deep freezer at work and so I’ll freeze them and then put them in a gallon freezer bag. The individual baggies I mark the date and ounces. Then the bigger bag I put dates on it for what date baggies I put in it. Usually 2-3 days of pumping fit in one gallon bag. But I lay them flat to save space and they are easier to store that way.

Freeze it in smaller amounts bcuz it is easier to defrost and use at once

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Date, Time pumped (am/pm) and ounces. Squeeze air out, lay flat to freeze, if possible a deep freezer is best, it keeps longer. Store farther back in the freezer, not in the door. Thaw in warm water, not a microwave or boiling water.


Write the date and how many ounces

Always add the new ones to the back so you use the oldest ones first


Lay it flat to freeze. More space. :slightly_smiling_face:
Label it date, time, and oz.

Label bag. I used sharpe on tape place on bag date and time and amount. Put milk in bags. Freeze lying down, once frozen store upright first in, first out.

Freezer bags are better for storage space. Label your dates. don’t freeze any longer than 3 months. Try to use your oldest first, the longer it freezes it loses nutrients.

sounds like you got it covered sweety… the bottles have the ounces in the side…start with the little ones.Your pediatrician is there for any questions…as well as the nurses…dont be shy…ASK. That’s what their there for… ps. just my opinion…my daughter is 37…lol…

Lay it flat to freeze it. Write the date and how many oz. I don’t write time just BC I don’t really ever pump, my baby is only breastfed. For storage after you freeze it flat, you can get some rectangle containers to slide in the freezer to hold the bags. Once that’s full I would move those to a bigger ziploc bag and stick in deep freeze. If you don’t have a deep freeze them just get another storage ben to keep in the freezer. Add new milk behind old milk so that you will be using oldest milk first.

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Label by date you pumped it and follow the comment before my comments instructions