How do you get pregnant with PCOS?

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 3 years going on 4. I found out I have PCOS.
But I believe I might have had implantation bleeding. My “period” started four days ago. It was a darker brown. And went to a pink/red color for one day and then back to brown and has been very light when normally I have pretty heavy periods. It lasted about 4 days.
I was wondering when would be he best time to take a pregnancy test?
I’m almost scared to take a test to see the negative sign yet again.
As well as any advice for women who have struggled getting pregnant and getting depressed every single time I get my period. It feels like I’m surrounded by people getting pregnant or the normal phrases of “it will happen sometime”
“Don’t give up hope” or people telling me that it took them so and so many years to get pregnant finally. It honestly just makes me feel worse if that makes sense.


Is it when you should’ve had your regular period? How long does your normal last… If its when you were normally do you can take a test any time but please don’t have your hopes up when you do take one… It took my husband and I 8 almost 9yrs and I literally gave up all hope couple months before and quit a very stress full job and boom it happened. Its very hard to go through I truly understand

I would give it a few weeks, but you can take one now and then in a week or two take another. Last month mine was just like that. Wasn’t too concerned, figured I’d talk to my doctor (stress was bad). I knew I was expecting my period soon and didn’t realize it should have already started. But I took a test yesterday and it was positive. I feel like I should have known. It took my husband and I 11 years without birth control before I was pregnant with my first. And it’s been 3 1/2 years since I gave birth. Stay strong, no matter the result.

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Honestly I’d recommend waiting a little before taking a test. There’s literally no harm in waiting. If you’re pregnant, you’ll still be pregnant in a few weeks. If not you won’t have to face the negative. I’m sorry. I hope this helps. I haven’t gone thru it personally but a close friend of mine has. Never give up hope.

Are you on any medications or smoking anything? What are your stress levels like? Are you tracking ovulation, trying during peak times? It took my husband and I a year and a half before I got pregnant with my second. I’ve never had a regular period, hadn’t bled in MONTHS, before it finally happened. It might be too early for any test to read positively.

I have heard of people taking clomid for PCOS and it helped them concieve

It was hard for me to get pregnant especially with one ovary and one tube cause last year I had a benied tumar and had to have my stuff removed on my right side plus I was pregnant had misscarge with that problem but then I started taking prenatal with folic acid in it and got pregnant again I’m now 32 weeks so try folic acid and prenatal nit alot of vitamin a stuff they say gives u misscarge

Wait one more week then test. It took me over 2 years of trying to get pregnant with my oldest. I stopped trying and it happened. Some times the stress of actually trying can make it difficult. Just enjoy being intimate and enjoy life. If in a few months of not trying you still aren’t, talk to your doctor.

I tried for 6 years to get pregnant and it didn’t happen. I also had pcos I lost 93lbs and bam I found out I was pregnant July of 2018. I’m now due March 12,2019 and found out in August it was twins! Big huge surprise!

That may be your period. Often times your first period (or last) after getting pregnant is just old blood.

I would test now, then again in a week or so. If finances are an issue and you can’t afford tests, the dollar store tests work just as good.

Good luck.

Wait a week then test. Avoid folic acid and take folate. Solgar has it. Topical progesterone like Emerita may help if there’s issues with implantation as can low dose aspirin. Femara and soy isoflavones are alternatives to clomid. Try to see a fertility doctor if you can. Change doctors if you don’t like them. Sorry but it’s a waste of time to stay with a doctor who you don’t think can help you.

I have pcos and it took alot for us to have a baby. Use the ovulation kits they are your best friend with pcos you dont ovulate by your period like most do. so you will need to use one everyday. We were able to get pregnant with in 6 months.

If it’s stopped I’d take the test now