How do you get rid of a pacifier?

Input and advice for best tricks to get rid of a pacifier? My daughter is 2y3m and is currently only using it to nap/sleep at night. We need to get rid of it but I’m trying to figure out what will be the least disruptive. She loves the dang thing.


My daughter was 2 and she would chew on them, we were on our way home one night and she was in her car seat in the back seat and she started choking so I pulled over and jumped in the backseat and got it out and it was the nipple of the binky, she literally almost died. So I threw it away and none of my kids have ever sucked one after that. I refuse.

My daughter was almost 4 when she finally gave it up. We told her she had to “ donate” her pacifiers to babies ( don’t worry we threw them away lol) and she could pick out big kid toys instead. She loved it and gave it up pretty easy after that!

We cut the tip of it off slowly but surely so they miss the suction but are still able to sooth

I tried everything and nothing worked. I couldn’t stand to see my baby cry and cry over it. I got it cut down to only bedtime and then I just waited until she was ready. The dentist is actually the one that convinced her to give it up. I wasn’t back there with her, so I didn’t hear what she said but it worked. She walked out of the dentist that day and told me she was ready to let it go and we got rid of them that night. First 2 nights was kinda hard, I layed with her at bedtime and distracted her until she fell asleep. But after 2 nights it was all good.

One day I just got rid of them ALL and told her when she started to look for them that the pacifier fairy must’ve came and taken them all because she didn’t need them anymore. It was a little rough but only for 2-3 days. My daughter was 3, and it was starting to effect her teeth. After that third day she didn’t even ask for it anymore. I know it’s hard, you got this!

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Have you tried dipping it in lemon juice? They handed it right back to me :rofl:

The “paci fairy” came and took ours and left candy in return…but when the pacis went, so did the nap…:tired_face:

Skip out on giving it at naptime for a few days and then stop giving for bedtime as well. First few times could be rough as it’s used to self soothe, but taking at nap before night will get them used to the idea of not having it.

My daughter who only took it to bed at night was getting ready to start nursery school age 3 1/2 years old and was very excited. I told her the President passed a law that you couldn’t start school if you were still sucking a Binki.
It worked!

My son also only used it for sleeping, at age 3 we did the pacifier fairy deal where you put them in a bag and the next day is a present in it’s place……yeah go ahead and berate me for bribing but it worked and no tears at all. Side note my son has gorgeous teeth​:green_heart::heart::blush:

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We told my daughter that Santa took it and it worked :woman_shrugging:

I disappeared my daughters. She was about 2.5 and I was worried about her teeth. One day during nap they all just went missing. I tossed them out like took the trash out so she wouldn’t see them in the trashcan and when she asked for it I helped her look and said oh I guess they’re all gone. They disappear eventually and ig it was time for yours to disappear. She was a little sad the first day but got over it quickly

You’re the mom. Throw it in the trash. When mine was 10 months old I decided no more bottles. (Been using a cup for months). I put the bottles in a plastic bag clear at the top of the cupboard. Cried for 20 minutes the 1st night then nothing. You are the parent.

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I heard to soak in vinegar then they will not like the taste and throw it away !!!

My son wanted a toy, so I told him that he could have it if he threw the binki away. He did, and I promptly took out the garbage and went and got the toy. Every time he asked we told him that he was a big boy and threw it away, and got the toy as a reward.

My youngest had hers until almost 4 :woman_facepalming:

The dentist told her at her 3 year old visit if she came back with it she couldn’t go to the treasure box. We talked about it and took them slowly i.e. went down to only bedtime…and took them about a month before her 3.5 year visit…and she did great and was so ready to go to that treasure box

No advice just sympathy lol. My oldest was addicted to hers. And I couldn’t wean her off because my mom worked at the hospital and was able to order them in bulk so she got a lot of 80 for real cheap and everything I tried to take them from her she would go find ones she’d had hidden, had the same problem with bottles because she was freaking hiding them :woman_facepalming:t2:. She finally decided herself she didn’t need them anymore at about 3 and was just done with them. My other 3 kids wanted nothing to do with them thank God.

My daughter was about the same age and only sleeping with it at night as well. We tried to hype up being a big girl and throwing out her paci. A couple days of doing that and she chose to throw it away on her own. I had others hidden just in case but the one she threw away was her favorite. When she asked for it at bedtime we’d remind her she threw it away and she’s a big girl. Cried for about 30 min the first and maybe second night and never talked about it again.

I’ve heard of moms cutting the tip. So it’s uncomfortable they don’t want it. There’s also mailing it off to a kid that wants it or even just throwing it away.

When we were taking our sons off the soothers they went to Santa it took a few days but they no longer needed them.

I had to take 2 paceys away same time. I just took it said we are sending it to the pacey fairy. Cuz we are big kids now. It was hard after a week I got them a toy.

Cut a hole in it and give it back to them…my baby was off his the same day!

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we were driving one day and she lost it, i picked it up off the floor and showed her that I threw it out the window. it was actually very peaceful and she said goodbye

Cold turkey it’s the only way that worked for us

I just throwed it out of the car window,said all gone

We just had them throw it in the trash and gave them a treat because they were “BIG” now

My oldest refused to give it up, we threw them away and let her cry it out, after a horrible week she stopped.

They eventually let them go on their own pediatrician said it was fine

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I cut the end off He was 2.5 no problem. He only had in the house. After he had surgery he was finished

Mygrandsonsboth had them until 3 or 4 , it was a security thing with them didnt have it all the time , just at nap and bed time . And I unfamiliar situation

Yep… lose all but 1 and then put holes in it and break it till they don’t want it…

Put a pin hole or 2 in it . doesnt. Suck the same and they give it up

Poked a hole in it. Didn’t want it after 2 days

Cut a hole in the bulb if they cannot get suction on it, they lose interest

Cut the tip off to where they can’t suck on it.

My son loved his . We finally just had to get rid of it

Take it and try giving fruit at bedtime.

Take it and deal with a possible week or so of h3ll

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Throw them in the trash that’s how you do it.

I had her throw it on the trash & told her it’s time to say bye bye

2 of my daughters used scissors and cut them up. Their choice/decision. I wasn’t even home when it happened. 1 grandchild is chewing thru hers. She’s destroyed 5!

Should never have started using one. Pacifiers are for the parents not the kids.

“It will be harder on YOU then it will be on THEM” - someone told me this when we started and it’s the truth!

That’s how we started the end. Just at bed time. Then we did a count down. And just took them all away. First night he was confused, second night he asked for it. Just reassured him he was a big boy and those were for babies. Stay strong, I took a few extra days off of work incase there was no sleep.

Throw it away !!! 2-3 is to big for a pacifier

My son was three and refused to part with his , we had his doctor tell him he had to give it up , so there in the doctors office , he threw it out . It became final . The doctor , the man who was known to keep him healthy and know best was telling him it was time to be a big boy , had more weight than us parents did .

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Let her “plant” it in a pot that you’ve planted flower seeds in and water it daily. She can watch her pacifier magic grow. Once flower comes up let a surprise such as new sunglasses, play necklace or something small appear with flowers.

Cut a hole in the tip of it. Worked for both of my kids.

My son was about that age, he left his for the Easter Bunny and the Easter Bunny left his Easter Basket.

Cold turkey- just toss it in the bin.

Let her spit and then throw it away

Just stop giving it to her