How do you get rid of bed bugs?

Just moved into my moms old house the couches everytime I sit down I’m getting bit . I’m pretty sure it’s bed bugs how do you get rid of them ?


Tea tree oil and steam clean

Treat for fleas first- see if that solves it.


Good luck !!! I some how got them in my apt !! And I’ve done treatments myself and had orkin come twice now and I’m still finding a few I heard it takes a while to get rid of them =(


Find a place that uses heat instead of chemicals!


My mil got them from a hotel and we had her house treated but big thing was also vacuuming everyday everything for like a month to make sure gone

Did she have cats or dogs? It might be fleas. I would spray for fleas first

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Sounds like it could be fleas too


When my sister brought them home from a school excursion we ended up throwing all our mattress out. We put all our clothes in plastic garbage bags and put them in the drive way in the sun to kill them. And we got a professional to come out twice years ago

Heat. Blast the heater and leave for a day or two

Have to have the house professionally fumigated for them.


If it’s when you’re awake and sitting during the day then it’s most likely fleas and not bed bugs

This works pretty well too.

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I got BUG MD. we sprayed every other day for a month. Seems to have worked. Make sure you spray everything well

Ive heard they hate Lavender… i personally just vacuumed everything 2-3 times a day and sprayed with md bug spray got rid of them within 2 days

Need to call in professionals cause they will live in receptacles and in any small cracks in the house

You’re going to have to get rid of the furniture. You’re going to have to get plastic coverings for your beds. You can also go by diatomaceous earth it’s a silicone dioxide that you can put in places that is safe for humans and animals to be around. You also are going to have to use heat as well because they can’t stand the heat. And you’re going to probably have to get a hold of an exterminator to come in.

Heat treatment is all that worked for us!

They can live anywhere. Even inside wood. Throw away all that furniture.

could also be fleas, Either way, get a exterminator to take care of the problem

Call a professional. You have no other option.


Crossfire and cimexa are 60ish bucks on Amazon and you can have them gone in three weeks and it also works as a preventative

Throw away all furniture that is infested with them. Then call and have a professional service come out and find one that uses the hest treatment because it’s the best. You have to declutter EVERYTHING. You need to bag up ALL laundry and bedding After the treatment is over and take it to a laundry mat and wash and dry everything on the hottest settings. To make sure it’s bedbugs all you need to do is check the lining of the furniture and the beds. You’ll find bedbugs, eggs, or black spots all over the place.

Hotel I worked at used WD 40
Not sure but they had minimal issues w them


Throw that ish out and check the corners of ya carpets. They move

We had them in an RV, we parked it in the summer and went back a few months later they were all dead.

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Rubbing alcohol on everything and I mean everything fabrics down to the carpet

Check the couch for bed bugs if so throw them out. And get the yellow Harris bug spray and keep spraying until they are gone. You can get rid of them yourself

Make sure you burn the furniture that is infested or will spread all around. If there is carpet pull it out and burn it also

Bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of. Get rid of the couch. But before you do shrink wrap it to avoid infesting your neighbors. Put your clothes in the dryer and keep your things in plastic bags until you can have the house treated by an exterminator

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I had them in an apt I lived in. I was the only one getting bit. I had over 100 bites on my legs and arms. I threw everything furniture wise away. I spent 9 hours cleaning. I used lemon scented cleaner washed the walls the floors. I put baby powder on the edges of the wall on the floor. I used rubbing alcohol everyday sprayed everything. For the beds I got covers after I sprayed the mattresses with rubbing alcohol. Even I did have a professional come in to do a heat treatment. They broke my tv and trashed my house. But after a bit I still moved out I was so traumatized I just couldn’t stay. After company I would spray things with alcohol hotel I would take alcohol I inspect hotels. Seeing ppl itch would give me anxiety. If my kids got bites from anything I would have to super clean my house for hours.


Throw away the couch to start with and call a professional.

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I was quoted 1100-2000 for my house and $650 for a room and all I did was throw out the futon my ex roommate was sleeping in cuz they were in it. Bought some home defense for bed bugs and sprayed all the rooms baseboards so I’m hoping they were just all in the futon because we haven’t seen any since


Temprid and Intrepid :raised_hands: you can buy off Amazon ($30-40 a piece). Spray today (beds, frames, walls, corners, etc) anything and everything! Don’t worry about washing clothes just dry all on high heat and remove from home. In 6 days (not 7 as suggested) retreat and spray everything again like literally soak it! You’ll have to leave for 3-6 hours after treatment but I promise you’ll have no bugs as long as beds and etc are soaked ! Doin this is great to gain your home back ! I do have plenty of references that can back me up on this if you’re interested! Just trust me, try this 60-70$ treatment and the week worth of time before throwing everything out and staying elsewhere

Get some Diatomaceous earth and sprinkle on everything. Leave sit for a couple days vacuum and repeat. Might take a week or two but it eill work. Make sure you do couch, chairs, bed, carpets and around the baseboards. Clothes you can wash in hot water and hot heat will kill them. It is safe for childen and pets to be around. Its also good for fleas, roaches and ants. You don’t need much just a light dusting. Make sure you get in the cracks of couch and chairs and under the bed mattresses.


Thye never go away unfortunately!!

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Diatomaceous earth powder

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Could be fleas. We had an infestation before. We had to use aerosol bombs. Call a professional to inspect

Calling a professional is going to be very expensive and you still may not get them all. I’m assuming moving is not an option as it isn’t for most. Throw away the infested furniture you will never get them all the way out.


Damascus or diatomaceous earth.

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You’ll never treat the house properly without treating literally every square inch of wood and fabric. Call a professional.


Diatomaceous earth.
Bag whatever you can, leave the air off and go away for a day or two the heat helps get rid of em


heat is the only TX that kills the actual eggs

Exterminator and get rid of the couch and any other cloth furniture- carpets will also need to be treated . Clothes double washed in hot and double dried high heat. It’s gonna cost


You’ll need to get rid of anything they’ve infested. Get mattress covers for the mattresses and box springs if you don’t have them already. If the infestation isn’t BAD bad then you might be able to get away with just constant cleaning. I mean daily, for weeks, of scrubbing places. This powder helps a lot as well. But if the infestation is bad, you’ll have to do a heat treatment for the house, which can be expensive but it’ll solve the problem.

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Spray 70% or higher rubbing alcohol everywhere every 3 days. The higher % the better. It will dry them and their eggs out and kill them. No joke. Wash all things you can in the wash machine, but spray everything else heavily with the rubbing alcohol. Open the windows because it will stink but it’s the only thing that we found that works to get rid of them. You have to do it every 3 days to make sure you get any fresh hatchlings though, I did it every 3 days for 2 weeks and no more bed bugs after a ridiculous battle with them due to a sleepover bringing them into my house :weary:


I tried everything posted above. You need a professional! I had to get rid of all my furniture, bedding etc. Took all clothes to laundromat in clean hefty bags. When dry, use new bags  to put clean clothes in. You need new bags cause bugs could still be hiding in used ones. We rented a storage unit for a month and placed the bags in there while the professionals did their work. Ended up staying in a motel close to a month. Exterminators use high heat and wrap the building in a big plastic bubble. Trust me, these home remedies only scare them away. Plus, if you have neighbors or live in a duplex, they need to have their places treated also

Check out the YouTube video my Mark Rober- bedbugs. It could save you 1000s.

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Diatomaceous earth is something that my husband used to use when he worked for a pest company as well as heat. It’s completely organic and as long as they don’t eat a ton of it it is kid and pet safe/non toxic. It suffocates them.

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Can’t get rid of them unless you hire someone that can do the heat press on it and it’s expensive. Throw all furniture and everything away and call someone. Cleaning WILL NOT get rid of them.

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Ugh…these are rough. I lived in an apartment once that got them from the neighbors. Permethrin SFR 36%!! Google it!! Buy it and a sprayer. 2oz per 1 gallon of hot water. Take your whole house apart. Flip beds, take out drawers, throw anything away you don’t need. Bag clothes and take to a laundry mat and dry on high for an hour. (Pillows and bedding as well) Spray the ever loving crap out of every inch of your house. Bed frames, furniture, walls, windows, baseboard and inside cabinets. Exterminators were in my place for 15 minutes and left. You’ll have to do this twice and stay somewhere for the night. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Also Google you tube videos and they’ll show you what to look for. You might just have something else. Good luck.

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The Struggles of Living with Bed Bugs Support Group~The Original~

You can use dimatacious (sp) earth, it eats through their exoskeletons. Vile creatures. It s only bothersome if you inhale a lot.

Toss all the furniture away! Burn it infact so not one grabs it and takes it into their home! Then get a professional to treat your home! Bag all your clothes and treat with heat!!

Get rid of those couches!!! The stuff orkin uses is sold on Amazon. I think it’s called alpine. I can’t remember.

Heat treatment is the only thing that will work. My old work had them in our office. I threw a fit (I wasn’t the only one), and they let us all go home to work. I left everything in the office other than myself and keys. Left my purse too. I stripped down in the garage and put everything in the dryer. It was about 3 weeks before we could go back. They had to do a high heat treatment and then use bed bug sniffing dogs to make sure they were gone. I still have PTSD from this.


Amazon has a good spray. It’s about $100 a gallong.but it works. Also diatomaceous earth. Both work in long term. It took a while but we got rid of ours. Also either treat or remove all wood furniture and mattresses. And heat treat all cloth.

Take the couches outside and burn them. You’ll never get rid of them in couches and furniture of this type because of the deep crevices and inner frames that prevent you from being able to get to the bugs without destroying the furniture.
But, it could be fleas. To know for sure get a hot hands and put tape around it sticky side out. They will come out for the hot hands and stick to the tape and then you can identify them.

Bleach pure bleach throw out wat they are in or won’t do any good put baby powder on your couch and bed ot dries them out.

How nasty do you have to be to get bed bugs?

Heat treating is the only way to kill them all in one go. And you have to wash all your stuff in hot water and dry on hot heat empty dressers, spread out stuffed animals and such. It’s expensive but it’s the only thing I’ve seen fully work to get rid of them.

Throw everything out. I mean literally everything you can’t boil and throw in the dryer for 5 cycles. Honestly home remedies usually don’t work, you would need professional help.


We got rid of the couch and seemed to get rid of the problem but we were already remodeling and pulling carpet out ect so we really got rid of everything. Good luck! Those fuckers suck! :triumph:

You don’t. U brun the house with all ur stuff in it and move

Rubbing alcohol works! My husband is an exterminator and says it kills them instantly!

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My husband’s grandfather had them… you have to bomb the whole house. They had to throw away a lot of furniture and clothes because they are everywhere!!


Spray& vacuum them critters!

Burn the whole house down

My mom bomb the house with a can in each room. Then bagged up w.e couldn’t go in the washer or be vacuum clean. The the powder crap sprinkle through the house for x amount of time and obviously vacuum within a week do the process again.

Heating does the trick typically but it’s super expensive. If you’re in an apartment building the whole building has to do it at the same time or it will just coming back

You are going to need a professional and it’s really expensive

You throw everything away and start over furniture wise if you have carpet you pull it all out and get tile or wood floors also you wash everything also pull the baseboard in ur home and get it sprayed if there on your couch they’re most likely going to get everywhere else  and put bed covers over your beds In all rooms

Throw the couch away. Check other furniture. If they have them throw them away. Vaccum the floor multiple times. Use bombs and spray everywhere and check EVERYTHING

When we had them we only burned our couch, wrapped everything else up furniture in plastic wrap (it suffocates them) put stuffed animals and things like that in trash bags, washed all clothes and other linen in hot water and dried very hot. To get rid of them in the house get hot shot bed bug and flea bombs and sprays… Instead of paying 1500 to have pest control do it (which doesn’t really work bc they wanna keep coming to treat to take your money) we spent about 150 at Lowe’s getting stuff and we got rid of them

Get rid of the couches, it’s hell trying to get rid of bed bugs

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Remove all furniture they’re in or could be in, I know it stinks but they will keep coming back, we wrestled with them before it was awful and can really affect your health negatively, professionals helped some but they kept coming back till we got rid of the furniture. Also run all clothes and sheets through the dryer multiple times the high heat will kill them and the eggs. There’s mattress covers specifically for bed bugs at Walmart that’s a must once you’ve had them in your home. We actually ended up moving before it was totally over but at my aunts house, the place we got them from, we were finally able to eradicate them by taking those steps and we just blow up beds for a month before we bought furniture to make sure they were totally gone

Steam everything.
place clothes in the dryer then wash. Alchol spray what you can’t wash and seal it.
Bomb the house. Anything swept up immediately throw outside.
and do all of this throughly.

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get a free inspection if able to. painters plastic tarps and steamers is how ive gotten rid of them then bomb the house if you need to

I got rid of them took me 3 months I used hotshot bed bug spray and the powder I didn’t throw anything out but I bagged up blankets gathered all clothes bagged them.up took them to the laundry mat washed in hot water and dried then bagged them up …we only had them in our bedroom but I sprayed every 2 days you have to spray everywhere it was hard work but if you stay on top of it you can get rid of them

Did she have any pets. If fleas don’t have a host to feed off of if home was empty they will attack you . Getting rid of fleas is different than bb

Table Salt !!! !!!

If its just the couches, throw them out NOW before they spread to other places and then vacuum daily including under stuff and baseboards really good and steam clean your carpets if you have carpet. Make sure you empty the canisters/bags immediately after and take them outside rightaway. Make sure you wash and dry all clothing and bedding on hot and hot and spray and bag up anything else that cannot be treated and leave for 3 to 6 months, time varies on this one. Make sure you get rid of any and all clutter so they dont have any place to hide.

They die in heat. Hire Orkin.

It could be fleas. They are also really bad this year. But you will know the difference between bed bugs and fleas. You can get it’s called foggers. You can bomb your place. You can even get spray. When I had bed bugs we had to throw out everything and they bomb by a professional.

Close the house up and rent an ozone machine. Turn it on and let it run for about 12 hrs. All insects bugs vermin will be killed Plus it kills all smells and mold. Don’t be in the house when you do it cause it can kill humans and pets too

Vinegar n baking soda mixed with water change every 48 hrs u will see a big difference the first week. Throw away pillows or put in dryer on high for at least 30 minuets. O just buy new ones

Use a steamer and add some white vinegar to the water, steam on all your upholstery, mattress etc… heat , vinegar, alcohol kills them. You might have to use bug spray as well everywhere else. One use might not be enough though so repeat it until gone or fumigation but that would be my last resort…

We had to grt rid of the bed that had them. Luckily they didn’t travel from room to room and getting rid of the bunkbeds ileviated our problem. But they say steaming the furniture will work and fumigation.

Usually bed bugs only bite when they know you’re asleep, they come out when you’re putting off more co2.
you’ll see black spots under mattresses and cushions from their feces after they’re done biting you but you’ll rarely see a bed bug.
I bet it’s fleas.
Either way it’s important you treat it, the best way to kill bed bugs is steam cleaning and wash everything on a hot cycle that can be washed in a washing machine and dryer. Fleas…you can set off some bug bombs found pretty much anywhere but make sure nobody is home and stay away from the house as long as possible for it to work best
I hope it’s not bed bugs because that is a night mare but I’m doubtful it’s bed bugs

Burn the whole house down and start over :nauseated_face:

All clothes, bag trash bags, throw outside, furniture would have to be tossed then ur house would have to be fumagated. Not fun or cheap once u start having to replace furniture and fumigation. Anything they’ve super infested would have to be thrown out unless its something that will fit in a trash bag. You can try all other methods and they might help but they won’t keep them gone all the way unless you bag and suffocate what u can, even pillows everything essentially that’s not a hard surface. Had someone I knew with an infestation, sat on the couch for maybe 2 mins and could see them, typically they’re not out during the day or u don’t physically see them, but no they bite in multiples normally and I was covered in bites when I took a nap on their couch. Woke up after and could see them crawling, there was more than i ever knew could be in a house :sweat_smile: it does depend on how bad they are but typically if they’re sticking in a couch you can’t really salvage that unless you got a giant bag or something to wrap it in and suffocate every part of it outside. If you do fumigation, they typically can still leave behind so many stuck in the fabrics of the couch.

In order to be completely rid of them they have to be professionally treated with heat. Other wise you are just pushing them into the walls. You may think they are gone. But they are not

Are the bites in a pattern of three? That’s bedbugs. A singular bite is maybe a flea.

You’re not gonna get rid of them unless you have a company come in and heat that house up I think it Hass to be like 400° or more they’re gonna have to tent your house. I seen it done with our neighbors and they were so embarrassed. I’m sorry that this is happening. Go around the outside of the mattresses and look and see if it looks like feces it look like kind of like dirt but it’s feces, and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell if it’s bedbugs. If she doesn’t move stuff around in our house a lot and you just came in popped your self down there without washing everything it could be just dust mites and that’ll make you feel like it’s bedbugs, but if you don’t see any bites the dust mites.

Throw EVERYTHING away. EVERYTHING. THIS. Is the only way. Even the rugs

Throw all furniture with fabric away and have it professionally cleaned

Nothing will work except professional fumigation, don’t waste ur time on anything else

Go by as much rubbing alcohol as you can put in spray bottle spray everything vacuum what u can then spray it had them in a daycare I worked at and my kids went to that’s what they gave all the staff until they were gone was told to spray r coats shoes and purses kids backpack any thing that came and left everyday was sprayed know one took them home

Burn the entire house down