How do you get through teaching your teens to drive?

How do y’all get through taking your teens driving while learning! He wants me to go with him sooo bad and he does pretty good but I’m soooooo afraid it other cars lol I’ve only ever gone with him at night


Driving School is awesome! I was having trouble with my 18 year old son. I could get him out of the school parking lot. I sent him to driving school. They were real good with him. He took his test there and passed! Give it a try and good luck!

I made my husband do it lol

If he drives good I wouldn’t worry if you have back roads try those first during the daytime then go where there is more vehicles so they can get used to it, I was a nervous wreck with my 16 year old but he drives great now I don’t worry as much as he now has his license and drives everywhere. Good luck

Go early morning Saturday. It will give you and him the confidence y’all need lol

I started my oldest when she was 6. She got a go cart for Christmas and I taught her to drive that. By the time she was 8 I taught her to drive a car. I was a single mom at the time and figured if anything happened to me she could get us to safety. We traveled a lot just the two of us. I taught her how to drive everything so she could drive anything at any time. She now 20 and about 100lbs 5’3” and drives a suburban like I do lol.

Made hubby do it. I’m to much of a nervous person :joy:

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Hold on tight lol…kidding… my husband took them to practice in an old abandoned parking lot, then on the roads.

Nope not doing it my husband can do that lol

My husband taught me to drive and was calm as could possibly be lol… he will teach the kids too :grinning:

Go to AAA. Great service. Twins went separately. Highway driving in a busy city.

Empty parking lots, at night, with great lighting.

I’m letting a driving school teach her. I already have enough gray hair!

My parents got me driving lessons LOL both of them didn’t want to be in the car with me

Hire a driving school. That’s what I had to do. I was frazzled trying to teach him myself :woozy_face:

I’m making her dad do it lol

We took our son on gravel roads to just get the hang of it.

I can’t do it. My anxiety is too bad

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If he does good then no worries

I was tye same with my niece and nephew lol I just pawned them off on my bf lol

Find less crowded streets/areas and go at times there won’t be as much traffic. Get him a bunch of time just driving around to simple locations and getting a feel for these routes. Have him drive around a parking lot if need be and get the hang of different types of turns, parking, etc.

It’s nerve wracking, for all involved, but it just takes time and experience behind the wheel. Won’t take long before he’s a pro. Just be patient and remember not to yell or make him nervous with reactions :laughing:

Just start simple, remind him of ways to not be blinded by headlights, and take it one mile at a time. Think back on when you started practicing. I was sooo conscious of the lines, my husband actually helped me :joy: he told me to relax and just drive.

Drivers school for the kiddo if you are too anxious to drive with them. I suggest treating the anxiety too. Don’t let it become unmanageable.

Made hubby do it. I’m to much of a nervous person :joy:

Drivers Ed is mandatory in our state so both my kids has taken it. Son just got his permit last month. TBH I’m more relaxed with him driving than I am with my daughter and she’s been driving for 4 years now :rofl:
He’s got little less than a year left of practicing before he turns 16. So far so good!

Take him to an empty parking lot, let him get the feel of the car first.

Start off on an empty school parking lot

Take a nerve pill beforehand! Trust me

Both my children and Granddaughter went to a Driving School… NO problem passed learners and driving 1st time no comebacks. :two_hearts:

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Girl I struggle with this. I don’t have money to put them in drivers school so I take my daughter to a big parking lot and teach her there. Then I let her drive on back roads. I freak out something fierce bc if something happens I have no car. So I feel your pain.

Be patient, don’t yell or freak out,if you stay calm so will they…

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ya don’t ya send them to drivers ed.!!!

Country roads! We even went on some small roads in a local park. I have anxiety already and it totally freaks me out but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Just working with my youngest now.

Although I have anxiety, there was something settling about teaching him and witnessing that he knew what he was doing. Start in a parking lot and go through the scenarios. Then take it to the road. My son is a slight lead foot…but an great driver.

Let your spouse do it. I can not be the one to begin with I am too nervous.

My sons 15 we go to the high school parking lot we’ve been going all summer… I also got two cones to teach him to parallel park in the high schol parking lot…

Personally I learned on not busy backroads until I got comfortable with the car then went to more busy roads and learning traffic laws but I live in a rural area