How do you get your 1-year-olds to eat?

How much do your 1 year olds eat! I feel like my little guy isn’t eating a enough, especially if the right foods. I’m also still breastfeeding and he is in a healthy weight (21 pounds and 32 inches)Hell eat pouches and puffs with yogurt bites. He loves fruit fish and lots of other high nutrient foods but just afraid he isn’t eating a enough! He has his one year check up soon and will also discuss with pediatrician!


One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was don’t be a food pusher. Introduce it, they’ll eat when they’re hungry.
Saved us a lot of time. I do enforce the ‘let’s try one bite’ rule. If they try it and genuinely don’t like it, fine. However most of the time they do!
Mine went from eating everything to eating nothing in a blink of an eye I swear.
With mine i noticed they also eat very little before and after a growth spurt. Maybe what’s happening.

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My youngest is 2 and a half and I feel she doesn’t eat enough but she’s healthy and a good weight etc

I’m the same with my 1 1/2 year old she has her toast in the morning then will eat the 12+ month baby food for dinner this is all she will eat I have tried everything I eat with her and she just pushes me away. She will eat bananas and she also eats her weetabix at night but I’m at a loss with her I feel like I’m feeding her the same things all the time. I’m just hoping it’s a phase

Don’t worry. If he is a healthy weight, he is fine.

I would talk to your doctor however I will let you know that kids or the only people that at this age that can properly read their bodies (naturally) and know how much they need to be eating. Children at this age don’t develop the habit of eating while they’re bored. My younger 2 are 7 and 8 years old and they’re 4 ft 2 and only weigh 60 pounds… You wouldn’t know by looking at them but they actually eat almost as twice as much as their dad right now… They have super fast metabolisms but when they were younger my kids were both itty bitty.

Think variety rather than quantity. Try introducing new foods and textures. He shouldn’t be eating much anyway so don’t worry if the portions are tiny.

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Don’t worry kids will eat when hungry. As long as he’s healthy is all thar matters.


If you’re still breastfeeding baby is still getting everything needed from you. She probably isn’t hungry because your milk is still filling for her.

If he looks healthy and well in proportion for his height then he will be fine my girl is 2 and commonly fluctuates between 8.6kg and 9kg she is very small for her age only 67cm but her height is due to her disabilities , but she looks well in proportion wee chunky legs and arms , she still drinks formula as she doesn’t like anything else and would eat very little but pediatricians are in no way concerned as she looks so healthy x

Remember your child’’s stomach size is the size of their fist . Consult your doctor before worrying . The children eat when they are hungry .