How do you get your child to stay in bed?

Are there any mamas that struggle with their little ones to stay in bed? My son just turned two yesterday, and I want to put him in a toddler bed, but I know he’s going to be roaming around his room…does that mean he’s not ready?


No help at all bc here’s my almost 4 year old asleep in my bed…like he has been since day 1 :woman_facepalming:t2:

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If he is climbing out of his crib/playpen, he is ready. I would just suggest a baby gate so if he gets out of bed, he can’t roam out of his room. And make sure there is nothing he can hurt himself on in his room.


My 2 and 3 yr old grands sleep in pack n plays at my house. Both of them can get in and out of them by themselves. I put a nanny cam in the livingroom so when they get up it alerts me. They are really good about staying in bed when I put them in bed. In the morning its a whole different ball game. Hence the nanny cam alert. I can see and hear them I can also talk to them

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Make his room entirely safe (no dressers/tippable furniture), no wires he could grab, so on and on. Put a baby gate in the door way that he can’t figure out to undo (my daughter mastered the wooden ones), set up the baby monitor, then call it good.

If at any time he wakes up and wanders around, he can play with his toys. If he needs you he will call or cry out.

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Super nanny has a fix and it worked for me. I sat in the room on the floor and every time he got out of bed I picked him up without looking at him or saying anything and put him back in bed. Gently. Not angrily. Just did it with no interaction. The first night it took over an hour. The second about 15 min. The third night he stayed in bed.


Put him in his bed read him a book when he goes down sneak out

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There’s days where our 5 year old gets in bed with us. We cosleep with our 11 month old so she normally gets in the middle by her. Luckily we have a big enough bed, lol. My husband alternates day and night shift so when he’s on nights for 2 weeks she normally just sleeps with me. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I don’t mind it, though. They’re not little for long and it’s honestly a battle I don’t care to have. She’s comfortable with us and she gets a good nights sleep. She has nights where she does really well in her room by herself, though. She’s at the stage where growing pains hit and that seems to be what’s waking her up the most, even if I give her a Tylenol or Motrin before bedtime.

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My son just turned 2 and started climbing out of his crib at 1 1/2 so we got a twin bed with the bumper on the edge. Getting him down was challenging at first but now if he doesn’t do it I’ll turn lights off and leave the room so he knows either he can go down with me in there or I’m leaving and he’ll be alone. After we’ve established this he lays in his bed on his own and I lay on the floor (it’s actually relaxing😂) I do this because he knows I’m there so he’ll stay in bed but also he can’t see me so “out of sight out of mind” and he’ll not try and play with me and he just falls asleep within 15 mins or so… you gotta find what works for you we’ve been doing this for 5-6 months now.

I would lay in my daughters bed with her until she fell asleep then I would sneak out lol

Following because bedtime was two hours ago and my one and a half year old is still running around talking in the pitch black. :eye::lips::eye:

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My 1yo climbed out of his crib abt mo ago. That day took dwn crib thats not safe anymore. It’s been a back n forth struggle between playpen and bed… Right now we’re trying to get him comfy in it. He’s had a few naps during the day in it but nighttime is diff story. I think just getting use to the big change at first at your kiddos pace is important. Itll grow on them this way to where they like their big bed

I started my girl out rocking her to sleep then putting her in her toddler bed so she got used to waking up in there, and laying in there with her for nap time untill she fell asleep ,I would try that with your boy then just keep showing him it’s his room and a safe fun place to be but that the bed is for nap and night time, my daughter just turned 2 on the 1st.

I was worried with my first and it was always fine. By the time we had 3 and 4 we skipped the toddler bed and went straight to twin bed. They’ve all been fine with it. No toys in the room except a few stuffed animals. Nothing they can get hurt on or big furniture they could pull down. Occasionally they’d fall asleep on the floor with their blankets, but as long as they were in their room and not crying then I didn’t care.

I started with naps than I just put my little girl in the bed & gave her some stuffed animals & told her to stay in bed lol

I eased mine into it haha. I put a big girl bed in her room alongside her crib. She chose herself to sleep there, then it went from 1 night a week to 2x after 2 weeks she was in it full time. Picked her own bedding and teddies for bed, helped a lot

When we put our daughter in her toddler bed, the only thing we had in there were a few stuffed animals and her books, one of the few times she did get out of bed. She got in the glider and got her books and passed out. :joy::rofl:

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As long as they stay in their room, don’t worry.

My kids do this and they are 4 and 6 :woman_facepalming: no help here either :unamused: :joy:

I just close the door and hope he stays quiet enough for me to sneak in a nap and not wake the baby lol

My son just turned 2 an we moved him into a toddler bed. The first night I woke up to check on him an he was curled up in his glider sleeping. Moved him back to his bed an he has stayed there every night since. We have a camera monitor that we can talk through when he acts like hes going to get out of bed we remind him its bed time an time to lay down an he does just that.