How do you get your children on a sleeping schedule?

So I have a 2-year-old and a 9-month-old. I would like to start working from home, but my little ones are not on a sleeping schedule. I’m not quite sure how to get them on a sleeping schedule. Or what are some products besides lavender oil ( does not work on my babies, lol) to use to help with the process?


Chamomile helps them calm down and relax to help them get to sleep

Honestly you should have had a sleeping schedule started from the day they were born. It’s going to be a bit tougher for you bc they are a bit older but consistency is KEY


If you have Instagram look up takingcarababies.

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With my son all I did was wake him up early so he’s tired at night and rub his back to sleep at night. Consistency is key!

Lessen their afternoon naps to get them to go to bed earlier. Wake them up at 6 or 7 a.m. within a week or 2, they should be on a schedule

We’ve had to change our routine a couple of times but getting one established and keeping it consistent is important. I would start by jotting down their normal sleep patterns and tweak them better to fit your schedule. We have a 7 YO, 3 YO and 10 week old. The older two have been on a schedule since 6 months. Wake up 5:45
Breakfast at 6:25
Bus at 7:00
Lunch at 11:00
Dinner at 4:30
Bath, books & Bed at 7:00
Our 10 week old luckily follows a similar schedule just with more naps and feedings. I have a list of alarms in my phone just make sure I’m keeping them on track.

Melatonin and every kid is different not everybody can just get their child on a sleeping schedule right when they come home.

I introduced a sleep schedule since the day my daughter was born(shes almost 3) and now she just makes her own schedules. They change every so often but I stay home with her so it’s not an issue. She slowly shortening her naps which works since she’ll be in school next august.

Yes. It is going to require some time and patience on your part. But consistency is KEY.
Stick to whatever time and plan you decide on.
Think “goodnight” rituals.
This can be a book reading. A time of prayer/ meditation. Even little rituals like putting a totem or other small item in a special place/box for the night and then withdrawn during the day.
When my granddaughters came to live with us we would burn sage and sit with utterances of gratitude.
It should be something they can appreciate. Something that steps down from the days activities into a predictable quieting down for bedtime.
You might need to stay in the room with them to lessen their anxiety. In just a couple weeks at most you should see them adapting to the new way.
Change it up accordingly as they grow.

Consistency is key. My son is 2.5 and he knows 9pm is bathtime. He is ready by 9 and will wait by the stairs to go have a bath. After bath time he will get his pjs and his sippy cup. By then he is ready. We read 3 books, hugs and kisses and I can place him into his crib. Usually within 15-20 minutes he is asleep. He does take 1 nap during the day from 1-3.

My oldest, I didn’t have him on a schedule until he started school. My youngest, as soon as I brought him home from the hospital I got him on a sleep schedule. His bedtime was 8PM.

Bedtime routine

Turn off electronics, turn down the lights.

Be consistent and put them to bed at sametime every night.

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My kids sleep schedules took about a week when I started being a stay at home mom. Me 1 year old takes a nap right after he finishes lunch and gets cleaned up then when he falls asleep my 2 year old knows it’s time for him to go for his nap and he will watch a little tv and have some milk then when I come out from putting my one year old down he will run over and ask for night night. Then bed time my youngest likes to go to bed at 8:00 and as soon as I walk out of the room with him my 2 year old likes to go to bed.

What worked wonders for my son was consistency and me getting up with him and forcing him to stay up and play. Around 9 months we did this schedule of 8am wake up time and 7:30-8:00pm bed time and it was rough the first few days but then it just worked. Now we’re kinda off of it since having my daughter 4 months ago but I’m not going to worry until I have to he still sleeps a good amount


Consistency and not giving in when one of them gets up and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. Nap time is nap time. Not play time. Bed time is bed time, not play time. You just have to keep to the schedule you want and enforce it without giving in.

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It’s never too late to start so, begin winding them down about an hour before bedtime. Bath time, a snack, a book, cuddles, whatever, then tell them it’s time for bed.

Look up wake windows. That’s a good place to start and.

I agree with everyone else make a schedule that you want them to be on and stick to it especially the first several months until they are used to it and where one day off won’t throw them off the schedule altogether. That means sometimes you might have to miss a function or leave early but consistency until they are used to it is key.

Just be consistent with a routine with them each day. For me a nice warm bath after dinner, a book, praying & all my kiddos are in bed by 8:00.

Honestly, melatonin each night for my 2yo. He has a messed up sleep cycle just like I did and still wakes up at night. The melatonin doesnt really make him sleep, more helps him calm down and get ready for sleep when his body isnt wanting to but his brain is (ex. TANTRUM CITY anyone?)

This is despite a very regular sleep schedule, I tried multiple shit before I resorted to melatonin.
He sleeps his 10-12 a night and I have time to straighten up and do some chores, and get a lil time to myself.

Honestly, outside of a noise machine my son just adapted. Every night I would put him down at the same time after the same routine. Play, dinner, bath, play, sleep. Fortunately for me this worked because at the time I was a stay at home mom so I had the ability to have the same exact schedule everyday…but i know not everyone is the same. Consistency was key** though, regardless. I always put him down in his sleepsack, no night light, noise machine, lavender bathsoap…stuff like that.

I don’t know about this but i had 3 kids and they were put to bed every night at 7 o’clock at the age from new born till the age of 8years old after that it was at 9 school days .Get that routine going no ifs or buts just stick to it.

I introduced a night time routine when my first came along and by the time my 5th came all were in bed by 730 every night, dinner, shower/baths then bed.

Limit the naptime not after 3

Make sure to not nap past 2pm… just tire them out pick a reasonable time 8:30 or 9pm and stick with it and eventually they will get the hang of it. Just takes time and a lot of patience. They are children so it’s going to take time.

We are on a strict schedule i have a 2 year old we are up at 6:30 7 even the weekends she takes a nap from 11:30 12 to 2 2:30 and she is in the bed by 7 she is normally asleep by 7:30


No nap after 3 an melatonin for a week or two

My cousin is an amazing sleep consultant who could help out if you’d like her info.

My kids dad never napped after 12 during the day I also do dinner and baths the same time every night getting in that routine helps tremendously

Whatever you choose, be consistent with it. Have a routine before naps and bedtime, i.e. change, read, sing, kisses and snuggles and then lights out. All of my children had slightly different sleep patterns, but I would always stick to the same nap times and bed times. Even if they are in bed crying or playing, keep times the same and they eventually follow the routine.

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I put them to bed and nap at the same time everyday and limit the length of the nap. It takes time and they still don’t sleep through the night but they put themselves back to sleep.

My 2 yo takes 0 naps during the day. If he does i will only let him have like 20 min. If not he wont sleep at night. With 0 naps hes out by 930 and wakes till 10 am next morning

Routine. No naps after 2-3. Make a schedule and stick to it. Ours is dinner, bath, watching a movie as a family to wind down, read a book one on one and then bed.

Routine, routine, routine strict schedule

We do the same bed time routine every night book, bath, bed. Pick a time and stick to it. My 4 year old has been sleeping from 7-7 every night since he dropped naps. Helps to wear them out too make sure they get outside time every day. Also black out curtains.

I stayed away from products. I did everything i could to keep mine active during preferred awake times and did whatever normal sleep routine we had at the time when it was time for sleep. Took a little while but it worked and i didnt have to shell out anything out of pocket for sleep.


Consistency! Start by setting a bedtime and an a time to wake up. The same time every day. If they still nap, set a nap time as well and a time to wake from that. Do not let them sleep at any other times. After a couple of weeks their bodies adjust to the rythm.


Consistency. I put both my 2.5yo and 10mo to bed around 8-8:30 every night and they wake up anywhere between 7:30-8 every morning. I also cut out my toddler’s naps completely because if he naps at all (regardless of how early) he will NOT go to bed at night until 10 or later. Lots of playtime during the day to wear them out and follow the same bedtime routine every night.

Good luck! My 4 year old os a horrible sleeper, she thinks sleep is for the weak. We’ve tried everything and ended up having to give her melatonin, but that doesn’t work all of the time. My son who is now 15 had no problems with sleeping.


Consistency is the key. Start a routine and they’ll get used to it :slight_smile:

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You start by putting yourself on a schedule first.


You do the same thing at the same time… every single night!

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If you’re out, you leave by 6 so you can do the same thing at home.

Create a routine and be consistent.

I put my kids to bed every night at the same time! It took a little getting them to do it but just stick to a certain time every night!

Like everyone else said, routine! It can be hard but as long as you stick with it you can do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Make a bedtime routine and stick to it.
Brush teeth
Cuddles/rocking chair/book
Then bed.

Keep it the same every night.

Eat wake sleep … over and over

Just do the same exact routine every single night morning and even naps. As for things to help your 2yo sleep at night Walmart actually sells 1mg drops of melatonin just clear it with your pediatrician before use

Start with putting them for scheduled naps each day

Create a schedule that works. And stick to it. A 9 mo baby should be sleeping 2 solid 1.5-2hr naps a day. The toddler should be sleeping at least 1hr nap a day. Try to get those two to overlap.

Always wake at the same time every day (no sleeping in unless theyre sick). Always down to nap at the same time. The baby should be sleeping in the AM and PM with at least 2-3hrs between. The toddler will do best if nap comes halfway through the day (after lunch is good).

Please do not drug your child with melatonin. The brain is developing rapidly at this age. Unecessary hormones and medications might seem harmless but its not a good way to teach your child to sleep. If they can only sleep on melatonin then they arent actually learning to sleep well. Theyre just dependent on melatonin to sleep.

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Schedule and consistency. Kids do really good when they know what’s coming next. I always did the 4 Bs: bath, brush teeth, book and bedtime. But don’t expect to just lay them in bed, they will get up a million times. With my kids I sat outside their door until they went to sleep. If the baby is crying go in and check on them and reassure them that you are there so they don’t feel abandoned. Check in on them after 5 min then add 5 min to the time after checking on them. Ex. 5 min them leave and wait 10 min, then 15 min from that time and so on. Don’t give in stay loving but firm and eventuality they will get it. Also its usually a good rule not to let them nap any later than 4 if you want them to sleep at night

With our 20month old routine and consistency works .Beforehand her nap during we go for a short walk and then she gets pushed in her stroller.

Start implementing a good sleep schedule from the very beginning and I’m talking before they are one years old. Yes they have off nights but you can usually narrow down a time frame to go to bed, a napping time frame and a waking up time frame.

Make a routine. This year hasn’t been the best for routine. But our old routine was dinner at a set time and then bath time and brushing teeth and hair and into pajamas and then cuddles and books and then off to bed.

Consistency! I have 4 kids between 7mo and 8 years. My 3 youngest are always in bed by 8pm every night.