How do you get your little ones to eat?

How do you ladies get your little ones to eat my daughter wants nothing but snacks and junk food I even fix her a separate meal from what my boyfriend and I eat in hopes she will eat and I’m getting no where


Stop buying the snacks and junk food :woman_shrugging:t4:. She will eat when she realizes those aren’t an option


Don’t allow the snacks. If need be, don’t buy them. My daughter is allowed 1 fun snack after school, but unlimited fruits and veggies. She’s VERY picky, and also gets an alternative meal many nights, but just wanting snacks isn’t a case of being picky.


Try having her help you cook. Also having a “safe” food included in your meal for her to choose, something you know she likes


My son went through a phase where he only ate twice a day. It varied from day to day as to which two meals he would eat. I didn’t make a big deal about it. Only stipulation was that he could not have a snack instead of the meal he skipped. Turns out, he just wasn’t a big eater. As he got older, he began to eat more.

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Depending on what kind of junk food she likes, you can make them healthy. Homemade nuggets with blended veggies, spaghetti sauce with vegetables blended in, potatoes in air fryer cut up different ways, fruit and honey

Don’t give her snacks as much. Routine for times. One snack between breakfast and lunch, one snack between lunch and dinner and a snack before bed… small and healthy snacks. Try to get the times you eat every day pretty close to an hourly routine.

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My son is such a picky eater. I tried the he’ll eat when he’s hungry tactic and he literally starved himself and lost weight. Turns out he has food aversions among other things. I let him go to the grocery with me or make a list of his fave snacks or meals. We limit the snacks and I fix his special meals just for him. As he gets older he’s been better about trying something new here or there. It’s tough, but for a while I had to stop buying snacks and junk food he liked bc that’s all he was eating. We gradually re-introduced them. Mines 12 and it has started to get easier but we’ve been struggling with this since around age 4.

Dip. Dip for everything. Ketchup, ranch, mustard, etc

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Following. My almost 7 year old is a very picky eater I stress over wether she’s eating enough or going hungry cause she won’t eat a lot of things and will skip breakfast most days. So it’s a struggle to get her to eat.

When she is hungry she’ll eat. The worst thing you can do is fix her something different.


Tomato sauce worked for us

Simple. Make their food fun

Stop doing what your doing lol

If I was you I would remove all snacks and junk food from diet and from home until daughter will start eating. And they will never starve themselves, they just feeding off unhealthy snacks

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Stop buying junk food and snacks. Buy healthier options. She will be mad a few days but she will eat.
And when you stop, don’t start buying them again for, at least, a year.

Unfortunately you may have to continue to make alternative meals. But I used to refer to the snacking all day as “grazing” and then my son wouldn’t want to eat at meal times. I slowly started to limit how much he could graze and he got significantly better about eating at meal times. But we made separate meals for the longest time- he’s also autistic so there was a big issue with different textures as well. Just remember- from the time they are born they eat every few hours, so you are now at the point that you want to transition from that to eating 3 meals a day and a maybe a morning or afternoon snack depending on how long between meal times.

Feed her only at mealtimes & scheduled snack times. For snack time give her something healthy. Mealtimes she is served same as you eat. Stick to it. If she’s a big milk guzzler, limit her to 4oz at a meal/snack. If she’s still thirsty, she can drink water. Eventually she’ll start eating when you want her to.

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Take away the snacks and junk. She’ll eat when she gets hungry.

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Put a little less on the plate sometimes bigger amounts they turn away from. Don’t give snack in place. Fix them the plate and sit them down with their food if they don’t eat it within a little time put it up and let them do whatever it is they was doing, a little while later offer again and sit them with it for a small amount of time. Kids normally get three meals a day and few snacks in between make sure the snacks are healthy and don’t let them have no junk unless they eat their meal and when they don’t eat their meal no snacks in place of it, wait a bit and try again and ofc if they don’t eat dinner and you try a 2nd time and still not eating wait a little while and give a healthy snack before bed so their not going to bed hungry.
Kids are gonna eat if they get hungry and see they are not gonna get junk they can hold out for a little while. My daughter done this it took a few days of my being more stubborn than her and she started eating some and she seen once she eat her meals she could have good snack and even a special snack after dinner, I also told her if she didn’t eat like lunch then you can’t go outside until you eat some, or after dinner you are gonna get no tv time and early bedtime. I never let them go to bed hungry and always gave them a small healthy snack if they did happen to out stubborn me and I always fixed something I knew they eat so I wasn’t forcing them to eat a bunch of stuff they didn’t want.

Don’t give snacks. If younger we Make a plate of veggies, fruit crackers cheese etc placed on table and let them snack on that. Mostly young kids just dont like to sit for a meal and want to snack all day. Older it’s eat what’s made or make a sandwich etc.

I sat my kids at table with same food as us made them try more than once each time had side dish if didn’t like I didn’t make them eat but if liked and ate ok but I cut the junk food down otherwise wouldn’t eat anything else I do have picky eaters myself. But now funny part there picky on there fruit and veggies and I have a veggie eater and certain fruits ,and a fruit eater and certain veggies. They don’t eat alot of meat the protein is peanut butter. Still have to cut snacks down so eat and they are 13 and almost 12

You don’t lol, good luck mamma! You are not doing anything wrong…I’m still trying to make my 15 year eat healthy lol

Stop buying the snacks and junk food :woman_shrugging:… She’ll either go hungry or eat when she is hungry…

I would just make sure the snacks are healthy and have her eat them at the table.

Don’t offer junk food. Keep only healthy snacks in hand.

My 7 year old almost 8 year old went throu this he has autism we went to therapy but what helped is the attitude he use to not eat anything but few items it started slow atleast smell it then it was touch it then it was try a taste and me I always told him if you don’t like you don’t have to eat but you have to try a bite because the way I see it veggies can be switched to one’s he does like or fruits ext I’m proud to say he’s gotten in the attitude to atleast try and also for like sandwiches and tacos start out like ok first try the bread ok now try bread and meat ok you like that try bread meat and cheese ext start small and each time add something but I’m proud to say his fav are mushrooms spinach and watermelon luckily my younger 2 no issues they will eat anything and also for snacks make it a curtain time a day breakfast lunch and dinner at same time a scudual can help

Find something she.does like and give it to her. But no snacks. Maybe a PB&J or grilled cheese. Nuggets. Pizza. Eggs. Cereal. Better than snacks

A no thank you portion, then they can have something else.

Your kid thinks that shit is food because you have given it to her before. Stop offering her things you don’t want her to eat. She will get hungry enough to eat appropriately soon enough
Stop bringing junk into the house
Stop offering it
Stop displaying poor habits
Stop enabling her poor habits