How do you get your picky eaters to eat dinner?

How do y’all get your picky eaters to eat dinner? Mines going through the picky stage

Cook what they will eat but also have healthy foods on the side and have them take 3 bites of that food and reward them for doing so.

I always make a safe food and then highly encourage (tho don’t demand or require) just a bite or two of other things. If you like it great we’ve found a new food for you! If you don’t like it you’re free to spit it out and just eat your Mac and cheese or buttered noodles or whatever for the night.


Cook the things you know they will eat.

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I gave mine no choice eat or dont


Give them small amounts of different things on the plate with something they like definitely featuring. Encourage them to try bits of the other foods. Don’t push them and don’t have a clean plate agenda. Get them involved in the shopping and cooking process. They are more likely to want to eat things when they know what’s in them and been involved in prep. You don’t need a clean plate to get pudding. However, do limit snacks before meals. If they are still hungry after not eating dinner, making them something they will eat doesn’t make you a bad parent or them a bad kid.