How do you get your teens to take care of their hair?

How do you get your teenage boys to care fo rtheir hair? my son has thick curly hai rbut it gets matted bc he doesnt take care of it.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you get your teens to take care of their hair?

I don’t know if his dad is around to teach him some “man stuff”, but maybe take him to the barber and have them cut it off. If he wants it longer then he will have to maintain it.

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Before you listen to everyone saying “make him.” Or “ shave it off.” Listen to your son. Is he struggling? Is he depressed? He could genuinely need some help, or he could not care about it.

First thing would be to find out why…lack of personal hygiene is a huge sign of a mental health issue. Is he just lazy and doesn’t care, or is there something else going on with him that’s making him not do it. If he needs help, get him help, if he just doesn’t know how to care for his hair, teach him how…but if he’s really just too lazy you explain that his options are to take care of it or keep it short, that’s it.

Tell him he can’t care for it it’s getting shaved off

Stay on them. Offer to take them shopping for hygiene products. Have a spa day. Make it enjoyable.

Let them know they have 2 options…assuming he knows how to take care of his hairif not you can help he can do it OR it can be kept short enough it can’t get extremely bad.

So you think you can get a teen boy to care about his appearance if it isn’t important to him ? Good luck.


Take care of it, or it’s being cut. I tell that to my 9 yesr old daily.

Take care of it or tell him to cut it off

Offer him a day out- hair cut, new outfit, lunch?